Brooklyn, NY – Congressman Towns Gets Endorsement Of Flatbush Community Leaders


    Brooklyn, NY – Congressman Ed Towns, a twenty six year veteran of the House of Representatives, who represents a large part of Williamsburg and the tenth District of New York met with a number of Askanim today at the home of Mordechai Avigdor. Congressman Towns is on a number of important committees, including the Energy and Commerce Committee , the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection, the Subcommittee on Health , the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet . He is on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee and serves on the Subcommittee on Government Management, Organization, and Procurement as its Chairman.

    Congressman Towns enjoys the support of the Satmar community. His district, after the recent expansion, now includes Flatbush as well. Mr. Towns is now up against a Hip Hop musician candidate by the name of Kevin Powell who is a former cast member of an MTV Hip Hop show.

    Congressman Towns has come under some criticism from his own community for supporting Senator Clinton in her presidential bid against Barak Obama.

    Dr. Bernard Frischman has worked with Congressman Towns extensively regarding preventing the desecration of cemeteries abroad. Congressman Towns was instrumental in galvanizing pressure against a number of governments bent on developing these sites. Towns assisted heavily regarding the Kever of the Vilna Gaon.

    At the meeting, Mr. Towns spoke about issues that were dear to the Jewish community. Mr. Towns discussed grants with the Department of Homeland Security for Yeshivos and synagogues. Mr. Towns has a strong relationship with Governor Paterson and has in the past sent him a letter about furthering the voucher program. Present at the meeting, among others were Pearl Kaufman from Beer HaGolah, Mordechai Neustadt from the Vaad LeHatzolas Nidchei Yisroel, Leon Goldenberg from CoJo of Flatbush and Tomchei Shabbos.

    The conversation then went on to discuss recent tension between the Black and the Jewish community. Mr. Towns spoke about Dr. Martin Luther King and his close relationship to Jews and his debt to Jewish thought.

    as a result of the meeting the Congressman received the endorsements of prominent flatbush Askonim Mordechai Avigdor, Leon Goldenberg, Council Member Michael Nelson and community activist Chaim Deutsch .

    After the meeting, Mr. Towns met with Dov Hikind and then went to visit the Pomegranate, the new kosher super- Supermarket in Flatbush. Dov Hikind also gave his endorsement to Congressman Towns

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    1. Of the 2 candidates running, Towns is far superior to the self styled spokesman for the “hip hop” community Kevin Powell. I can’t think of a single reason that anyone from our community could vote for Powell. If you’re curious about Powell do a Google search and read of his past exploits.

    2. Nothing personal, but “flatbush community leaders”??? R u serious? Puleeeeze!!

      This aint willy! There are no “leaders” in this community.

      I’m living here for 35 years, and never even heard the names Pearl Kaufman, Mordechai Neustadt or Leon Goldenberg before.

      My leaders are people like r aron schecter, r hillel david, r feivel cohen, etc not some pinheads.

    3. I amazed that this is even considered a real race. You have a dedicated, proven, and experienced person, vs. some hip-hop gangsta. The fact that he even needs to defend himself against this moron speaks volumes about the communities that border ours. Due to redistricting, our community is less able to empower any single candidate, and the powers to be have redrawn the district borders to ensure a dillution of the jewish vote.

      It is now more important than ever that we show our support to those in gov’t that have proven themselves to us over and over, and not some new guy that doesn’t even attempt to court our vote.

      This election has become very significant, and we need to turn out and vote en masse. There are some critical elections that can make significant difference in the years to come.

    4. I was at the meeting and Mordy Avigdor was truly inspiring he showed great command of the issues and the warmth that the Congressman exhibited towards him and towards the Frum community was beautiful.

    5. When it comes to supporting the needs of Brooklyn’s Jewish community, no one is better than Ed Towns. Congressman Towns and his staff are always there for us, sometimes working behind the scenes to make things happen for us. We owe a lot of our community’s success to Congressman Towns’ continued support over the years.


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