Washington – Jewish Committee Supports Bulgarians Non-Visa Travel to US


    Washington – Representatives of the American Jewish Committee are lobbying before various US institutions for including Bulgaria in the US program for travels without a US visa.

    Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev, who is on an official visit to the US had met with the Executive Director of the Jewish Committee, David Harris late Monday in New York.

    Harris had shared the Premier’s opinion that EU countries should not been treated differently regarding the issuing of US visas.

    “Bulgaria would take all necessary steps needed to enter the program for non-visa travel in order to fulfill US requirements”, Stanishev stated at the meeting.

    The Premier had further assured Harris that he was personally monitoring the restitution of Jewish properties in Bulgaria and that the Cabinet was working in collaboration with the “Shalom” organization to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

    Stanishev had also thanked the Committee for their support, especially for the case with the Bulgarian Medics jailed in Libya, while Harris had expressed special interest in the Medics’ adaptation to their life in Bulgaria.

    During the meeting it also became known that a team from the American Jewish Committee in the US was planning to film a documentary about the salvation of the Bulgarian Jews during World War II.

    The intermediary agreement between Bulgaria and the US about the non-visa program is to be signed Tuesday in Washington DC by US authorities and Ivaylo Kalfin, Bulgaria’s Deputy PM and Foreign Minister.

    The agreement is the next step towards the inclusion of Bulgaria in the program for non-visa travel to the US. The program has been created in 1986 and includes 27 countries whose citizens can travel to the US for tourism or business for up to 90 days without having a US visa. France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and New Zealand are already among those countries.

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