Brooklyn, NY – Kids Assaulted in Crown Heights


    Brooklyn, NY – Hatzolah EMS responding the the 71st Pct Station House at New York Avenue and Empire Blvd for two kids that were assaulted and maced and are now in the station house.

    NYPD are questioning three perps from Troy and Montgomry regarding the assault on the boys.

    U/D: 08:31pm
    Hatzolah ambulance treating one of the victims and the other is RMA, NYPD have arrested one 12-year-old black male for the assault.

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    1. I just posted about a 11 year old black boy shot by another black teen in the park yesterday. Crime is VERY high right now and no one is doing anything to figure out why and lower it. Cops on the corners are nice, but it’s a band aid not a cure.

    2. The cure is to have a “real” ongoing relationship with “their” community!!! We need to be able to call their reps at any time – day or night and resolve the issue live on the scene!!

    3. In the state of New York, pepper spray may be legally possessed by any person age 18 or over; however, it must be purchased in person (i.e. cannot be purchased by mail-order or internet sale) either at a pharmacy or from a licensed firearm retailer (NY Penal Law 265.20 14 (a)), and the seller must keep a record of purchases. The use of pepper spray to prevent a public official from performing his/her official duties is a class-E felony; In many (but not all) other states, pepper spray can be purchased at various stores and carried legally by anyone over 18.

    4. I was maced when I lived in Crown Heights, over 30 years ago. I saw down the street a group of black teens laughing it up and my second impulse was to give the benefit of the doubt and not worry as the first impulse dictated. next thing I knew, they surrounded me and maced me, with the intent of blinding me to rob me so I could not identify them. I didn’t even have a penny on me. ANd as I groped my way, blinded and choking, trying to get to a doorway of help, they continued on their way, laughing away in the distance.

    5. The deal shouldnt be criticisem the question is whats the answer? and what should be done about it.

      The interesting part of all is that crown hights is not such a big Yidish nieghborhood as the other yidish ones, but they have 2 patrols and what are they doing other then fighting and blaiming the others, its time the community unites and have a full blast SHOMRIM and let them to the right thing to help the community.

    6. Have we forgotten that crime that does lead to negative consequences is essentially rewarded and gets repeated? Our criminal justice system has no teeth. When we finally get a criminal into court, Yidden all manage to get off jury duty, whether by shtick or by being excluded. Goyim get judged by juries that are mostly if not all goyim, and they let the criminals off the hook despite unquestionable evidence. That happened in Crown Heights before, and it will continue. Also, the DA office looks to keep good relationships with the black community. That is why they dealt with the rare incident of Jew on black crime with such a vengeance, and that is why they will allow incidents such as the one reported here to fade off into the oblivion of just a memory.


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