New York City – Brand Name Shoe Designer Kenneth Cole Features New Ad With Hasidic Singer ‘Matisyahu’


    New York City – American brand name shoe designer Kenneth Cole has started a new ad campaign with the theme “we all walk in different shoes”, featuring matisyahu [hasidic reggae artist] among others, recognizing interesting individuals who have refused to conform to societal boundaries.

    Kenneth Cole is married to the daughter of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

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    1. Hay Normal…

      When you sign a contract with the record company, you are no lunatic. With the millions and millions he brings home every year I wouldn’t mind to be such a lunatic as him.

    2. he’s no longer chabad. his wife is though & that’s why he still living in crown heights.

      he’s into karlin, he davens sometimes in stolin in boro park. he’s also influenced by breslov, which I think is a more natural fit for him. chabad does a great job reaching out to alienated jews, but it’s not uncommon for these balei teshvuah to continue searching even after they made the diffucult decision to be comitted jews- and many find breslov eventually to be their way. kol hakavod to chabad & breslov

    3. He seems to be a very decent person. He is very talented and is very adept at bringing out all the nuances of Reggae [music], which is very difficult and unusual for anyone not born with this culture. i.e. From the Caribbean. As far as his Yiddishkeit is concerned, (who am I to comment on it?!) apparently he is trying to find his niche. Meanwhile, trying out different ” subcultures” (actually, it’s regional derivatives, sort of…) in Yiddishkeit!!!

    4. I am very involved with teens at risk

      you cannot imagine how much he gives of himself for these kids …he haaas saved dozens of kids…more than all the “gedolim ” combined

    5. To 1:31

      Get real. Goyim wear socks therefore we shouldn’t wear socks also? Goyim wear suits & therefore we shouldn’t?

      Take a walk in any busy financial / legal district and you will see the goyim wearing exactly the aame thing that we are, with the exception of yarmulkas, hats, beards and payess.

      Why is it your place to criticize a ba’al teshuva for his path in life. He has had much more mesiras nefesh than almost any FFB. He has given up his entire lifestyle and is now struggling to find his spiritual home. He has given up 99c burgers Saturdays and Friday nights (which are the biggest revenue nights in his field). And you have the audacity to belittle him.!!!!

      Bemakom she ba’alei T’shuva omdim …….

      I don’t like his musical style and therefore I dont listen to it or let my kids listen to it.

      MY parents and Rebbeim always told me that if I don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything. Maybe that’s a lesson for averyone

    6. to anon 1:31 am-This is not a Torah web-site, it’s anything of interest and/or news. There are plenty of other sites if you want to read only Torah stuff-so go there! I want to see “vos iz neais” whether I believe in it or not!

    7. im a big matesyaho fan for years one thing i can tell you he is a sample of a bal teshuveh he had interviews with the bigest tv stations he always made a kiddush hashem he sings very nice he lights up the jewish soul so please guys get off his back and try to fix the problems in our own community

    8. re: anon 6:46- “He sings for shvartzes”- pretty dumb comment- Obviously he sings for whoever buys , and enjoys his music. Don’t like it? Don’t listen to it, now go back under the rock you crawled out from.

    9. shammos assistant Says:

      vos iz neias! finally some jews in the showbiz!

      08-19-2008 – 9:24 PM


      What happened to Shlomo ben Hillel, aka Steven Hill???

    10. Comment to comment Get Real: Thank you so much for being realistic. Almost every BT has more mesiras nefesh than any FFB. This guy has taken a great path in life and has a full right to engage in any profitable venture within the guidelines of Torah. There’s nothing wrong with that ad. All the rest of you nisht farginers and all around cynics can’t hold a candle to his yiddishkeit.

    11. what is wrong with half you people? There is nothing wrong with this add or this man.

      He sings about Yerushalayim and love for Hashem and his fellow Yidden.

      So what..He is in a shoe ad. Yidden wear shoes too don’t they?

      At least his music and this ad are an honest living unlike taking from the gov’t to sit home and get payed for it.

    12. Matisyahu is a walking Kiddush Hashem. I remember watching a performance and interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Jimmy asked him would he perform on a Friday night for millions of dollars? Without hesitation, Matisyahu said no.

      I also know he makes the rounds around the Chabad houses at universities across the country.

      Showing college aged kids that you can make a living and be frum is an excellent benefit to spreading yiddishkeit.

      Now I will admit that I am not a reggae fan. However I have read his lyrics and they are amazing – Yerushalyim, etc.

    13. Does Kenneth Cole have Shteevel (boots) for the Skvereres? Halbe Sheech for the Satmar white socks? Wild shoes for the Lubabs and Breslavs? Pointy shoes for the Minkatchers? Do they have a catalog? The shoes are Chassidishe shchita? With a plomba? Does it come in like a shtraamel or shaitel box, with a gold monogram? This is COOOOOL. Hey guys go buy Kenneth Cole Stocks (stockings) you’ll make a mint.

    14. Rabboisai I need to bring to your attention the plight of the many Farbisseners who hang out on this site. NEVER anything nice to say. ALWAYS judgemental, harsh and critical of everything and everyone. Somebody is successful? A CHITZPEH! A SHAYGATZ! Is’t that a horrible existence. Nebach, we should all pray for them. Happy people don’t belittle.

      Listen, all you chronic grumpiness (CG) suferrers – you are not alone! I feel for you and am here to help. Here are some lovely suggestions:

      1. Get a hobby – it occupies your time.

      2. Antidepressants: good stuff, too, I tell ya.

      3. Anger management classes: so much FUN!

      4. Force yourself to smile. This is how we do it: we turn up he corners of our mouth until it looks like a kleine banana. Try it. It’s good and good for you.

      Refuah Sheleimah


    15. I have been wearing Kenneth Cole shoes before this guy even had a music note

      And for the add… the video is very bad no taste at all….

      the Billboard is ok would make great Kosher adds on the BQE between Williamsburg and Boro Park

    16. He is apparently selective in which product he is endorsing. What is wrong with shoes, they seem pretty nuetral to me, where is the controversy? It is NOT like he is promoting “PLANNED PARENTHOOD”, or the new poster child for medical marijuana.

    17. Once again the comment “he sings for shvartzes” is incredibly ignorant and you should apologize to yourself for having debased yourself in public, anonymous comment or not. numbskulls like you give a bad name to the jewish people.

    18. Can’t stand Matisyahu myself, but could anyone tell me what’s wrong with being in the shoe ad? You don’t like him? Don’t buy the CD’s or go to his concerts.

      BTW I think this is an acknowledgement of the fact that we are not some weird aliens, but normal people who vote with their consumer dollars.


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