Williamsburg, NY – 26-Year-Old Bucher Fell From Fire-Escape on Shabbos


    illustration of a fire escape

    Williamsburg, NY – A 26-year-old bucher tumbled over from a 2nd floor fire-escape and landed on his head late Friday night at Kent Avenue and South 8th Street.

    The bucher originally from Israel was pronounced dead at the scene, the Medical Examiner responded to the scene and Chesed Shel Emes is working with the ME’s office to expedite the process and have the body flown back to Israel as soon as possible.

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    1. What on earth? Why is a yeshiva guy on the fire escape especially when it’s 90 degrees outside?

      Hashem yeracheim. The three weeks is just begining.

    2. Why ask “was he drunk” or “suicide”? R”L, a young man is gone; his family and friends heartbroken. Chas V’sholom one should never know this tsar! On top of their pain how do you think they feel when reading comments such as those posted? Before you write, put yourself in the position of knowing the victim and then see if you would post such hurtful statements.

    3. Some pathetic stupid individuals on this thread are so heartless and insensitive. How stone hearted can one be to question such a tradgedy with a statement like was he drunk. There are people out there that are so dumb and full of rishus to comment like when the family is relishing in pain. Shame on these idiots.

    4. he was a tzaddik and its a big loss for klal yisroel!!!! and to 7:o5 you are one smart man klal yisroel needs such sensitive people around like you

    5. there is more to the story it is not easy to fall off a fire escape. Even if he had no AC he would open the windows, not walk out on a fire escape.

      I can guarantee you the ME is going to do an autopsy plus do a tox screening to rule out any possibilities. How does anyone know if he really was a tzadik? Must I remind people about Moshe Finkel? he gave a daf yomi shuir, was a bal koreh and even was a chazen during yomim neraim and he messedup and sold trieff chickens!!

      All I’m saying is there is more to this story and I want to know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey says

    6. To 3;30 did you fast yesterday?!

      did you ever hear of the words loshon hora;

      what toeles was there in posting that which you did; and why must you know the rest of the story, yenta…think about a family reeling

      in pain….and then think about tisha bav…

      al eileh ani bochia…

    7. To anonymous of 6:58.

      Why are you getting so worked up? Its the same cast of characters who say that Satmar is a cult. Its the same Orthodox Jew haters, who read that it happened it Williamsburg, who will now connect this to Monroe. So therefore, the youngman most likely felt oppressed in this ‘cultish’ lifestyle, just like ‘you know who from Monroe, so he took the easy way out. He could also have connected this some major magazine, no?

      My suggestion is to never respond to these obviously weak individuals.

      May Hashem give the family the ko’ach to overcome this tragedy. Baruch Dayan Emes.

    8. Ben Cohen was a great man with a good heart and full of love to life I know his brother very well.

      He threw a BBQ to his friend’s birthday party and went back home to get more food. On his way back he wanted to short cut his way up to the roof and took the fire escape. With one hand holding the food he slipped, fell and lost his life.

      This is a tragedy and is very sad. Please stop with all the other accusations.

      Thank you-


    9. The posting reads, “late Friday night.” In other words, “Shabbos.” It’s not difficult to guess what happened. The apartment could have had problems with the air conditioner. Maybe it stopped working after it was already Shabbos. On Shabbos, the air conditioner couldn’t be fixed. It was very hot and humid that night, and nobody could breathe. Unable to sleep in the choking heat and humidity, this unfortunate young man must have gone out on the fire escape seeking a breath of fresh air. Once out on the fire escape, something terrible happened. Maybe the rusted metal bars gave way, or he tried to get up and fell down the opening. Judge him l’chaf zchus, it’s not hard to imagine what must have happened R”L to the poor young man, particularly on a hot humid Friday night in July.


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