New York, NY – Obama Used To Be Shabbos Goy!


    New York, NY – Shabos goy is the term used by orthodox Jews for gentiles who help them with certain tasks they’re forbidden from doing during the Sabbath, such as operating electrical devices.

    According to Newsweek’s cover story on Obama’s faith, when he was a state senator in Illinois his roommate was Ira Silverstein, an Orthodox Jew. He peppered Silverstein about questions on Kosher rules:
    “On the Sabbath, if I ever needed anything, Barack would always offer,” remembers Silverstein. “Some of the doors are electric, so he would offer to open them… I didn’t expect that.”

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    1. OK!! Great news!! It means it OK to vote for him now!! How bad can he be if he was Silberstein’s Shabbos Goy.

      Hey, he might takeh be a sweet guy. But judging by his freinds, his mentors, his supporters, his galechs, he is not a good prospect.

      From this teig we will not have good challah.

    2. It’s beyond a sad joke, that a guy like this, is even considered to be the President of the USA. I find it shocking, how weak-minded this generation actually, to consider this “sewing-machine salesman” as the leader of the free world.

    3. now why would you photoshop such a stupid picture?

      in any event it shows that he has knowlege and insight. its like diament from the ou talking about how they played basketball in lawschool.

      (remember how we heard all about joe lieberman and his electric hotel doors on shabbos?)

    4. seems like obama is desperate to use any jewish connection he has in order to play down his anti semetic/moslem/arab reputation he currently carries

      going so far as to pull up an old roomate he hasnt seen or spoken to for 25 years out of the mothballs in order to show he “loves jews” opens doors for them eats tcholent and sings hava nagila at his local reform temple on tishabov

      well news for you obama you aint gettin my vote so may as well put your head kerchif hidden in your closet back on and let the world see you for what you truly are!

    5. How quickly we forget. Or maybe how little do we even know. The shabbos goyim in Poland who knew everything about their Jewish neighbors were the 1st to give up these neighbors to the Nazis during the 1st few weeks of WW2. The German shabbos goyim were the 1st to engage in Kristallnacht. Wow, Obama was a shabbos goy.

    6. Obama is a decent man. People really need to get over their hysteria, especially if he may actually be the president. Seriously folks, theres nothing wrong with him having been a shabbos goy. all experiences build a charachter.

      Give it a rest.

      If you have legitimate issues, whining about something like this only umdermines them.

    7. Anon. 12:19,

      Do you really think so? Someone so against the State of Israel, and doesn’t want to do the slightest thing to lower oil prices? Besides, his tax plan will have 1.13 million Americans paying more in taxes than 128 mil. of their counterparts.

    8. Obama’s record on Israel has been excellent. Just look at his votes in the Senate. What Republican has been so decent anyway? Reagan? He halted weapons sales to Israel after Lebanon and it was his Sec Defence who put Pollard away . It was his Sec State (baker) who said “f— the jews” Bush 1 was no better and this Bush is up to his eyeballs with the Saudies and Dhubai. He’s the one who forced Israel otu of Gaza, who forced them to let Hamas in power, who has said that ever piece of land up to the 49 lines is negotiable. and who’s sec state (rice) has repeatedly called Hamas “resistance fighters” over and over.

    9. First off, “Shabbos Goy” is a term of endearment, it’s a compliment! About the picture! I don’t know if it was “Photoshopped” but the scene sure looks like part of a Theater Play! The “Tallis” is on awkward! and the staff looks like one held by high-ranking Catholic Clergy, in a Church! (I’ve never been inside one, [so I don’t know!]

    10. Baker was not Reagan;s sec. of state, he was his chief of staff and then treasury secretary. Baker was the first Bush’s sec. of state. The hold-up of arms to Israel under Reagan was a short-term (couple months) slap on the wrist for international consumption. Meanwhile, America’s military aid to Israel, intelligence sharing, etc. increased tremendously under Reagan. As for Pollard, we can debate from here to eternity whether his sentence was too harsh, but the fact remains he was a SPY who STOLE highly classified documents — a SPY, by the way, who peddled his services to China, among other nations, before he hooked up with Israel. Read Wolf Blitzer’s “Territory of Lies.” Don’t make him out to be some persecuted tzaddik. Get your facts straight.

    11. His name is realy “Burech” (as he said..), so he was a ‘Mechalel Shabbos!’ Who was his father? did he live in KJ? No wonder he lived at his grand-parents house….. He went back to them! his mother is prob. a ‘BALL TSHUVA’… proof it: his wife is in her own hear, and she’s wearing pants!


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