London – Charedi Families Fighting Housing Changes


    London – Charedi families are fighting plans to turn part of Stamford Hill in North London into a conservation area.

    The proposal by Hackney Council would restrict changes or extensions they could make to their homes — a particular problem for large families.

    Such familes are among some of the 400 objecting to the designation. One opponent, Joe Lobenstein, vice-president of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, has also written to the Mayor of Hackney and the Mayor of London.

    Chaya Spitz, of the Orthodox charity Interlink, said: We have had lots of concerns from residents who need to be allowed to extend to allow space for large families. “Making the area a conservation area will increase overcrowding and another worrying aspect is that people will have to make improvements to their homes to meet the conservation guidelines, and that is expensive.”

    Mr Lobenstein acknowledged that if the proposals are approved, some Charedim might be forced to move away. He said he would encourage residents to consider moving out of London, to areas such as Letchworth, in Hertfordshire, where a bid has been launched to regenerate the area.

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    1. “Architectural sincerity of the neighborhood”? WOW!! A VIN reader who can spell, but doesn’t show Ahavas Yisroel. What’s yer problem, mate? Worried about property values, are yer?

      Obviously, you consider yourself an intellectual. Now we know what education gets you these days…brains but but no soul.

    2. Hopefully this will force people to move and start a new cheaper chareidi community – which should have been done a long time ago. (Yes, i know it was thought about, planned time & again, but never any results.)

    3. Everyone should come live in NY. Or move elsewhere. London is not the best place to live. It is depressing, and full of anti-semitism.

      Besides it being ultra expensive, it is not the ideal place to raise ehliche kinder. So residents of London-reconsider and move!

    4. I grew up in the slums of Stamford Hill. Let me tell you, it aint no place to live let alone enjoy life. The stupid English mentality of not trying a new community boils down to 1 thing. Cowardice. For decades, people have been talking, trying to start a new community. Why has it not taken off? Very simple. One answer. The Rabonim. They are too afraid to move away from the slums of stamford Hill. They are too comfortable and too skeptical. Sure they will encourage people to go, but they will not take the plunge themselves. Thats why England has failed and will continue to fail. Thats why I moved to the US where sense prevails not stupidity.

    5. Charedi London is probably along with Antwerp the last bastion of Eastern Europe Heimishe Life left in Europe. America is to mordern and Eyisrael is to Israeli


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