Brooklyn, NY – Houskeeper Finds Couple Dead in Fatal Double Shooting


    Brooklyn, NY – Two people a male and a female were found shot dead inside a home at East 33rd Street and Avenue “S”.

    The couple was found with gunshot wounds to their heads, by a cleaning lady inside the home at 1961 East 33rd Street.

    NYPD of the 63rd Pct and NYPD Homicide Division are on the scene and setting up a crime scene, some shell casings were recovered at the scene, Assistant Police Chief Joseph Fox of Brooklyn South command also on the scene.

    The couple has been identified as 50-year-old Mark Schwartz and 48-year-old Christina-Maria Petrowski-Schwartz. Chesed Shell Emes on the scene evaluating.

    U/D: 05:24pm
    Chesed Shel Emes canceling their services for this job.

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