Borough Park, NY – Woman Thanks Heroic Firefighter That Rescued Her In 1970 When She Was 5


    Heroic Firefighter Arther McKeeyBorough Park, NY – In Dec 23 1970 the first night of Hanukkah there was a major fire at a private house on 46th Street between 13 and 14 ave. Flames and smoke was heavy and members of the Rabbi Pollack family were trapped in the back, The oldest daughter Mindy was R’L killed in the fire and their 5yr old Zlata was saved by 2 heroic firefighters from Ladder 148 Fireman Capobianco, and Fireman Arther McKee. The fire was covered at that time by all major news outlets.

    fireman Arther McKeey who is old and not well, for the first time paid a visit today to Brooklyn with his 2 sons to meet the girl Zlata that he saved. Zlata and her now husband Rabbi Flam and The Pollack family made an Hakoras Hatov party in honor of Arther McKeey.

    the entire Jewish community recognizes the tremendous rescue of Mr. McKeey who saved the life of this woman who is married and has an extended family with children, We all wish Mr. McKeey a refuah sheleimah and speedy recovery.

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    1. My family lived in the apartment above the Pollacks. I was eight years old at the time of the fire. When my friend Mindy, A”H age 7 was killed in the fire it was a tremendous shock to me. It was then that I realized that even in today’s times tragedies happen. I had thought that such things only happened in the “olden days.”

    2. This is an amazing Kiddush Hashem and an outstanding Hakarat HaTov to the FDNY. When I was in day school, a rebbe told me the following:

      It is just as easy to make a kiddush HaShem as a chillul HaShem – choose wisely.

      If I’m not mistaken, isn’t Zlata’s father Rav Pollack of Staten Island? If so, she comes from excellent stock. Rav Pollack, besides being an outstanding talmud chacham, is an amazing person.


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