Alaska – Chabad Rabbi: Sarah Palin a Great Friend To The Jewish Community


    Rabbi Yosef Greenberg speaking on Jun of 2008 as Gov. Palin [seen in photo] signs bill on the 60th Aniv. of IsraelAlaska- In light of recent media reports attempting to connect Republican VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin with controversial historian and Nazi sympathizer Pat Buchanan, VIN News has learned that the Alaska governor has demonstrated strong support for Alaska’s Jewish community. In particular, Gov. Palin signed a resolution in June of 2008 recognizing Israel’s 60th anniversary and the unique relationship between Alaska and the Jewish State, especially the fact that Alaska Airlines played a critical role in the rescue of 40,000 Yemenite Jews in 1948 and 1949.

    Chabad of Anchorage’s Rabbi Yosef Greenberg had this to tell VIN News:

    “Gov. Palin signed this resolution in the presence of Alaska’s Jewish community leaders. This bill was orchestrated by members of the Alaska Legislation and heavily supported by Speaker of the House, Representative John Harris…

    Gov. Palin has established a great relationship with the Jewish community over the years and has attended several of our Jewish cultural gala events. Gov. Palin also had plans to visit Israel with members of the Jewish community, however, for technical reason, the visit has not occurred yet.

    I was personally impressed by Gov. Palin’s remarks of hope and faith when she gave birth to a child with special needs. We all feel that the Governor is a remarkable, energetic, and good person.

    Having said that I like to reiterate that As a Lubavitcher rabbi, I would like to note that we do not endorse any political candidate

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    1. Bush destroyed the balance of power in the Middle East by removing Sadam,who was the enemy of Israel’s enemy Iran.

      As reckless as Bush was, McCain (a 72 year old multiple cancer patient) is showing a truly reckless streak in choosing a novice with a sick infant to stand one heartbeat away.

      A resolution is nice, but Obama chose a self-proclaimed Zionist with a long track record, Biden, as his VP choice.

      Would McCain hesitate about getting the US into unnecessary and/or dangerous wars?

    2. Since when is the support for the “jewish state” the same as the support for the “jewish community”? You may be surprised to know that christian evangelicals are now bigger supporters (by number) of the so called jewish state then are jewish supporters !

    3. Old New York, not everyone has made up their minds. I was planning to vote for Bob Barr; now I may vote for Palin, even though McCain comes along with her. I’ve been hoping for months that he would pick her, but I honestly didn’t think he would, and that was one more thing I held against him. He’s finally done something good, and you can see how people reacted by the fact that $7M came in that day.

      Anon 10:00, she has no denomination. So what are you talking about?

    4. Concerned,

      You are so way off base here I almost choked CHV on my coffee.

      You are saying that Gov Palin should not have been picked for Veep because she has a child with Down’s? Can you please tell me what that has to do with the price of tea in China? Why would you even think of that? There is no reason NOT to chose someone for a position just because his/her children may not be 100%.

      I also suspect quite strongly from your comments that you are a biased Liberal Democratn in which case Osama Bin Biden will do nothing wrong. Perhaps the following which appeared in today’s A7 report will help you more?

      The Republican Jewish Coalition, on the other hand, voiced a very positive reaction to McCain’s selection of a running mate, commending McCain for his good judgment and stating that his choice reflects his commitment to challenging the status quo of politics.

      “As governor of Alaska, Palin has enjoyed a strong working relationship with Alaska’s Jewish community. She has demonstrated sensitivity to the concerns of the community and has been accessible and responsive,” said Matt Brooks, Executive Director of the pro-Republican Jewish group.

      “Palin has a proven track record of experienced and principled leadership. Palin has been a leader on the critical issue of energy independence and lessening our need to buy oil from nations not sharing American and Israel’s foreign policy,” he added.

      Palin Actually Supported Buchanan Opponent, not Buchanan Kory Bardash, spokesperson for Republicans Abroad Israel, told INN that allegations that Palin supported Buchanan are patently false. “For all visiting candidates, as the mayor Sarah Palin wore a button out of courtesy. In fact, she was a supporter of Steve Forbes in that election,” he pointed out.


      Bardash wished to remind people that “OBAMA’S ASSOCIATIONS WITH EX-TERRORIST AYERS AND PRO-PALESTINIAN ARAB RADICALS ARE OF GREAT CONCERN TO DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS ALIKE.” His group helps American citizens register for US elections in Israel, and he noted that “most people contacting our group to vote are registered Democrats that are crossing over to vote for the pro-Israel candidate, John McCain.”

      Turning his attention to Obama’s choice for running mate, Bardash warned that “JOE BIDEN’S SKETCHY RECORD VIS-À-VIS THE THREAT THAT IRAN POSES SHOULD BE TROUBLING FOR ALL AMERICANS IN ISRAEL AND IN THE US.”

      I also found it interesting that yesterday Osama Hussein Bin Bidin had the stupidity to criticize Sen. McCain for Congress doing “nothing” during his 26 years there. What Der Shucher does not realize is that his running mate has been in the Senate EVEN longer than McCain. Osama has been in the Senate for some 180 working days or so? Sen. Bin Biden has been in the Senate SINCE 1972, TEN YEARS LONGER THAN Sen McCain. Osama Hussein, your Bin Biden should be criticized even more!

      So tipish, how is the crow this morning?

    5. You’re worried about McCain’s novice choice for VP, but not Obama, who is just as much as a novice (actually more of a novice) than Palin?

      Palin has more executive experience than Obama, Biden, and McCain put together…

    6. She has a decent track record and McCain investigated her. Let’s trust in Hashem that the right leaders will rule in this world. It is not the person in charge who runs things,Hashem uses them as messengers.

    7. She is definitely a real genuine MORAL person which is sadly hard to come by these days especially in politics. I think she is at least as qualified as empty suit Obama and she’s only running for VP she will be quick to get up to speed as she is a sharp woman.

      Any chioce for VP would have been a gamble I’m happy with this choice & hope it’s a winning ticket.

    8. Palin has more executive experience than Obama, Biden, and McCain put together… י”

      לב מלכים ושרים ביד הקב”ה


      agree 100 %

    9. Joseph – Buchanan just wrote a book that attempts to grey the evil of Hitler and Germany. Buchanan daily writes articles that ‘explain’ the actions of Hitler and seeks to have people understand those actions as reasonable.

      Buchanan has also worked and written extensively in assisting accused ex-Nazi-concentration camp guards in defense against extradition.

      He is a Nazi sympathizer and history revisionist jew hater.

    10. Don, if I say that Charles Manson was not the worst criminal in history, does that make me a sympathiser? Calling Buchanan a Nazi sympathiser goes way beyond the evidence. He points out, correctly, that Stalin’s crimes were at least as bad as Hitler’s, so morally there was no more reason to ally with Stalin against Hitler than with Hitler against Stalin. The USA ended up doing the former rather than the latter for pragmatic reasons, and Buchanan is entitled to his view that those reasons were invalid. That doesn’t make him a sympathiser with either Hitler or Stalin. Nor does his defense of people accused of war crimes, and his opposition to sending them to be tried in countries whose judicial systems are less trustworthy than ours, make him a sympathiser for the crimes they’re accused of having committed.

      He is no ohev yisroel – far from it. And he may secretly be a Nazi sympathiser; but if so he hasn’t given evidence of it.

    11. This is truly amazing, why are so many people for McCain? Are all people of Borough Park listening to Felder? Felder endorsed Obama! You are shocked? I was too. But apparently Felder believes that every one should vote for Oboma.

      Now if you don’t think Felder is correct, them why vote for Felder?

    12. To Milhouse – Just one point regarding your clarification of Buchanan on Stalin,ym”s. Yes,

      he killed many millions and also in a cold, calculating way. Nevertheless, to use that fact to call America hypocritical or to question our motives is a smoke screen. The USA was not aware of Stalins plans to kill tens of millions of his own people and of the nations he annexed at the timje we sided with him. Hitler ym”s, on the other hand, advertised his beliefs in supremacy and eradication of the Jew in some way for a decade! In addition, by Yalta, it was already obvious that Hilter had no way of accomplishing his goals of racial supremacy and cleaning europe w/o resorting to genocide, while it came as a shock to all that Stalin would use normal government powers to commit genocide simply to alter demographics! He had expressed no agenda other than political power and was not a holy roller like adolph. No, Buchanan is looking for a trick, saying: “Just look at what these two did! Can you see a difference?” in order to cast doubt on the wisdom and value of Americans having sacrificed their lives just to save a bunch of Jews. He is using blurred hindsight, and shamelessly. -Dov.

    13. McCain met ONCE with Palin, in February 2008, and spoke with her on the phone ONCE until last week. Do you REALLY want this “hockey mom” a heartbeat away from the Presidency of this country? I think not. Think about it.

    14. Yes, I do. I don’t care how many times McCain met her, I’m not relying on his judgment. I’m not a sexist like you.

      Dov ben Yosef, most of Stalin’s murders, including deliberately starving millions in the Ukraine, happened long BEFORE the War. The USA knew very well what sort of monster he was. The difference was that Hitler was the immediate threat. And of course lev melochim beyad Hashem, and it was good for our sake that the USA came in to the war on the Allies’ side. But Buchanan is entitled to his view that in the long term it wasn’t good for the USA.

    15. Dear Editor:

      I would like to make a point regarding the democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s single theme of “change”.

      Let’s examine what the prophet Jeremiah forecast, in Jeremiah chapter 13: היהפוך כושי עורו? ונמר חברבורותיו?

      Translation: can a Ethiopian change his skin color, or a leopard his spots.

      Jeremiah states that just chanting “change” will yield nothing. He compares it with one attempting to change an Ethiopian’s skin color, or changing the spots of a leopard.

      The prophet Jeremiah was addressing our times, when someone will arise to stir up the masses by chanting empty slogans of; “change, change and change.”


    16. A very wise decision of John McCain. This now gives him the edge needed for a greater chance to win the election. Think about it this way, a lot more women will vote for him now, knowing there is a chance a woman will be in office. Also, this may get him some of the liberal voters who previously would never in a million years vote for him. In a way, it’s now a race between a black man, and a woman. Now no one can cry how this is a “minority” or an “unfair” election. This will be the first for both worlds.

    17. Dov ben Yosef of Bendiners@3:12 says, “Buchanan is [trying to] cast doubt on the wisdom and value of Americans having sacrificed their lives just to save a bunch of Jews.”

      That can not possibly be Pat Buchanan’s motive. After all, saving Jewish lives was NOT a reason why the USA entered WW2.

    18. Palin = Exec Experience Obama = Media Experience

      People think Obama has more experience and is ready to be a “heartbeat” away from the presidency because he has been vetted by the american media. The media has crowned him qualified but really he hasnt even serve 1 term as state senator. Unlike Palin who has had to balance a state budget Obama balanced his checkbook. Perceptions may be that she isnt qualified but that is only because she isnt very well known. In the minds of many apparently media popularity equates to experience… LOOK AT THE FACTS PEOPLE!!!

    19. any Jew who supports a man who is pro late term abortion should be ashamed to call themselves a frum yid. It is utterly contemptible to think you can call yourself a follower of Torah and then support the death of a child. What ever happened to the sanctity of life?

    20. Apples and Oranges: My Rav is a truly great supporter of Klal Yisroel and of Eretz Yisroel . . . but I’m not sure I’d feel warm and comfy if he were a heartbeat away from becoming President.

    21. Look, I love Chabad. They were so vital to me maintaining my yiddishkeit while I was away at school. I’m not going to vote for anyone because they, or any rabbi, tells me to do so. I have a brain.

      In this case, my vote for McCain was a anti-Obama vote. When he selected Sarah Palin, it became a vote for 1/2 of a solid conservative ticket. While Palin may be a little different than our wives, she shares many of our values.

      Torah Jew, I agree expect for one thing. Obama supported infanticide – in otherwords the child could have survived after delivery – this is further along that the “late-term” abortion. That would be like our wives deciding they want to kill our newborn child after delivering it because it may have a “defect” or they just changed their mind.

      For the others who brought up Felder’s support of Obama, this is the exact same reason why I will never support a frum yid in public office who is a democrat. I’m willing to take my lumps by saying this, but many of you will agree that liberals (many democrats) put their party before their faith. I don’t care how much money they steer to the Jewish community. I’d rather work harder and not compromise my values vs. taking their dirty money. I want to know what Simcha thinks of BHO’s associations with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers. Those two associations disqualify someone for President. You want to be one voice out of 100, fine. But you love that right to the Presidency when you are close to a convicted terorist and anti-American and anti-Semetic pastor.

      As far as Buchanan… he’s a hard core conservative, obviously not a lover of Jews, but I personally agree with some of his positions – i.e. immigration. But I know he takes a hard line position on Israel. But at least he’s fairly consistent, so you know what you’re getting with him. The man loves his country, but we as Jews have a disagreement with how he goes about it.

      Because others brought up Stalin, I’ll add this. Churchill never trusted him, and was upset that FDR sucked up to him during the war. Churchill saw through the BS and realized what an evil man Stalin was. He thought FDR should have been closer to him (meaning Churchill). History shows us Churchill was right.

      You know we have the leftist media that sold us on ‘moral equivalence.’ Like when they compare radical Islam against the West to the Irgun and Lechi’s actions against the British. So I guess Pat’s point of Hitler equivalent to Stalin is not far off, using quasi academic logic or warped media logic. Of course that doesn’t mean I trust Buchanan, although I admit I occassionally read his opinions/articles.

    22. great article by jonathan kennedy of clusterstock on why sarah palin was a brilliant pick for vp.

      ohn McCain has picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. This selection is bold and brilliant, as is the way the McCain campaign has used it to blast Obama’s convention speech off front pages and airwaves.

      Democrats will argue that the Palin selection torpedoes McCain’s argument that his ticket is the “experience” ticket. But they should tread carefully here. Palin, though young, has a more substantial resume than Barack Obama. In fact, she can actually claim more executive experience than anyone on either ticket, since she’s the only candidate with experience running a state. If the Obama campaigns tries to highlight Palin’s inexperience, they might only end up highlighting Obama’s.

      “America’s Hottest Governor” is known for tackling corruption in her home state, where she has shelved pork barrel projects, denounced earmarks, and introduced a widely-praised ethics bill. She is only 44, and her good looks and relative youth do risk weakening McCain’s hold on the “I’m the serious, non-celebrity candidate” argument. McCain also risks having Palin’s youth contrast with and highlight his advanced age.

      On the plus side, however, the selection will give McCain a huge boost in media attention and sex appeal, and take some wind out of the sails of the Obama “change” campaign. Picking Palin also allows McCain to gain ground on his anti-spending and anti-corruption themes. Most importantly, Palin will help McCain win over women and right-wing conservatives. Some of the former were embittered by Obama’s perceived shunning of Hillary Clinton, and some of the latter have never forgiven McCain for his opposition to drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (which Palin supports).

      McCain was also smart to not pick Romney or Pawlenty, who would have created a “boring old white dude” ticket. McCain needed a pick that would grab attention and reinforce his credentials as a “maverick,” and, with Palin, he has hit this ball out of the park.

    23. Charlie Hall, why does Palin need to explain anything? Every time someone opens his mouth she has to explain? If you’ve been paying attention this weekend, far more vicious rumours have been spread about her by your party-mates, of whom I’m sure you’re proud. This is the least of them. Do you really expect her to address every rumour floating in the sewer of hate that is the Democratic Party? As for Buchanan, let him think whatever he likes; who pays attention to him nowadays anyway?

    24. Correction 2:

      First I am going to make a statement: Obama and

      Biden have ZERO combined years of experience in an executive position!

      Next I have a simple question everyone should ask themselves, Whould you prefer a total novice in the number one spot or a novice with some executive experience and excellent albeit short track record in the number two spot?

    25. What with all the buzz about Palin, Obama didn’t even get a “dead cat bounce” out of all the convention fanfare and everything else that the DNC & the media could stack up in his favour. Of course she’s not perfect . . . So what? Whatever the case, I’m voting for Palin, not McCain anyway.

    26. Michael Savage used to have Buchanan regularly on his show, as a guest. When Buchanan’s latest book, which whitewashes Hitler’s crimes against humanity r”l, Savage vowed never to have Buchanan on his show again. He said that he always gave Buchanan the benefit of the doubt, but now with his new book, Buchanan’s true colors shone brightly.

      But until recently, I myself loved Buchanan, so does that make me, a Chossid, an anti Semitic Jew? Of course not. I loved his policies and ratinalized the perceived anti Jewish sentiments he espoused, as misunderstandings. Now I no longer have that luxury (because of his new book), so I refuse to watch him anymore.

      Sara Palin once acting as a gentlewoman towards Buchanan, does not make her an anti Semite. You libs are insane. Obama on the otherhand doesn’t have skeletons in his closet, he has a warehouse full of skeletons!

      BW – Chicago, IL

    27. “A resolution is nice, but Obama chose a self-proclaimed Zionist with a long track record, Biden, as his VP choice.”

      Don’t look now, but your “self-proclaimed Zionist” just told Israel that they should just sit back an accept the idea of a nuclear Iran. With Zionists like that, Israel doesn’t even need anti-Semites!

    28. In any case, Palin was never a Buchanan supporter; the whole story is a lie. On the contrary, in that election she supported Steve Forbes, the exact opposite of Buchanan.

      As mayor of her town, she wore the button of a candidate who was visiting. That was her job, just like the mayor of Denver welcomed the Democrats and the mayor of St Paul welcomed the Republicans, regardless of what party they belonged to.

    29. I have heard two schools of opinion w.r.t. Palin and Israel. post-Trotsky secularists welcome her support of Israel (and that of the CUFI crowd generally…). the “Polish Cowboys” I know in Squirrel Hill (a Pittsburgh neighborhood in the battleground state of Pennsylvania) do not trust her “support,” tainted as it is with comical visions of Returning Jesus receiving “corrected” Jews.

      a difficult position for voters. if Sen. Biden were at the top of the Democrat ticket it would be less difficult !

    30. Regardless of which way the Jewish community chooses to vote, Evangelical Christians will always support Israel and the Jewish state (myself included). Not all Evangelical Christians believe that Jews are to be “converted,” either. We love the Jewish people and will continue to do so until the day we die. That is the way we are raised.


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