Borough Park, NY – Elderly Woman Found Beaten


    Borough Park, NY – Hatzolah EMS transported to Lutheran Medical Center an elderly woman who was found by Chesed Shell Emes and BSSP in the bathroom of a basement apartment at 54th Street and 18th Avenue, unconscious with multiple wounds to hear body which according to Medics on the scene was most likely from an assault. NYPD from the 66th Pct were requested top the scene.

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    1. This is a mentally unstable Frum woman who lives alone in a basement. A neighbor called the shomrim after not seeing her for a few days. The shomrim gained entry to the apt and found her barely alive. Hatzoloh was contacted, and the responding medics say the injuries are consistent with an assault.

    2. Anonymous Says:

      fully heimish blocks!! really scary

      07-07-2008 – 5:40 PM


      Maybe it was a Heimshe thug that beat her. Its not unheard of . Is it now?

    3. This home has quite a few colorful chracters who reside there.

      Thie women is nebach an EDP and is probably better off in the hospitsl (not that she deserved to get beaten CH”V).


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