Brooklyn, NY – ‘Hatzalah’ Honored By Elected Officials, Community Leaders As Vital Organization To NYC


    Brooklyn, NY – New York State Senator Eric Adams (D, Brooklyn) and other elected officials met this morning with leaders of the Hasidic Jewish community to recognize and honor the Crown Heights and Borough Park branches of the volunteer EMS organization Hatzalah

    Senator Adams stated: “It is my great pleasure to pay homage to two superlative branches of the volunteer group Hatzalah. In the Hebrew language, Hatzalah means rescue, and this is a particularly appropriate name for an organization known throughout the State of New York for its swift response to medical emergencies. For many years, Hatzalah volunteers have saved lives by making emergency medical calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, leaving their regular jobs or postponing family obligations to tend to those in medical crisis. The benevolence of this enterprise is underlined by the fact that the activities are funded by solely by community charitable endeavors and provided at no cost to individual patients. I hold the valiant members of Hatzalah in the highest esteem.” said Adams.

    The event took place in Borough Park at Ateres Chaya Hall, participating NYC officlas where, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Council Member Simcha Felder [D 44], State Senator Diane J. Savino – [D 23] Representatives of NYC controller Bill Thompson, Assemblyman Dov Hikind [D 48]

    Community leaders that participated where Rabbi Libe Glantz Vice president of UJCARE Williamsburg, Rabbi David Niderman, CEO of UJO Williamsburg, and many other community leaders.

    Hatzalah coordinators where given awards among them Rabbi Edgar Gluck who has worked tirelessly in the past decades for the Jewish community

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    1. Hatzalah of Crown Heights saved my daughter’s life & helped other members of my family. This award just acknowledges publicly something we all know.

      Who was there from CH Hatzalah?

    2. V’chol Mi Sh’oskim B’tzorchei Tzibur B’emunah Hakodosh Boruch Hu Yeshalem Schorom V’yasir M’heim Kol Machlah V’yirpah Lchol Gufam, V’yislach L’chol Avonom, V’yishlach Brocho V’hatzlacho Bchol Maasei Yedeim. Omein…Kol Hakovod !!

    3. another nice event ! Senator Adams, you are a true friend to the Jewish community. keep up the good work. and to your Chief adviser, Abe Friedman. Thank you !

    4. Thanks Eric Adams for making this , and for his 2 assistants Joel Friedman and Joel Eisdorfer , both of you keep up the good work to the Senator ..

    5. Yole Friedman well job done i dont see you much but i start to hear from you much good things what you do to the community in Williamsburg and Boro Park , Keep up the good work


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