Jerusalem, Israel – Lawsuit Challenges ‘Mehadrin’ Egged Bus Line


    Jerusalem, Israel – A woman has filed a petition in the Jerusalem District Court challenging the “mehadrin” Egged bus lines that she claims discriminates by offering better service and lower fares than its other lines between Jerusalem and Haifa.

    The plaintiff, Ruth Yasur, also argued that the mehadrin buses pick up and drop off passengers in their neighborhoods while the regular lines travel only between the central bus stations in the cities.

    The lawsuit claims the losses to non-mehadrin passengers total 77 million shekels ($21 million).

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    1. maybe it’s about time we start complaining that the high price of kosher food is discriminating. I don’t get it, is someone keeping Ruth back from riding mehadrin?

    2. Wake Up Frum Yidden!!!

      The chillonim are doing everything they can to keep the religious from taking back Jerusalem. Thats why they keep going after the “modesty police” aka “the jewish taliban” which has been perpetrated named by the chillonim zionist media.

    3. Simchat Torah : nothing personal but you really need to get a life. The chillonim are not doing everything or anything they can to keep the religious from taking back Jerusalem. Worry about yourself please

    4. I am happy to here that in Haife they have such a good mehadrin bus ;ine since I jnow first hand that a lot of the mehadrin buses are the most unreliable bus roots in town ie Beit SHemesh – Bnie Berek they sometimes dont send the bus and one can have to wait 1 hour plus for the nexy bus this is just one example so this women shouldnt get so carried away and before she goes to court she should wheck out ALL mehadrin bus lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Is someone keeping her from riding the cheaper, better, stops in her neighborhood Mehadrin line and forcing her to go to the central bus station to take the worse more expensive regular bus? Otherwise, I have no idea what she’s complaining about.

    6. The issue isn’t the chillonim. Even Rav Moshe paskened that there’s no need for such a thing.

      Keep your chumras to yourself and let me ride the bus next to my sheitel-wearing wife and Beis Yacov attending daughters.

    7. Yiddishe antisemitka.. she has all of her options to use the regular bus, it’s obviously hurting her that thousands of passengers are commuting every day without having to bump into women and vice versa, we have to support the mehadrin lines with all might, and let those rotten chilonim plotz.

    8. How many non-religious Jews have become baalei teshuva from being yelled at and called “rotten chilonim” by supposedly ehrliche yidden? Are they nispoel when we show such tzidkus toward them?

    9. 8:44 AM,

      Even Rav Moshe paskened that there’s no need for such a thing.

      Read the tshuva again. Then read all the teshuvos about “it’s OK to go college as long as there NON taruvos, and you don’t learn kefira”

      Reb Moshe didn’t issue a blanket heter to go to college, or to eat cholov stam, or ride a mixed bus. Read his teshuvos about building a girls school next to a boys school. The answer is NO NO NO. Don’t lie in Reb Moshe zt”l’s name and say he did not say it’s necessary. He may not have dreamed that it was possible when he was matir a bus bidi-eved, but now that it’s a reality he would have danced for joy that the barriers of tznius are in place and strengthened.


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