New York – Egoistic Liar Sen. Schumer Outdid Gov. Paterson At Denver Convention


    New York – HYPERAGGRESSIVE Sen. Chuck Schumer really outdid himself last week at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, lying to Gov. Paterson about an embarrassing incident and horrifying several associates with his antics, party insiders say.

    Schumer lied to Paterson about the circumstances under which he upstaged the governor by denying him his agreed-on role of introducing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a senior Democrat told The Post.

    “Chuck had agreed to turn the microphone over to Paterson when Hillary showed up at the New York delegation breakfast, but then he hogged it for himself and later told the governor that [Assembly Speaker] Shelly Silver knew this was the plan all along,” the prominent Democrat said.

    “But that wasn’t the plan all along. The plan, and Chuck knew it, was for the governor to introduce Hillary.

    “Chuck lied about what happened, and the governor knows he lied.”

    Added another prominent delegate, “Chuck was out of control.

    “He was elbowing people on the floor of the convention, pushing his face into the picture whenever he could, and upstaging the governor at the delegation breakfast.”

    Schumer’s failure to turn the gathering over to Paterson led to a second embarrassment for the governor.

    So much time passed by the time Clinton was done speaking that Paterson was forced to put off for two days his opening address to the New York delegation.

    Schumer, meanwhile, was described as obviously pained that he still must function under the shadow of Clinton.

    “He wanted her out of the Senate, running for president, since she always overshadows him – even though she’s the junior senator,” said a well-known Democrat.

    Schumer spokesman Joshua Vlasto insisted his boss didn’t lie but had only sought to “accommodate everyone’s changing schedule.”

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    1. the problem is with the people who voted this LIB into office. there was always problems with the Dems; you just can’t reason with their mindset? i never listen to him and believe him for a moment even!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. This is hysterical. I’ve always said one of the most dangerous placse to be in the world is in between a microphone and Upchuck Schumer.

      We’ve been sold a bill of goods because we think he’s doing stuff for us. After all, he’s always on TV. He is an embarassment to Judaism, and it would be interesting to see if Felder and Silver have the guts to distance themselves from him. I’m not holding my breath; liberals take care of each other. Liberalism trumps ethics and morals, and even religion.

      BTW, I will never forgive Upchuck for what he did to former UN Ambassador, John Bolton. Mr. Bolton has been a tremendous friend of the Jewish community. He was instrumental, as an assitant to Patrick Moynihan, to getting the UN to reverse their Zionism = Raciscm ruling. Yet Schumer, like the good Marxist liberal he is, argued that Bolton would be too mean to the thugs in the UN. President Bush had to recess appoint Bolton, and Schumer and his ilk blocked a permanent appointment when that temporary position ended.

      He’s always calling for endless investigations and knee jerk laws. The guy never worked a hard day in his life. He left law school and went straight into politics. He never had to struggle to make a payroll, or worry that he may have to have lay off people. He never had to take any risks with his own money.

      Living in the shadows of Hillary must kill him every day.

    3. he is the only empty suit staying in DC on sunday giving a weekly press conference because then nobody would steal his show. he is a sleazy politician without a great reputation. why do we americans elect potato heads time after time? where are our brains? atart electing capable boys and machers. not clowns actors or empty speakers.

    4. All these nasty comments about Senator Schumer, I don’t get it. Guess what, ALL politicians are publicity hogs. Big deal. For you to detest Schumer just because he’s a Democrat is ridiculous.

      Also, why the hate for politicians who are Jewish? But this great big love and respect for politicians who are goyim simply because they’re Republicans. You don’t even know the policies and beliefs of most of them! If it wasn’t for those ‘liberal’ politicians that you detest so much you wouldn’t have those government hand-outs that allow you to sit and learn in kollel, you’d have to go out and actually get a job. Those ‘beloved’ conservatives would be forcing you to clean the subway stations on their workfare program for the ‘privilege’ of collecting foodstamps and section 8 and medicaid. The only conclusion I can come to is that you’re self-hating Jews.

    5. Why are we suprised about Chucky Shmucky Schumer? He is a bhaima who needs to be in front of a mic. Bob Dole was correct in saying that “the most dangerous place in Washington is between Charles Schumer and a television camera.” Generally he can only get time on weekends which is why we hear nothing from him till the news on Sunday following a slow news weekend.

      All you New Yorkers should vote him out in 2010 and get some right thinking kind of person in there.

    6. ALL HE IS: (Like Mark Levin says:) CHUKY SHMUCKY SCHUMER.!!! biggest liberal. disscusting personalty! only with us stupid New Yorkers he keeps on getting elected.

    7. anon 1251p,

      “For you to detest Schumer just because he’s a Democrat is ridiculous. ”

      We dont detest him due to his being a democrat, we detest him because he is an extreme leftist Liberal. Aside for that there is still too much not to like about him and his policies etc.

    8. Have you noticed that Chucky has been less publicly visible these last couple of months? Want to know why? It’s because Chucky is running scared. The authorities in California are looking into his role in the collapse of Indybank. Imagine Chucky getting grilled by California prosecutors? Delicious. Chucky, you used to be such a nice guy from Brooklyn, but then you went to DC and morphed into a liberal attack dog. Chucky, your antics will cost you lots of votes in the next Senate election, because your constituents remember what you seem to have forgotten…how to tell right from wrong.

    9. Listen here Chucky cheese Shumer loves cameras and there must have been a million cmaeras there so WHAT DID YOU EXPECT from Chucky cheese Shumer to run away from a million flash bulbs?

    10. Its ok, we know who the real mensch is: Paterson.

      fROM Newsday:

      “Gov. David A. Paterson isn’t joining Democrats in disparaging the choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a candidate for vice president.

      While admitting he had never met her, Paterson said yesterday that it was wrong to criticize GOP presumptive presidential nominee John McCain for wanting Palin as his running mate. Paterson likened the skepticism surrounding Palin to his promotion after Eliot Spitzer resigned on March 17.

      “When unknown people are thrust into national attention, quite often they are looked down on,” Paterson said. “But sometimes, they get the last laugh. Ha, ha, ha.”

      His refusal to criticize Palin puts him at odds with aides to the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and Sen. Charles Schumer. On Saturday, Schumer accused McCain of “the most political choice for vice president that we have seen in decades, based on atmospherics and not on ability to govern.” – James T. Madore in Albany

    11. NY keeps electing self promoting do nothing democrats.

      The last senator to actually help NY was Damato aka Sen pothole – because he would work to help NY even to fill a pothole.

      Shumer does nothing except promote himself, Hillary did nothing except promote herself to run for president, before them the late Sen. Moynihan did nothing for NY he promoted welfare spending and doubled gov spending for welfare programs causing losses of jobs in NY and USA in general due to tax increase.

      We need real conservative candidates and we need to end the NY welfare state.

    12. no wonder Mark Levin (the greatest) calls him “Shmuck Shumer”. without a doubt he earned thes title. he’s the left of the left and we need someone better to repersent us in washington

    13. am i missing something here or do the laws of lashon hara only apply to frum jews???? and dont tell me hes a rasha so its muttar he has a din of a tinok shenishba and you have no right posting these snide diparaging comments …………i think you as a community are more concerned about bein adom lmakom then bein adom lichavero and i think its sick how you think youre better then the world around you!!!!

    14. Poor Chuck…must be near suicidal that his pal Hillary did not get the Democratic nomination and that he can’t advance his own agenda … to higher places with her as President. To my fellow Jews and particularly the Liberal one’s… time to vote him and his type of miserable politicans out of office. He could have been great but alas ego has overcome him.

    15. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. It was a monstrous breach of hakores hatov that occurred back in 1998 when much of the Jewish community turned against Sen. Al D’amato, who had been a strong pro-Israel force in the Senate and who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee had held public hearings to shame the greedy Swiss Banks sitting on millions of dollars of Holocaust survivors’ money, into giving up that loot to its rightful owners. Instead, they voted to elevate the limelight-hungry eogmaniac Schumer, with some Yidden regrettably voting for this shameless self-promoter and publicity hound on the bogus grounds that he was “misheleinu” (supposedly, “one of us,” as opposed to the Italian-American D’amato, who had also earned a good reputation as “Senator Pothole” because at his express direction — i.e., he made it a priority — his office was very good at helping out constituents having a problem with the government (although fixing potholes in the street is not really a federal matter).

      And of course, doesn’t it figure that Liberal Hypocrite Attack Dog Schumer would be right up in the forefront of those attacking Alaska Gov. Palin for her lack of national security credentials or a long resume — while applauding his own party’s elevation (and not to the vice presidency but to the Top Spot) of a candidate who four years ago was just some doofus from the Illinois State legislature, completely unknown to anyone outside of Chicago, who also has no national security or crisis-management credentials (at least Palin has had some experience at the local and state levels actually running a government — while the only thing either Obama or Biden has ever run is his mouth).

    16. It’s guys like Schumer who give Jews a black eye with regular non-liberal Americans.

      He sounds so offensively like a Jewish lawyer, ‘smarter-than-you, in-your-face, New Yorker, that if I was a Goy, he’d make me an anti-Semite.

      Vote him out.

    17. wow,

      The Democrats are a party of handouts. When the government gives handouts, it creates a reliance on goverment and having people rely on them so to speak means they will have people voting for them. The problem is that with the people relying on the goverment handouts they never do anything with their lives because the gov will provide anyway.


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