Brooklyn, NY – First Time in Decades 20 Charedi Rabbis Issue ‘Kol Korah’ For Jews To Vote


    Brooklyn, NY – In a community where the average person remains relatively unengaged with politics, and where voters remains low, comes news that Charedi leaders from across Brooklyn, launched a get-out-to-vote Drive with an unprecedented petition (Kol Korah) from leading rabbis in the community to encourage the community to go out an vote.

    this move by Charedi rabbis in America, is newsworthy because unlike their Israeli counterparts, they have largely stayed out of politics. “Haredi rabbis shy away from politics in America,” said a charedi man from Borough Park who wished to remain anonymous. “To overcome that taboo is hard.”

    community activists in the New York haredi community pointed out to VIN News, the reason the rabbis are calling upon NYC residents to vote, is because the influence of the orthodox community in Brooklyn has strongly diminished in Albany in the past few years because politicians noticed a strong decline of Jewish voters. they also point out that this year the community may have more at stake, with Simcha Felder running.

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    1. People dont get how important it is to vote. They think its a waste of time. if every eligable voter in our communities would vote the politicians will reckon with us more. PLEASE VOTE!!!

    2. This is probably the most important election in a generation. The only way that Simcha Felder can win on Tuesday is if EVERYONE votes. It’s in our hands. Let’s make a kiddush hashem next Tuesday!

    3. Actually its the second or third time.

      A long time ago a few American rabbis (including Rabbi Miller ZL) urged the public to get out the vote for anti-abortion and anti-gay rights candidates.

      More recently the Satamr Hisachdus and others endorsed, and asked the public to come out for, Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a Thank You for his help (?) with the Bris Mila issue

      But in a sense its true that its the first time they simply say “Lets organize so we have more political clout” in general – with no specific issues on the agenda.

    4. It doesn’t matter for who you vote, the main thing is vote so when elected officials look to see which area votes they see that we all voted and if they want our vote they will first have to deliver cause if not they will have to find a new job.

    5. What is it with these “particular rabbis” who get activated and declare “חוב קדוש” to go to the ” בחירות ” each time they see a self serving opportunity no matter here in the states or the ” בחירות הטמאות ” in Israel but, you never hear from them when real atrocities are being committed against klal Yisroel…. And when no personal gain will result to them of their actions.

    6. I don’t believe in “kol korehs” they have lost their nemonus. If I hear from my Rov (whose name is actually on the paper, but has a long standing policy of not signing kol korehs”) then I will do what he tells me

      These days it is too easy to falsify a kol koreh as has happened too many times in the past.

      Thank you to the kannoim who have destroyed this vehicle of our gedoliom to advise us but kol korehs just cannot be trusted any more.

    7. HaShem should have mercy. I am a B/T, and cannot understand how the FFB world (and Rabbis in particular) put any trust in any candidate, Rep. or Dem. They are all no good for us.

      Avraham did not bench Yitzhak. He knew an Esau would come out of him, and said, “Let HaShem bench who HaShem wants to bench.”

      We Jews should take the same approach. It is arrogance to think anybody really knows who is “best” for the Jews, or worst.

      Anybody who votes for these politicians will feel really bad when and if their “candidate” turns out to be bad for Jews, which is likely for both candidates in innumerable ways. (E.g. didn’t we learn from last time, when Bush, the “friend of Israel”, forced Israel to expel thousands from gaza?)

    8. Anon 12:10, David, & get real…you got it right! When are we going to be trusted to act responsibly? Where are the Rabbonim when there’s a problem ? They’re not always there in times of need, but they are when they have to tell us what to do. As a new citizen this is my first election & I will vote for the party that best represents me & my family’s needs, as well as for Jews in general. I know the Rabbonim haven’t yet said who I must vote for, but I bet that’s the next step. If that happens, that might be a problem. It’s a 50-50 chance.

    9. I don’t vote.

      Neither candidates are there for my benefit. Although I think it’s a good idea to vote just for them to know that we exist. Then again, it’s the big shots that might benefit…

    10. I agree with you, they dont give a crap about us, I don’t vote. they promise the world and never deliver. Oh i forgot they deliver you streets full of posters with their name and picture on it so we have the picture of simche ferder on all walls for 4 months after the elections or noach dears vote stickers on all light polls for the next 2 years.

    11. This business with “the important thing is not which candidate, but that you vote” is garbage: Personally, to me if you are going to vote for Obama I rather see you sit it out at home and Not vote at all. I am Not going to say “well its good that you participated, even if its not the candidate I prefer.

    12. how do i know that this kol koreh is legit?????? i lost respect on these kol korehs they may have been forced into it once again… and i always vote so its not going to change the fact that a kol koreh came out…. and let me just be clear that its so full of garbage that if they see a certain area votes for them they will do good for that community and if they dont see too much voting they wont do anything…. thats so full of garbage…. look what happened when all the chassidim in williamsburg voted for dinkins ur going to tell me he was an awesome mayor… why cant they come out with kol korehs regards to molestors or does that mean they are pro the molestors because some of them are so-called the “CHASHIVEI” please i want each and every ruv who signed to stand up in their own beis medrash and announce it not the gabbai not the president the ruv himself….. dont hold your breath on that guys….

    13. RE: Earl- OF Course Bob Barr is the best of the lot- now go ahead and vote for mccain, because a vote for Barr is a vote thrown in the garbage, its unfortunately a 2 party system and we have to vote as usual for the lesser of two evils. I look at voting for Barr as a help to Obama, which I will NOT do.

    14. Anonymous Says:

      ENUF kol koreh’s already … Let jews do what they want and not to be interfeeeread by the rabunim

      09-02-2008 – 12:10 PM

      what a stupid remark. then what do we need rabbunim for? to officiate at bar-mitzvahs?

    15. Big Deal! I’m waiting to see the Kol koreh signed by all these Rabbis telling the “frum” community that white collar crime is forbidden and a Chihul Hashem of the highest degree. No more writng phony inflated charity checks, ponzi investment schemes, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, medicare and medicaid fraud, etc. etc. Let them say that that money is more”treif” than lettuce with bugs and that they refuse to accept money earned by fraud and other white collar crimes for all of their Torah modsos. Having a choice of and Askanaz and Nusach Sfard minyan in prison is nothing to brag about! Then I will be impressed!

    16. As much as those of us on the right are not totally thrilled with Johnny Mac, we need to realize that a vote for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Kermit The Frog, or anyone else is a vote for Uh uh uh uh em er uhm Obama.

    17. די היימישע קאנדידאטן זענען די ערגסטע ווען די איךן וועלן אויס א גוי קען מען אסאך אסאך מער אויפטוהן!!!!!!!!

    18. Who to vote for is not nearly as important as to voting. Here in America, if you vote you count; if you don’t vote, you don’t count. And because only let’s say 50 percent vote, therfore those who do vote are twice as noticable.


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