Liberty, NY – Emotional Hakomas Matzeivos at Chesed Shel Emes Newly Acquired Cemetery


    Liberty, NY – This past Sunday morning, Tisha B’av, Chesed shel Emes organized and led a very emotional and moving ceremony of Hakamas Matzeivos, which took place in their newly acquired cemetery in Liberty, N.Y.

    Chesed Shel Emes is an exemplary organzation whose goal is to ensure that every Meis Mitzvah is buried in a Jewish cemetery with the maximum Kavod Hameis. Monuments were placed on the graves of several meisei mitzvah, Yiddishe neshamos, who died without leaving any close relatives.

    Sunday morning in the mountains started out with unusually heavy rain. It seemed as though the Hakamas Matzeivos would not be able to take place as planned. However, the skies soon cleared and it became apparent that the Ratzon Hashem was indeed that Kavod be given to these meisei mitzvah.

    At the appointed hour, a huge crowd gathered in the Chesed Shel Emes cemetery in Liberty, including many friends and admirers of Rabbi Mendel Rosenberg, founder of Chesed Shel Emes, as well as many financial supporters of this very worthy cause. Several neighboring camps also brought groups of bochurim, feeling that this was an appropriate way to spend part of their day on Tisha B’Av.

    Many prominent Rabbonim were also seen, among them the Kosover Rebbe shlita, Harav Aron Yeshaye Rosner shlita, Somboteler Rav, Harav Shalom Noach Landau shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Veretzky, and Harav Shia Nachman Berger shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Ohel Torah, among many others.

    Among the huge crowd of participants, many were seen standing with tears in their eyes as they looked at the graves of these lonely people who had been sadly abandoned during their lifetimes, and only through amazing stories of hashgacha pratis had been saved from being abandoned after their demise as well.

    The monuments arrived at the agreed upon time, each one with a most suitable and fitting inscription, according to the research done on each niftar by Chesed shel Emes.

    Rabbi Rosenberg addressed the assembled crowd and then approached each grave and proceeded to talk about the niftar, many of whom were choshuva Yidden who suffered much during their lives. Rabbi Rosenberg also told each niftar’s story of hashgacha pratis which brought them to Chesed shel Emes, and subsequently to Kever Yisrael.

    A moving tefilas “Keil Moleh Rachamim” was recited for each niftar by Cantor Rabbi Yisrael Yosef Guttman, which caused tremendous hisorerus among the participants.

    The Kosover Rebbe shlita then addressed the massive gathering, speaking about Tisha B’Av, Churban Beis Hamikdash and our long and bitter galus with its many symptoms, among which is the phenomenon of so many elderly, lonely people, who unfortunately die as meisei mitzvah. The Rebbe concluded his moving words with a tefillah that we may all soon merit to witness the ultimate Redemption and Techiyas Hameisim.

    Rabbi Mendel Rosenberg shlita, who is currently observing the sheloshim for his choshuva mother a”h, then recited a very emotional and moving Kaddish, as many of the onlookers mourned the niftarim, many of them Holocaust survivors, who weren’t zocheh to leave any offspring who would recite the holy words of Kaddish for them.

    The Many Activities of Chesed Shel Emes

    The organization Chesed Shel Emes, under the leadership of Rabbi Mendel Rosenberg shlita, assures a Jewish burial for every Meis Mitzvah from all over the United States, with utmost attention to Kavod Hameis.

    Chesed shel Emes will often deal with police and the medical examiner in a most professional and efficient manner to obtain the release of a niftar. At such a time Chesed shel Emes utilizes all of their contacts and resources to avoid autopsies or any other form of bizayon hameis.

    The cemetery in Liberty is actually the fifth cemetery purchased by Chesed shel Emes. There are also several large cemeteries where parts are designated for Chesed shel Emes burials.

    During the past year alone, Chesed Shel Emes has brought fourteen meisei mitzvah to Kever Yisrael only in the Liberty cemetery.

    All of these were people who had no relatives whatsoever. In cases where there are surviving relatives, even if the relationship was distant or if the relatives are non-observant, an effort is made to have these relatives take care of the burial, with Chesed shel Emes overseeing the process and helping out financially or otherwise, where necessary.

    Often working with family members turns out to be more difficult than when the niftar has the status of a meis mitzvah.

    Daily Hashgacha Pratis in the workings of Chesed shel Emes

    Some of the stories involving meisei mitzvah, and the Hashgacha pratis involved in bringing the to kever yisrael are amazing and almost unbelievable. The following two accounts are of the first and most recent burials which took place in Liberty, N.Y.

    The first was R’ Yosef ben Moshe Ferenzu A”H, an 80 year old yid who had no relatives. He was found dead in his apartment in the Eastside in Manhattan after neighbors alerted the police, suspecting that he may have died. He was presumably niftar over a week before he was found there.

    On the same floor in the building lived a non-observant Jew, who remembered reading about chesed shel emes in an article in a secular newspaper about the professor who had been shot in Virginia Tech University. The newspaper mentioned that chesed shel emes was an organization which assured a halachic burial for every Jew, regardless of his background. This neighbor called the newspaper headquarters, contacted the reporter of the abovementioned article, and asked for the phone number of chesed shel emes.

    When Rabbi Rosenberg was called, he immediately contacted the medical examiner in Manhattan and requested firmly that no bizayon hameis is to take place. He then contacted the management of the apartment building where the niftar lived and asked for additional information to verify that there were indeed no living relatives.

    Chesed Shel Emes At workAfter that the public administrator was called, however, he said that the person responsible for these affairs in on vacation and will return in a week. Rabbi Rosenberg did not accept this answer and started telling the P.A. about the concept of bizayon hameis. As he was talking, hashgacha pratis led a judge into the P.A.’s office. The judge took over the phone call and told Rabbi Rosenberg to have someone at his office at 4:00 with all the necessary papers and everything will be dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

    At 4:00 R’ Yaakov Berger, a chesed shel emes volunteer entered the P.A.’s office with all the papers where everything was efficiently resolved. The next morning, Wednesday Parshas Shoftim the tahara took place at the Shomrei Hadas chapel, and the first burial took place in the Chesed shel emes cemetery in Liberty in the presence of more than a minyan. Keil moleh rachamim and Kaddish were recited for the niftar.

    The following is a more recent episode. Chesed Shel Emes communicated regularly with employees in large old age homes, so they can be notifies in a timely manner about the death of elderly Jews without relatives who can oversee a halachic burial for them.

    A while ago, an employee of a home called chesed shel emes and told them about an elderly fully observant Jewish woman, who had no children or relatives, who had been transferred to a hospital about a year ago. She hasn’t returned to the home and he thought chesed shel emes should do some follow up research and find out if the woman was still alive, and if not to arrange for a Jewish burial.

    Chesed Shel Emes doing their work at a deadly accident on Rt NY17Chesed shel Emes called the hospital who verified that the woman had indeed passed away about a year ago and was handed over to the medical examiner’s office. Rabbi Rosenberg immediately contacted the medical examiner who confirmed that the woman had unfortunately been buried in a non-Jewish cemetery, used by the state for such purposes.

    Rabbi Rosenberg shuddered at the thought of a Jewish woman being buried in a non-Jewish cemetery. Volunteers were immediately dispatched the appointed location and proceeded in full accordance with halacha to dig up the aron, which would then be reinterred in a cemetery of Chesed shel emes. The volunteers were shocked to discover that although the woman had been buried for almost a year, her body had not decomposed, a tremendous zechus which she had obviously merited.

    A proper tahara was performed, after which a minyan chesed shel emes volunteers proceeded the cemetery in Liberty where the very emotional funeral took place. This niftar, who had suffered so much during her lifetime, and was buried among goyim, had the unusual zechus to be brought to kever yisrael.

    The above are only two of the many such stories to which chesed shel emes members are privy to on an almost daily basis. Chesed shel Emes members are hard at work at all hours of the day and night to assure that every niftar receives a halachic burial.

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    1. Mendy KOL HAKAVOD. Shabbos when we say by the MI Shbeiracach ” VCOL HUOISKIM BEZURCEI ZIBUR B’EMINAH “, Mendy that means ” YOU “. Hakudoish Burech Hie Yeshalem Scorcu. CHAZAK V’EMUTZ KUMOICU YIRBI BEYISRUEL.

    2. When my grandfather was very sick, I stayed with him night shifts in Brooklyn’s Maimonidies Hospital. I have seen Rabbi Rosenbergs work first hand, we got to know each other and he asked me to look out and call him if ever needed. Not once did I call him at 2 or 3 in the morning, Within minutes Rabbi Rosenberg was there even before family members knew about the passing of their loved ones. Rabbi Rosenberg is an Angel, He is always there weather it is 10 minutes before sunset on erev Yomtov for a body removal from a hospital, Or Yomtov before Kidush for a Funeral,

      Keep up the great work!!!

    3. The amazing work from this wonderful organization never ceases to amaze me. They don’t discriminate what type of Jew they were. A yid always a yid and deserves a respectful kevurah no matter what

    4. What a beautiful act of kindness and kovod for the Sheiras Hapleita the true heros of our people.

      Also Remember those that perished at the death camps where piles of sacraficed victims of nazi YSH brutality filled the walkways. Many of those Korbonos Hakdoshim didn’t leave any family to say Kaddish Yizkor or rememer them individualy by thier names.

      If only our new young generation had respect for the Kedoishim. Hashem Y’Racheim

    5. yes yes this is the same chesd shel emas that you see all the the time working with the n.y.p.d at fatel accident jobs as well with the new york state police keep it up cse you guys or great hatzlocha raboh

    6. Mendy is truly AMAZING! He is a true Oisek B’tzruchei Tzibur B’emunah, I called him for a case… It’s not what he does as much as how he does it. Mayer Berger is also a true Tzadik…

    7. I have seen them in action and there are some amazing stories about what they do but i never see them advertize or making a party or dinner to collect money also they never make a big trask or put up a show like other orgenizations so how do they pay for all this

    8. i am a member of chased shel emes for about 8 years now and I’m sure that if i write a book about what we do it will be a best seller and i will try to address some of the comments here

      Binumen had a question about the winter

      the cemetery in liberty is just for people that have nobody whatsoever anyone that has any family is berried in one of the other plots closer to the city and when we sent a nifter to liberty there is always a minyen from the viznits yeshiva there

      2 or 3 other posters had a question about money

      Chased Shell Emes dosent have a bank account full of money and they don’t make any shnoring operation and they don’t send out any flyers or mailings there is a group of baalei batim that donate the funds on a case by case basis as needed

    9. Mandy Rosenberg after every case he goes around collecting money to people. Who he knows. That help him but its hard work any body can help him any time just call him up its not hard to find his number

    10. Yes I’m a member as well its unbelievable what u do members and special M H Berger u r the real person to b Mendys Right hand keep it up Members u r a part of a special organization let’s keep it up in a low tone with out publicity

    11. I have never seen a person (machine) like Mendy & his organization before, he never takes no for an answer. I started knowing him when I went to the tire shop where he answers the phones for Shomrim Williamsburg, Boro Park, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Chesed Shel Emes and… the tire shop. The phones does not stop ringing and he makes you feel as he’s got nothing to do now and you are helping him get through the day. The devotion and ambitious this guy has is unbeliveable. When you thank him, he tells you eh what did I do, it’s not me it’s Mayer Hersh Berger, It’s this person, that person. Hashem you still have true soldiers.

    12. It is really an emotional story, it made me tear. The zechus these tzadikim have is unbeliveable. I met Rabbi Rosenberg numeorous times at Lutheran Hospital while staying with a member of my family that was there for treatments loi uleinu, Rabbi Rosenberg came and filled up the Bikur Cholim room with cold drinks, fresh fruits, pastries and whatever you can think of. The way he’s begging these poor people to let him help them and comforting them with a good word and as some of the previous comments stated it’s the way he does things (without propeganda) is amazing. Lets hope we should’nt need his services, we sould go to E. Israel with Moshiach.

    13. im proud to say that i have been working with mendy rosenberg for about 8 years when ever i had a situation that came up a family needed money to bury their loved one or a person who just passed away who has no family whats so ever i call him on the phone mendy i want to raise money for thease situations but i need ur help no questions asked mendy says what ever you need unfortantly i have done so many cases with mendy and he he allways is ready to do it with smile he is amazing individual i think there are so many cases that come up all the time and this organzation is in need of money every penny that comes in i can assure you that not one penny is being pocketed it all goes to the meis mitzvah

      if you want to make donation you can call at 718-436-2121 and you can be part of the great mitzvah of chesed shel emes tizku lemitzvos

    14. yes i know and saw him in work when i went to his tire shop one morning and saw him on the phone and then came up 2 haimisha yingerlit to pick up some thing from him and i heard him telling them make sure u do it with the biggest respect i can say its true what the members say Mendy never takes no for a answer and never gives up on the most difficult situations yes u should be should be proud with a leader like him and we should be proud to be his helpers and to have the sechua to work in this organization keep up the good work


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