Monsey, NY – Lipa To Meet With Fans, As New CD Set To Shatter Decades-Old Sales Record


    Monsey, NY – Internationally popular Chasidic minstrel Lipa Schmeltzer has earned more than his fair share of notoriety.

    The eye of “The Big Event” cancelled-concert storm of several months ago, Schmeltzer seems to have arrived at poetic justice of some sort—with demand for “A Poshiter Yid,” his brand-new CD, through the roof and overwhelming Jewish music distributors and retails stores alike.

    In an exclusive phone interview, Mendy Werdyger of Aderet Music, the CD’s distributor, tells VIN News that “this is a historic event. I have been in the music industry for more than 25 years and I have never seen such a frenzy of interest for a new CD like this one. It’s unprecedented and it will be record-breaking for us to sell a single CD like this.”

    Werdyger added that Aderet’s Borough Park office had to take the rare step of opening on this past Sunday to work on the CD on a day on which they are closed “99% of the time—but due to the tremendous request and demand we had to come in and fill the [retail] stores’ orders.”

    VIN News’ sources have confirmed that over 15,000 copies of Schmeltzer’s CD have been shipped in just the first few days of its release, with second and third runs required on short notice due to the initial low supply and high demand. One industry analyst who asked to remain anonymous predicted that this CD will break a sales record and possibly reach over 50,000 copies sold over the next few months—something that no Jewish singer has achieved in the past 50 years.

    VIN News has also learned that the superstar himself will be visiting several music stores on Borough Park’s 13th Avenue this coming Sunday, where his avid listeners and admirers may meet and greet him. The stores include Mostly Music, Gal Paz and Eichler’s.

    VIN News Editor’s note: In response to the perhaps well-founded cynicism sure to come from this article, VIN would like to assure its readers that no financial compensation of any form by Mr. Schmeltzer or any of his associates was made to secure the publication of this news item. Despite there being an advertisement for the album in question on our site, the business arrangements of Mr. Schmeltzer and his associates with our advertising department have been kept separate from our editorial department, as is all our advertising. VIN News simply reports what is happening in the frum community, and this being the record-breaking big news that it is, we simply are stating the facts, with no intention to boost Mr. Schmeltzer’s sales or compete with other worthy Jewish singers as our agenda or true motivation.

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