Williamsburgh, NY – Alternative lifestyle Candidate Joining City Council Race


    Williamsburg, NY – Ken Diamondstone, who recently abandoned a bid to try for the second time to unseat State Senator Marty Connor, just announced this morning that he will run for City Council in the 33rd district.

    The district, which includes Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO, is currently represented by term-limited David Yassky.

    In the announcement, Diamondstone’s campaign said he will “make history by becoming Brooklyn’s first openly gay representative to any legislative body in New York State.”

    Already in that City Council race are Yassky’s former aide Evan Thies, Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s chief of staff Stephen Levin, Democratic district leader and attorney Jo Anne Simon, and chair of the Sierra Club’s political committee in New York City, Ken Baer.

    Political activist Isaac Abrham has also said, that he will join the race, however VIN News was not able to verify at the NYC finance campaign office if he filed any documents yet.

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    1. so what? like he’s the first? we even have a city council speaker who is “alternative” and she enjoys lots of suport (including financial) from the frum community (especially shloime dachs!)

    2. …And what about [former] Mayor Ed Koch (Yidl Itzik. His [original] Yiddish name. Always used it when it was convenient.) He was the breakthrough candidate who legitimized ALS and brought such other Comissioners (like himself) into City Government! A good Two-facer, too! In one of his books he tells how he welcomed the Chassidic delegation (before the election) into his house, on the back porch. And makes Choyzek of them! (mocks, imitates the way they talk)


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