Brooklyn, NY – Houskeeper Finds Couple Dead in Fatal Double Shooting


    Brooklyn, NY – Two people a male and a female were found shot dead inside a home at East 33rd Street and Avenue “S”.

    The couple was found with gunshot wounds to their heads, by a cleaning lady inside the home at 1961 East 33rd Street.

    NYPD of the 63rd Pct and NYPD Homicide Division are on the scene and setting up a crime scene, some shell casings were recovered at the scene, Assistant Police Chief Joseph Fox of Brooklyn South command also on the scene.

    The couple has been identified as 50-year-old Mark Schwartz and 48-year-old Christina-Maria Petrowski-Schwartz. Chesed Shell Emes on the scene evaluating.

    U/D: 05:24pm
    Chesed Shel Emes canceling their services for this job.

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    1. what difference if the houses are like dollhouses, thats what people especially the young can afford. Not everyone has a rich papa to buy them a house like the 20’s.

    2. Marine Park residents – don’t worry, I am certain that the murder was committed by someone who knew them, probably a client or the client’s ex. Divorce lawyers can anger a lot of people. Chief Fox was there because a murder in Marine Park is so unusual.

    3. Very few details of their personal life are apparent from the news story. But, Christina-Maria and Schwartz surely sounds odd! they go together like mayo[nnaise] and chocolate! One thing is certain. This was not a random crime!!!

    4. There were multiple shell casings at the scene. The owners had a german shepard which was their guard dog. The dog did not bark. Neighbors heard gun shots at apx 5:30 – 6: 30 wed morning.

      Some sources state that the bodies were there much longer than it appeared indicating that the bodies couldhave been there for at least a day if not more.

      It seems that the couple knew their killers since there was no forced entry.

      On the other hand if they really died the night before maybe when they were coming home they were forced to let the killer in?

      Something is strange and if neighbors heard gun shots why didn’t they call the police? DUH.

      As of now it seems they knew who their killers were.

    5. Gunshots wouldn’t precipitate a call to the police, as the locals celebrate July 4th untill they are “nichlol” the 4th to New Years. (They have a “sheetah” which the “machmirim” hold that it is a “Yoma Arichta”.)

    6. Sources are now stating that there wil be an arrest by the end of the day. Some say that it was a family member or one of the workers.

      Whatever the case, whomever did this is a sick animal and should get the death penalty.

    7. this is so crazy!!! people just found dead????!!!this was obviously an inside job i mean if the dogs didn’t bark then they must have know the killers or were drugged!!

    8. And more information was just released. the dog was tied up. THis obviuosly means the dog knew the killer because it did not bark and then the dog was drugged and tied up.

      The killer got in from the back of the house and NOT the front from what sources are saying.

      This sounds more like a family member or an employee who wanted to take revenge for getting the pink slip the other day.

      Right now the police at the 63 pct are doing more DNA and urine anylysis on the dog.


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