Lake Piru, CA – Body Found Of Los Angeles Man That Drowned While Trying to Rescue Daughter


    Naftoli SmolyanskyLake Piru, CA – Emergency workers have suspended their search to look for the body of a 39-year-old Los Angeles man drowned last week Monday at Lake Piru.

    Naftoli Smolyansky was last seen about 5 p.m. Monday after he jumped into the lake to save his 5-year-old daughter. His daughter made it safely onto a boat, but Smolyansky disappeared under the lake’s murky waters.

    Authorities have just informed VIN News, that a body has just been located in the lake, and positively identified as of Naftoli Smolyansky.

    Details of funeral below

    rescuers suspend the search

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    1. We must do teshuvah

      When will all this stop already enough families are suffering we must do teshuvah may this family and all of klal yisroel only hear oif simchas and may he be a maylitz yosher for all of us

    2. Nebach for his children who had to see their father go under. We should all daven for the children that they should have an easy time with this tragic event. Makes my eyes water just thinking about how tragic this is for the children.

    3. a big thank you goes to R’ISAAC LEIDER who flew down and spearheaded the search bringing in professional trackers and divers

      working up to the last minute untill an hour ago cancelling a fresh team of experts from ohio and alaska who were already in the airport ready to fly down to LA

      may your services never be needed by klall yisroel but your knowledge,expertise,connections and tenatiousness willing to stop at nothing until the objective is reached is awesome

      may u go machyil al chochel

    4. at 5:00A.M. a group of 10 Rabonim went on a boat to preform a segula then they placed a flat bread with a candle in it in the river and said ceratin teflios till it stop soon after the body was spotted on top of the river in that same spot

    5. Can someone explain anon 435

      A body in water eventually becomes bouyant after saturation. Unfortubately its common when a S&R is not successful to post a spotter and wait.

    6. His children and we must remember his last action was to save and help! He is a true hero. We all know of a certain group which calls a murderer, “hero.” Now, look at who we choose to call a “real hero,” and you can immediately see the difference.

      Naftoli Smolyansky, rest in peace, knowing what we know, You are a true hero!

      Thank you for teaching us how to live through the way you died.

      Boruch dayan Emes!

    7. 4:35 – I heard it a bit differently:

      “A bread was baked in his zechus, and the bread was set afloat on the lake with a lit candle on it. Tefillos were then said until the bread stopped moving. A stone was dropped into the water at that place and the body then rose to the surface.”

      Can anyone verify if this is true or not?

    8. yes this last story are the correct details -a big Persian rabbi in LA wrote something on the stone. the 10 rabboneim dropped this stone into the water where the bread stopped and a short time after the body rose to the surface. my the family have a nechama!

    9. BD”E.

      I feel so bad for the little girl. I hope she’ll get therapy as not to have a guilty conscious that her father passed away while saving her.

      May Hashem comfort the family and may we all be comforted from all these Tzaros by the Geulah Shelaimah Speedily in our days!!!

    10. it is true that they did a segulah the facts are as follows they took 10 rabonim at 6am la time and went out on a boat took the challah and lit a candle in it and put it in the water where they thought the body went down and the waited there for about an hour after that they figured they should go back to land to take a break after about 2 hours they went back and found the body

    11. I live here in Los Angeles and so far I have not found any sources that can verify the Segula. I was involved in the search, and I was told by the rangers that the body will most likely resurface 7-13 days. It is day #7 today and he reurfaced. None of my local Rabonim here in LA are even aware of this story.

    12. Mikey 5:20PM. First, BUOYANT is spelled thusly!!

      Second; this whole business with SEGULAS/SEGULOS can go either way! There are those who believe. And they can back it up with “Evidence” (the fact that I “Q.M.”d it, doesn’t [necessarily] mean that I don’t believe in Seg’s…) Then there are those who don’t believe. And they see everything as “Coincidence”! They can also “Explain” it “Scientifically”!!!

    13. Hatzolah of LA spearheaded and coordinated the search from beginning to end, taking extra precaution that all vollys in the search were accounted for all times in this dangerous terrain.

      Thank you Hatzolah.

    14. “mikey Says:

      Can someone explain anon 435″

      4:35 is easier to explain then your post.


      A body in water eventually becomes bouyant after saturation.


      Wrong. Leave wood in water long enough to get saturated and it sinks.

      As part of the decomposition process the bacteria in the body that start to consume it give of gas. When a sufficient amount of gas is produced in the body cavities, the body will float.

      In other areas due to currents and other phenomenon results are more predictable. Example: Jump off of the Tappan Zee Bridge and in two -three days you’ll wash up in Dobbs Ferry.

      Unfortubately its common when a S&R is not successful to post a spotter and wait.

    15. Some of the Rabbis involved in performing this Segula are: Harav Yochanan Henig, Rosh HaKolel, Kolel Yechiel Yehudah, Rav Krybus-Long time member of the Kolel, and Rav Nechemia Langer-Rav of Sharei Torah & Rosh Hayeshiva of Mesivta of Los Angeles.

      The Segulah they did was 100% accurate, in that the body surfaced pretty soon afterwards.

    16. It’s brought down in Taamei Haminhagim to do this so I wouldn’t call it witchcraft.

      Also Rav Shloma Klein, Rov of Ohr Hachaim and Rav Avrohom Chaim Halberstam Rov of Aitzei Chaim were 2 of the Rabonim on the boat.


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