Williamsburg, NY – Child Killed R’L Falling Down Elevator Shaft. PHOTOS


    The burial site in New Brunswick, N.J. of Yakov Mosha Newman A'H.Williamsburg, NY – Hatzolah BLS, Medics and FDNY are all rushing to 70 Clymer and Wythe Avenue for a 5-year-old boy that’s down the elevator shaft from between the 11th floor and 10th floors after the elevator doors opened between the floors and he and his brother squeezed out from the opening leading to his fall down the shaft, child is in traumatic arrest at this time, his older brother is ok.

    U/D: 9:09am
    The child is being transported by Hatzolah to Brooklyn Hospital.

    U/D: 09:27am
    Child has been pronounced dead at the hospital.

    Chesed Shel Emes on the scene handling.

    U/D: 12:24pm
    The child’s body has just been released, Levaya (funereal) is scheduled for 2:00pm at Yeriam Chapel, from there they are going to New Jersey.

    the child is the grandson of a Village of Kiryas Joel official. Gershon Mendel Neiman is a member of the village planning board and housing authority.

    According to New York City Department of Buildings records, the apartment building was the source of a complaint on Jan. 21 that one of its elevators became stuck for about an hour and was defective or inoperative. There were three other complaints about the elevators in the building in 2007, according to the department’s records.

    The 12-story building was built in 1974 and is part of the Taylor Street-Wythe Avenue apartment complex, owned by the New York City Housing Authority.

    The Teamsters Local 237 is responsible for the maintenance of the elevators, its president, Gregory Floyd, said. Mr. Floyd said a lack of federal funding had made work on the elevators difficult. “The Teamsters work with what they are given,” “And they are not given enough.”

    U/D 7:00 PM Mayor Bloomberg issues statement
    “This incident was a tragedy and the City is conducting a thorough investigation of today’s events. Our thoughts are with the child’s family and they have our condolences during this difficult time.” Jason Post, spokesman for the Mayor.

    Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott , Fred kreizman (assistant Commissioner from the Mayor’s community affairs Unit were both at the funeral, Jarrod Bernstein, deputy commissioner of community affairs unit was there as well.

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    1. down the elevator shaft from the 11th floor? how does this happen? was the door left open? this sounds like one of the project buildings, please give us the name to daven for….

    2. Complaint at: 70 CLYMER STREET BIN: 3251702 Borough: BROOKLYN ZIP: 11211


      Category Code: 81 ELEVATOR – ACCIDENT

      DOB District: N/A

      Special District:

      Assigned To: ELEVATOR DIVISION Priority: A


      Received: 08/19/2008 09:16 Block: 2175 Lot: 30 Community Board: 301


      Last Inspection: – — NONE —


    3. Complaint at: 70 CLYMER STREET BIN: 3251702 Borough: BROOKLYN ZIP: 11211



      DOB District: N/A

      Special District:

      Assigned To: ELEVATOR DIVISION Priority: B


      Received: 01/21/2008 19:26 Block: 2175 Lot: 30 Community Board: 301


      Last Inspection: 01/22/2008 – – BY BADGE # 0668 WATERS JAMES ECB

      Disposition: 01/22/2008 – – G8 – COMPLAINT REFERRED TO NYC HOUSING AUTHORITY (NYCHA)

      Disposition Entered By: SED 01/22/2008 09:14:35

      Comments: RE: NYCHA

    4. R’l’ – I just can’t beleive that this could happen this way – There must be something missing from this tragic story.

      I sure hope they investigate this very thoroughly.

      If there was negligence involved then those responsible should be punished to the full extent of the law. I saw a story where a pool Co. was indited for CRIMINAL negligence in not installing

      a saftey cage around a filter resulting in a child’s death r’l’. He may end up doing jail time.

      We need to send a message that there will be severe reprecussions if try to cut corners with

      safety regulations in order to save $money$.

    5. This is a govt housing NYCHA they should be sued and punished to the full extent this should of been avoided and should in any possible way not happen in any way again hashem yerachem.

      Burech Dayin Huemes

      I feel the pain of the family and feel sorry for theyre loss, may they find a full nechama in such a tragic month that we lost our beis hamikdosh.

    6. Innocent child just wanted to go to the Cheider and was nifter in an absolute freak accident Hashem Yishmor. There no one to blame and circumstances surrounding this event cannot be changed, t’was meant to happen and we’ve just gotta say Bruch Dian emes..

    7. I’m simply in a state of shock!!!

      How can an elevator do that? Arent there safety precautions that prevent a door from opening unless there is a car on the other side?

      This is so horrible and so seemingly an EMPTY death!

      Only G-D knows the purposes of such things and we place our faith in him that this was the way things had to be, nevertheless, if there is criminal negligence here then let them pay dearly with blood!!!

      Ribono Shel Olam, please bring nechama to the family and friends of this little tzadik!

    8. His younger brother was right behind him, but stopped and didn’t enter when he heard his brothers scream, and went to look for help…

      The parents were at work already, and were notified of the tragedy….

      Neighbors say that the elevator had known problems…

      A similar episode happened with the same elevator a few years ago, a yingerman almost stepped in, but was pulled back by a person behind him who noticed the empty shaft.

    9. If any are from the zera shel avrohom, they would have shed a tear or two or three upon hearing of this most unusual tragedy. When will the tzoros end. We go on. People today are so hardened they don’t pause for 30 seconds to reflect on this. This is a tragedy for all. Perhpas when people will stop being gashmius up to thier eyeballs in Lexus, escalades, trips to Ecuador and Costa Rica and fancy shmancy resorts and start showing more achdus and hergesh for one another, perhaps at that point in time, the Borei Olam will take note of our tzaar. I am tired of seeing people carrying on each day in total laughter and uncontrolled joviality when we hear of tzoros r”l on a weekly basis. Terrible yissurim amongst the klal and we are fooling and joking around during davening, just after davening, standing around for 45 minutes doing nothing but joking around. How can we joke around??? These times are serious. Wake up. THis is a message to us. A tragedy of this proportion to come upon an innocent child is a message to us. WAKE UP.

    10. I was there when it happened, all the neighbors were screaming that this an accident waiting to happen nebech,

      The child was followed by an adult who nearley followed, but miracusly made it safe & started screaming for help

      the Harrowic hatzalah members were there in seconds especially W47 who was there in about 30 seconds. and started performing CPR but nebech…

    11. Hon. Mayor Bloomberg:

      (We urge the public at large to write the following memo to the Mayor, Governor, your Councilman, State Senator or anyone who has an input in this matter)

      In light of the tragedy this morning when a 9 year old child stepped into the elevator which was not there and fell to his death, let his death not be in vain. The child walked in on instinct without pausing to look if the elevator is there.

      1. Elevators must have 2 doors, one which opens, and a second see through door (glass or wire mesh) through which the entire interior of the elevator is visible, it gives the rider the critical few extra seconds to realize the elevator is not there and not to walk in on instinct.

      2. An alarm should yell ”STOP DANGER ” DO NOT ENTER THE ELEVATOR IS NOT HERE.

      3. Educate children in schools and classrooms (perhaps during fire drills or other safety classes), not to rush into an elevator before they pause to see if the elevator is there.

      4. Solicit ideas from the public and the elevator industry for any additional ideas how to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

      Let his death not be in vain, let us learn the lessons to prevent future tragedies.

    12. barush dayan haemet may the family have only nechama and no more tzar.how can a parent leave the kids alone and go off to work?????? i hope that they dnt get into trouble

    13. Willy,

      I don’t know what religion you practice, but the comment about the Neshama not having any more reason to be on Earth is a Torah-true way of looking at these tragedies.

      Words of Chazal are replete with such perspectives.

      If you don’t believe this is true, then you are, in effect, saying that Hashem really wanted this child to still be alive, and that this terrible tragedy goes against His ratzon.

      And as far as getting a hug from the bereaved parents, many people will offer this family words of nechama, and most will express how this holy tzaddik’l fulfilled his tafkid on earth in his short time here… And they will get a hug!

      P.S. If you’re going to take issue with my comment, please refrain from calling me stupid, idiot, or whatever. An intelligent argument is always appreciated.

    14. Willy

      how can he fall just because the elvator is stuck?

      I live in this place, these elevators are giving us problems 75% of the year.

      they are simply broken for days, it’s about time something will be done about it

    15. 3. Educate children in schools and classrooms (perhaps during fire drills or other safety classes), not to rush into an elevator before they pause to see if the elevator is there.

      4. Solicit ideas from the public and the elevator industry for any additional ideas how to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

      Let his death not be in vain, let us learn the lessons to prevent future tragedies.

      08-19-2008 – 10:55 AM


      why educate about elevators when you dont educate children about child molestatiotion which happens way more often ?

    16. There are conflicting reports as to which child fell down, some say it’s the older one Sruly, roughly 9 years and some say it’s the younger one Yanky 5-6 years

      Does someone know definitely?

    17. Attention all of you who are using this forum as anything other than to express your pain: STOP. But if you must pontificate and darsh’n please have a heart and spare the rest of us from having to deal with your negativity at a time like this. Sorry about that everybody, all I really want to say is lets all just hug our kinderlach and ainiklach and thank the Riboyno Shel Oilam for his gifts and appreciate how precious they are and how, seriously, nothing else matters. May this family find a Nechuma in due time and may we be zoiche to the Geulah and for Eliyahu HaNavi to answer all our Kashe’s on it all.

    18. That’s a message from Hashem. There were 3 single accidents in the mountains this past Sunday alone. Volunteers are now searching for an old man who got lost in upstate NY. We got the horrible story today. I think that we got enough messages this week alone. We have to get to work and change ourselves.

    19. Horrible tragedy!!!!! my heart goes out to their parents.

      for whatever the reason the parents left the kids alone, we should not judge, just learn our lessons. We all do mistakes, so let’s not judge especially if we do not have enough details to know why the kids were left alone

    20. Boruch Dayan Ha’emes. This horrific tragedy -which happened between Tisha B’av and Chodesh Ellul – is a wake up call for Klal Yisroel. Hashem wants to remind us that we have to make teshuva and be more medakdek in such issues as kashrut, observance of Shabbos, and davening. There are far too many tragedies among us Haredim and no one grasps the fact that Hashem is demanding that we have to be far more stricter in observing the Torah.

    21. Lime, The elevator stopped between two floors, this gave him a few feet to jump out on the 10th floor, but also a wide open gap below the elevator car, he jumped and lost his balance, and fell backwards into the open gap, and down the shaft.

    22. Understood this is a terrible tragedy, but it seems that no one ever explained to the kids the purpose of the emergency call button in each elevator?

      I agree with JJ – but ****parents**** retain the primary responsibility to educate their children on safety issues that are unique to an apartment building.

      where’s yb on this issue?????

    23. The elevator getting stuck and the boy prying open the door as Wins reports is more plausible

      to me – i just can’t fathom any active modern elevator’s door opening without the elevator being there with all the safety electronic & mechanical interlocks – It’s almost impossible unless someone deliberatley bypasses these safety measures.

      (The story in upstate was an in a warehouse & an abandoned unused elevator that was being used (foolishly) as a garbage dump.)

      Of course this doesn’t make the terrible tradgedy any easier to digest.

      But at least we don’t have to be afraid to let our kids (or even ourselves) take an elevator.

      I just hope that that is the real story.

      May the family have a nechamah & the strength to go on.

    24. jj 10:55,

      Was it really appropriate to make that comment here? I agree that the issue you bring up is important but we’re talking about a family who lost their son now.

      Sidetracking the discussion to another issue is really in poor taste.

    25. Quote

      “I agree with JJ – but ****parents**** retain the primary responsibility to educate their children on safety issues that are unique to an apartment building. ”

      At least you found someone to blame……..

    26. – It’s almost impossible unless someone deliberatley bypasses these safety measures.


      And how does a 5 year old know how to bypass these incredible safety measures????????

    27. BD”H; Hashem Yirachem. Please let us see what we can do to prevent it from happening to anyone else.

      Does anyone know if anyone is helping the older brother? This will be terribly traumatic for him, more than for the rest of the family. He was there, he saw, and most children so close to such terrible tragedies feel guilty about it, always wondering if he could have stopped his little brother, or why it wasn’t himself. If anyone knows the Hebrew names, including for this older surviving brother, please let us know to daven for him as well.


    29. Quote

      “I agree with JJ – but ****parents**** retain the primary responsibility to educate their children on safety issues that are unique to an apartment building. ”

      Wow – nothing else to do but find blame in this story. Where is your sensitivity. How about taking blame on yourself,and your daily doings that need to be improved. As this is a message for all of us. When a child is killed in such a tragic way, no one looks who to blame. Blame yourself, our aveirois. This boy is an innocent young neshama that was dreadfully torn away from his parents. No matter how old the child is, what matters is what change we will make as of today, this minute.

      May we only hear besuras toives, and hashem should give strengh for the family to withstand this Nisayoin.

    30. Clearly, thsi appears to be the fault of this ever so fast detioriating city administration headed up by none other than Bloomberg. Where are the frum reps of City Gov. (Felder)? Is Felder taking Bloomberg to the 2pm levaya. When is the last time Bloomberg cried, literally, over a yiddishe neshama. What an aloof piece of garbage who indirectly allowed this tragedy to occur becasue he blasts his mouth teasing people with presidentail aspirations like a baby rather than getting down to the real business of cleaning up this city. He is besides Dinkins, one of the worst mayors in the history of the city. People like him because he is ungeshtupped mit gelt. He is an uncaring person. As the head of the city, he must be at that levaya today. After all, it is his administration that killed this innocent yiddishe teiyere neshama z”l.

    31. It’s time to get the hell out of these fakakta projects!!!

      Maybe it’s time make a cheshbon hanefesh that a frum erlicha yid does’nt belong living side by side with the lowest people, and our children are daily in the elevators mingled with osgelasana shiksas…

    32. I have a 5 year old boy —i can only cry, MY HEART BLEEDS TERRIBLY! and wake up to the life of golous. Nothing to say – we can never bring comfort. No one to blame! Just let’s ammend ourselves! Hashem have rachmons on Klal Yisroel! If they can sue someone let them-they cant remain in that building anymore!

      The family needs our Tefilos!





    34. 12:52 PM

      It’s almost impossible unless someone deliberatley bypasses these safety measures.


      And how does a 5 year old know how to bypass these incredible safety measures????????

      I meant (I thought I was clear) if you just press the Door button from outside – the elevator door opening to an empty shaft is almost impossible because of all the interlocks.

      Of course if you are stuck between floors and you pry open the door that’s something else.

      You may even be able to pry open the door from the outside and jump into the shaft – but then you can also just jump off a bridge

      there are probably no safety features in place for that.

      Bottom line – You just have to use good judgement

      if you get stuck and not try to force your way out.

      Of course this was tradgedy and nebech you can’t expect a little child to be so responsible etc.

      But my point is that we don’t have to be afraid of getting into an elevator just in case it’s not there !

    35. Not blaming anyone, referring to the comment that the SCHOOLS should educate….

      Everyone scratches their heads, trying to figure out “What should we learn from this incident??” Let’s set aside the shitckel lomdus about aveiros etc. for a minute and examine tachlis.

      There is no reason for parents to do their hishtadlus to educate their children on safety issues. God gave you a gift, you need to take care of it. If anything parents should take the time now to reinforce safety reminders. That’s all.

      Should we not try to prevent another senseless loss? Wouldn’t that be something YOU can do liluy nishmas this soul RIGHT NOW????????????? Poshut!!!!!!!!!

      Ain haci nami we ALSO need to do teshuva. But this is a start! I’ll be talking to MY kids tonight about bike/road safety. What are YOU going to do???????

      The gemorra in Kidushin that talks about training you children how to swim refers then to….what? Stam agadata?

      Hamakom yenachem eschem btoch shaar avelei tzion byerushalayon

    36. to all of you that are so engrossed in posting your feelings & opinions: how about we take this time & do s/t worthwhile?

      if all of you would choose one hour in the day which you’ll refrain from speakin loshan hora

      leili nishmas this innocent child it would be much more clever& accomplishing & would definitely speedy our geulah!

      if any of you think of this as the right thing to do plz say so-im waiting to hear from you!

    37. this is a really tradegy , I guess a sign from above to do some tshuvah , these small children are suffering for the sins of others.

      May all of us be mekabel to take upon ourselves a good deed lelie nishmos his neshama.

    38. i saw the comments but there is 1 thing i can say that if everybody would be mekayim veuhavtoo lerieachu kemoichu then i think a lot of comments in this forum would never be written try to think how u would feel hashem yeracheim

    39. I think since we R’L here so many wake up calls we should taka “wake up” and take something upon ourself to improve. Everyone knows themselves and they should take something that they think they need some improvement on and let’s hope only to hear good news!

    40. anon 10:51, you said it so well!! We need achdus so badly and people would quicker hold a grudge, then something to care about someone else, and be ma’avir on their own middos!

      Anon 12:42 – Yereim is in Williamsburg

      R”L!! May HKB”H Have rachamim on all of us, and Send the family the true nechama in light of this horrific tragedy

    41. hashem yerachum, its such a horrific tragedy .lets all daven and pray that moshiach come today!!! when i heard the story i gave a tremble and thought” why do we have to wait for these simanim”? lets do teshuvah and moshiach should come already!

    42. People like to put blame on someone for every tragedy because it makes them feel better that it won’t happen to them. They are great parents, children etc. Wake up! Nobody is exempt from tzaros. Stop putting blame on other people. Just do teshuvah. Every tragedy we hear reflects on us.

    43. so y is everbody busy saying that we have to do teshuva?! go ahead & do lemaiseh!!!!!!!

      how about everyone takes s/t small upon themselves & informs us what they’re doing so we can get some ideas & chizuk?

      I, on my part think ill try not to be so judgemental on pple since that is i thind a big part of “v’hafta l’reicha kumoicha”

    44. This building is owned by NYCHA.

      I am sure this boy must have witnessed a similar episode in the past, where the elevator got stock and the occupants were jumping off to the lower floor, and that gave him the courage and confidence to take a similar move, he must have been terrified in that 8X8 box, when the doors suddenly opened and he saw an opportunity to jump to his freedom, which unfortunately ended otherwise.

      May his memory be blessed, and my condolences to the family.

      המקום ינחם אתכם….

    45. I admire the courage and confidence of this little boy, he wanted to show his older brother the way to freedom, this tells me a lot about the characteristics of this young neshomo’le.

    46. I was stuck in that elevator twice already while visiting a friend there. I’m sick to my stomach!!!! poor little boys… my heart goes out to their family..

    47. This kid was nebech a KORBEN OYLEH for klal yisroel..We all have to search ourselves how can we do something to change that hashem shouldnt take such young Korbunes..May the kids parents and family come over this terrible tragedy and TZAR and be zoiche to Bias goyel tzedek and reunite with their kid when meshiach will reunite us Btchias hamysem…

    48. Shulem Ber , sorry but my sisterinlaw knows the lady and she takes her kids down to the bus every single day she never misses a day today in the morning she had an appointment and left a little be4 it happened Bottom line is its a horrible story but Klal Yisroel Wake up and smell the coffee Hashem is very very mad at us its time for us to do teshuavah the stories are getting worse and worse every day. we have to change and we have to change NOW!!!

    49. This is not a ‘blame game’. It is a horrible tragedy for the klal, one of many this summer..if only we’d wake up already, Hashem would stop sending us these ‘wake up calls’…and so soon after Tisha B’Av…Hamokom Yenachem ..

    50. בײ די לוי’ האבן מספיד געװען מיט בכיות כ״ק הרהגה״צ גאב״ד ור״מ סאטמאר־װיליאמסבורג שליט״א, און הרה״ג הרב חײם ראובן שעהנברױן שליט״א מנהל רוחני בתלמוד תורה תורה ויראה דרבינו יואל מ׳סאטמאר־װמב״ג, װי ־להבדבחל״ח־ דאס נשמה׳לע ע״ה האט געלערנט, און נאך מספידים

      יהי רצון שלא ישמע שוד ושבר בגבולינו, ומחה ה׳ דמעה מעל כל פנים, אמן!

    51. I live by DC, the same thing happened to a lady who worked in a hotel. The elevator got stuck, she was scared. I think people tried to help her to the landing but she slipped and fell down the elevator shaft and died.

      This is so sad, I feel how scared the boys must have been stuck there. My last building had a water pipe burst in the basement and got in the electric controls of the elevators and broke them but after they were “fixed” the elevator did many strange things so I was afraid any time I stepped in.

      It’s best to wait for your rescue or fire department which you should be able to call from the elevator at least by emergency button. If the elevator can’t be moved to a floor to safely exit then the rescue/fire department has safety harnesses to lift you out safely. I think it’s natural to try to get out yourself no matter if you are 3 or 103 years old, so we must remind ourselves and children to wait for the fire dept. or rescue.

    52. איך קען די משפחה, א עכטע וואוילע באשיידענע פאמיליע. ר’ יחזקאל איז א צדיק פון א אינגערמאן שטענדיג מיט א שמייכל אין א גוט ווארט, ער גיבט אוועק צענדליגער שעות א וואך פאר צובראכענע נשמות, ער הערט זיי אויס און איז זיי מחזק אין פרובירט זיי ארויס צוהעלפן מיט וואס מעגליך, און אלעס אן א פרסום.

      עס איז געווען א דערקוויקנד בילד צוצוקוקן וויאזוי ר’ יחזקאל שפאצירט איעדן שבת אראפ קליימער סטריט מיט זיינע צוויי זיסע לעכטיגע יונגעלעך ביי די זייטן און פארברענגט מיט זיי מיט א אויסערגעווענליכע ליבשאפט ווען פון די תמימות’דיגע אויגעלעך שיינט ארויס א זארגלאזע צופרידנקייט, פון היינט און ווייטער וועט ליידער איין זייט זיין ליידיג… זיין זיסע קינדישע קול’כל איז פארשטומט געווארן אויף אייביג, פון דעם קליינעם זיסן יאנקעלע איז געבליבן א טייכל בלוט מיט א צושטיקלטן קערפער ל”ע… איך בין זיכער אז אין די לעצטע מאמענטן פון זיין יונגען לעבן האט ער נאר געטראכט פון זיינע ליבליכע טאטן און מאמען ער האט זיי געוואלט זאגן ווי שטארק עס טוט אים וויי

      המקום ינחם אותם כשאר אבילי ציון וירושלים




    54. Burich Dayen Emes!! they should install in every elevator shaft something like an airbag or balloon that could absorb if someone falls down,it should’nt be very costley and could save lives.

    55. I hope the other boy (older boy) is getting the help he needs. Poor shefele he won’t be able to sleep at night. I can’t imagine how the boy is feeling now that he was with his little brother when it happened. I hope the parents don’t blame him for anything he is going through enough. All the child needs now is love.

    56. Terrible tragedy

      Guess we have to educate the children about all type of dangers out there

      How about educating parents that yes children are not to be left alone especially on the 11th floor of a bldg full of you know what …………..

      True it is to late in this case, but how about a lesson for those that it is not to late yet

      How come nobody find that shocking the all people know is yes we should sue…………

    57. A recent article mentioned that 25% of Housing Authority employees had a crimin history. Based on this story, I’m starting to think its more like 95%.

    58. amazed, you are a piece of nothing, i know the mother she never misses a day waiting on the bus with the children, ask every resident in 70 clymer, we are all used to seeing her every morning with the children, there are exceptions, i dont know if you have children or not, but no one should fool around here & name himself mr. LAW because no one & when i say no one i mean hasidics & even litvisha dont do excectly what the law requires when it comes to children…

      do you send out your children shabbos to play outside from the synagoge? if your answer is no, go sell it in china…

    59. פארוואס Says:

      amazed, you are a piece of nothing, i know the mother she never misses a day waiting on the bus with the children, ask every resident in 70 clymer, we are all used to seeing her every morning with the children, there are exceptions, i dont know if you have children or not, but no one should fool around here & name himself mr. LAW because no one & when i say no one i mean hasidics & even litvisha dont do excectly what the law requires when it comes to children…

      do you send out your children shabbos to play outside from the synagoge? if your answer is no, go sell it in china…

      08-19-2008 – 9:12 PM


      NO! i do NOT let my children go outside to play during davening.

      If my child is not mature enough to sit and daven or just be quiet during davening then i simply do NOT bring him. Whats your point exactly??

    60. this is in response for the anonymous about pressing the emergenc button there is no button for an emergency on that elevator that is how geto it is so the kids r doing what they can do get out and keep going

    61. i live in that building a complaind severel times bec. i got stuck in it so many times even have case numbers for it and nothing was done the just dont care bec. it is connected with the city it is a danger zone u could make the elevatore jump floors make the doors open in the middle etc… that is how unstable it was and for kids to know those things is like giving them a gun without the saftey button on eventualy it will go off

    62. I am not a spokes person for New York City Housing Authority. I heared how many Heimishe people spoke to the press against Housing it was a great Chilul Hashem. I lived in the projects more than 20 years and now I live somewhere else in willamsburg. There is an enormous amount of effort from their side to keep the buildings in shape. After all how many “cheias” live in these buildings that do everything to destroy everything from the elevators, graffiti, doors, locks etc. Usually if there is an outage it takes a few hours to fix the problem especially if both elevators break. I want to ask the Heimishe management companies how long it takes to fix an elevator outage in the brand new buildings where you paid a half a mil. and more or over 2G rent. The answer is days. It is true that lately Housing is a bit slower in service. They have lost millions in funds. Thousands of people were laid off . It was a shame that Heimisha Yiden spoke with such hate against Housing to the press while we live over here for BUBKAS. We have to be gratefull to a Malchus Shel Chesed. Those who say “ es kimt zich ins” The answer is no we are in Gules. We have to watch what we are talking. They can do more harm than you think.

    63. Yankel Podrotchik,

      While I wholeheartedly agree to your point that we’re in Gulis and that it may bring more harm than benefit. I must say that I somewhat agree to those City bashers.

      Think what the reaction would’ve been if this building was privately owned. Not to mention if it was bearded Chusid….

      The Mayor would be running from one press conference to another spewing hate on those reckless building owners, promising action, prosecuting, and incarceration for the lousy riches that are filling their pockets on the poors. And they’d be digging up all violations of that individual, and so on and so forth.

      Excuse me for stating the obvious, the City is exempt from all this. And I think that’s what these people are complaining. And they have all the right.

    64. We have to stop the support for organizations, who are involved in mesirah R-L. Williamsburg is very involved with the encouraging of this type of chayrim offence. This past year there was great harm done on another neighborhood in which the D.A. Hynes, was and still is willing to indite the members off a great organization. To all off willi I’m not saying this is what it brings C-V, but lets be more careful on whom you encourage.

    65. Our wonderful Mayor sent his untershammas to the levaya. Big deal. There shouldn’t have been any levaya if the NYCHA took care of their properties. They’re quick to prosecute every private slumlord, they need to start with themselves. What an avoidable tragedy. The poor family.

    66. פארוואס Says:

      amazed, you are a piece of nothing, i know the mother she never misses a day waiting on the bus with the children, ask every resident in 70 clymer, we are all used to seeing her every morning with the children, there are exceptions, i dont know if you have children or not, but no one should fool around here & name himself mr. LAW because no one & when i say no one i mean hasidics & even litvisha dont do excectly what the law requires when it comes to children…

      do you send out your children shabbos to play outside from the synagoge? if your answer is no, go sell it in china…

      08-19-2008 – 9:12


      Are you kidding me, are you really stupid

      have you ever lived in the Projects

      or your just acting so naive wake up to reality

      and by the way NO THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE kids should never be left unattended in the projects especially after all this story’s that have already happened there and are unfortunately well known to all who live there (although they are usually shoved under the carpet because int might hurt for shiduchim later on….), would you leave your kids in a safari unattended just one time ????????

      By the way knowing the mother well for the most wonderful lady is also not an excuse,the must wonderful people could make mistakes, at least when that happens we should try to take a lesson from it and not excuse it away

    67. I want to know why they didnt fix the broken elevator? who is responsible for this tragic accident.They must pay.and they though buy the older kid a new bicyle as compensation

    68. you are so sick blaming the parents,either you have no kids, or you are plain just sick, first I would like to know when was your last check up by the dr because you need serious help, and don’t you tell me that you never let your kids play alone, now if your answer is going to be that u are always with your kids every second then I would have to say 2 things to you and that is LIAR LIAR. I would also have to say you have no heart if you can speak like that about a mother who just lost her child, and pitty on your kids with a parent like you

    69. Some of you commented that this child’s neshama was a special one, finished its tafkid..etc..

      We all know that. Thank you. But please, dont tell it to the parents now! They are in pain, shock, and denial. They will think about this later. Now we need to show that we care and feel their pain. People that are going to menachem avol them should think what they are going to say or rather what they are not going to say before they walk in. Please dont ask them what how when it happened! They are traumatized enough just to think about what their child went through the last moment! There are many other things people shouldnt say. No body means bad.. Just think, use your common sense… Its not an easy mitzvah, but if you make the effort to go try to make a difference.

    70. Just as with the story that VIN reported a few days ago regarding a Jewish child that drowned in a faulty pool in Connecticut and the CEO of the company that manufactured the pool was criminally charged with the death of the child. So should Mayor Bloomberg as the CEO of the City of New York should be held responsible and charged with the death of this child.

    71. enough is enough why there has to be machlokos every time something happenes this is terrible tradgedy we all must do teshuva wake up stop the sinas chinum how do you expect moshiach to come if there is so much messira hatred for one another stop enough is enough we all need to start learning how we can all get along and have ahvas yisreol for one another why does hashem have to punish us because of this and becuase of this tradgedy each and everyone of you should take upon ur selfes what you can do to better ur self to serve hashem STOP!!!! the sinas chinum you say you want moshicah to come but what are you doing about it answer ahvas yisroel we should be zoche to see the geulah and reuntie with our loved ones once again

    72. I read the story in ny times this AM. Very very sad and heartbreaking. According to the paper, the child and his 8 year old brother were already in the elevator which got stuck. The Niftar tried to escape and then fell.

      My question is what was a 5 and 8 year old boys doing all alone in the elevator? Were was the supervision?

    73. When u live in a elevator building it’s very normal for children 8/9 yrs old to use the elevator w/o a parent present and to allow them to escort a 5 year old sibling to .bus etc

    74. Regarding my comment about the elevator alarm yesterday, the NY Times says this:

      So common is the sound of the emergency alarm at 70 Clymer Street that when Tanya Johnson, a resident, heard it on Tuesday, she assumed that it was just another person stuck. It was not until later while watching the news that she knew it concerned a graver emergency.

    75. With all you people out there using the blame tactics I have some news for you. This happened in Williamsburg, a place where machlokes is rampant. Look in your own back yards and have some love for your fellow yidden then maybe Hashem would not have bestowed such a tradgedy.

      Machlokes is killing us. Stop it now, no matter what sect you are from or what your belief is. This is proof in the pudding

    76. A tradgedy happened. It looks like Klal Yisroel needs to do something. There is absolutely no pshat in blaming anything or anyone. Please do not make fools out of yourselves, make a Cheshbon Hanefesh, and do what is required of you. Thank You.

    77. Baruch Dayan Emes, our hearts go out to this family, HaMakom yenachem et’chem b’toch shar avay’lay Tzion vee’Yerushalayim. May they never experience another tragedy.

    78. It is very easy to rationalize the death ch”v of someone else’s child, haShem yishmerienu. Tafkid shmafkid. Would you think the same way if it was your child? We are all in deep aveilus over this immense tragedy, and by sharing the pain with the parents and family, we are perhaps making it a tiny bit easier on them. This is our tafkid.

    79. This was and is a terrible, terrible tragedy. Hashem controls the world and we can’t say: What if? It happened and there is only one thing we can do from here on. And that is to love one another with our whole heart. V’Ahavta L’Reacha Kamocha. All these machlokes between the chassidim must must must stop. That is what Hashem wants!

    80. A History of Problems, in a Time of Dwindling Budgets


      An elevator at a Brooklyn apartment building where a 5-year-old boy died Tuesday when he fell down the shaft had been scheduled to be modernized in 2004, but the work was twice deferred because of federal cutbacks, according to the New York City Housing Authority, the building’s landlord.

      It is unknown whether the delays contributed to the accident, which is under investigation, but they underscored what housing advocates and union officials say are growing maintenance concerns at the housing authority, the city’s largest landlord, as it struggles to close large budget gaps amid shrinking government aid.

      The elevator involved in the death of the boy, Jacob Neuman, which jammed on Tuesday between the 10th and 11th floors, stalled between the same floors a little more than a month ago, on July 11, said Israel Rosenberg, president of the tenants’ association at the building’s complex, the Taylor-Wythe Houses.

      Howard Marder, a Housing Authority spokesman, said the two elevators in the building had stalled five times in the last six months. Housing authority inspectors rated the building’s elevators “unsatisfactory” in at least 17 of 21 inspections from 2004 through 2007, according to records filed by the authority with the Department of Buildings. And the building has been the subject of at least a half-dozen complaints of elevator breakdowns since 2004, records show.

      Authority officials say the unsatisfactory ratings were mostly for minor maintenance issues like broken light bulbs or oil leaks in elevator motor compartments. None of the problems were deemed hazardous or warranted a violation, Mr. Marder said.

      Residents say the problems run deeper than city records indicate. The elevators in the 12-story building where the boy died, 70 Clymer Street in South Williamsburg, stall often, according to residents, who say they resort to using the stairs or calling firefighters for help.

      Housing advocates and union officials say the problems are indicative of the authority’s widespread maintenance problems in the face of dwindling government aid. The authority oversees 406,000 residents in 2,600 buildings with more than 3,300 elevators, and it has made deep cuts in spending and its work force in recent years to contend with budget gaps. It faces a $170 million deficit in its operating budget this year.

      From 2001 to 2008, it lost a total of $611 million in federal funds for its operating budget, and $450 million more for capital projects, including elevator replacements.

      “This is a terrible tragedy,” said Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237, which represents housing authority workers. “We’re not going to say that if Nycha was funded properly this would have been prevented. What we will say is that the federal government has not lived up to its promise to fund public housing.”

      Authority officials acknowledge the budget problems but say they have not led to reductions in elevator maintenance or inspections staff. In fact, the number of mechanics and staff members has remained largely stable over that period.

      But the cuts have delayed elevator overhauls. The building’s elevators were scheduled to be modernized in 2004 at a cost of $3.4 million, according to authority officials, but because of cuts in federal aid, the authority has twice deferred rehabilitation, which is now scheduled for next year. The elevators were installed in 1970, before the complex was finished in 1974, and they were last modernized in 1986, officials said.

      Housing authority officials say modernizations for other elevators have also been delayed, though they could not say Tuesday for how long. “Would it have made a difference?” Mr. Marder said. “It might have and it might not have, because these are machines, and machines often break down. They’re fallible.”

      According to the authority, the number of elevator breakdowns in buildings it owns fell to 25,936 in the first six months of this year from 27,358 in the first half of last year, a 5 percent reduction.

      In a continuing survey, 49.1 percent of housing authority residents rated elevator services as poor or bad, according to Community Voices Heard, an advocacy group made up mostly of public housing tenants. Nearly 44 percent said they thought overall maintenance conditions had declined in the last five years.

      The Department of Buildings, under criticism for its enforcement of elevator regulations, has been cracking down on private landlords. As part of that effort, it began posting the names of the 10 landlords with the worst records of elevator violations on its Web site. The department does not oversee the authority, which conducts its own inspections.

      The authority was criticized last year after a 47-year-old Brooklyn woman with asthma died while trying to walk up 10 floors to her Bushwick Houses apartment after waiting in vain for elevator repairmen.

      Agnes Rivera, a resident of the Wagner Houses in East Harlem, said a neighbor who suffered a heart attack last year died when paramedics taking her to a hospital got stuck in the elevator. “They unjammed the door, but it was too late,” said Ms. Rivera, a housing advocate with Concerned Voices.

      Daryl Khan contributed reporting.



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