Lake George, NY – Young Boy, Troopers, And Sheriffs Go Beyond Duty Call, For Montreal Man. Exclusive to VIN News


    Lake George, NY – It would have been a nightmare for anyone.

    Imagine travelling from Montreal to New York to shop for an upcoming wedding. The credit card conversion charges from the American dollar to the Canadian dollar are outrageous – so you bring cash. To outfit a family of ten you need thousands of dollars. As you cross the Canadian border you declare the cash –all eight thousand of it.

    Now the nightmare.

    You stop at a rest stop to both use the facilities and to get gasoline. You stop at exit 18 in Cumberland Farms on Route 87. There is a huge line to use the facilities. You do not want to leave the cash in the car so you bring it with you. You hang your coat up and place the bag of money under the coat. In your rush to leave, you take your coat – but you forget the bag of cash. When you arrive in Kiryas Joel, NY three hours later, you realize that the money is no longer with you. Truly a potential nightmare.

    This is what happened to Mr. Y… [who asked to remain anonymous] from the Satmar community in Montreal. And it would have been a true nightmare if not for the dedication of Sergeants Daniel Hill, Mike Webster and police officer Mike Cote from the Warren County Sherrif’s Office in Lake George, a manager of the convenience store, and a young little boy and his mother.

    Mr. Y contacted the New York State Police as soon as he realized that the money was gone. They in turn contacted the Lake George Sherriff’s department, where police officer Cote immediately went to Cumberland Farms in Queensberry to retrieve the money for Mr. Y. Property management officer, Sergeant Daniel Hill, received the funds from Officer Cote.

    In an exclusive interview with VIN News, Sergeant Hill remarked, “ Everyone was doing their job. Officer Mike Cote was the police officer that actually secured the funds. Over the course of the summer we have lost and found properties calls consistently – cameras, wallets, all sorts of things. And we do our best to reunite them with their owners.”

    Apparently, an eight year old boy, Julien Desmangles, had found the money. Young Julien immediately told his mother, Florence Reynaud -,who turned the money in to the Cumberland Farms convenience store employee – Wendy Shackett. She in turn called the Warren County Sherriff’s office who came to retrieve the funds. In the meantime, the State Police had contacted the Sherriff’s office as well, who informed the New York State Police that they had already received a call and were on their way to retrieve the funds.
    8 year old Julien Desmangles who found the money in the bathroom and turned it over with her mom. to send a thank you note to the family, and the boy they can be reached at
    In the meantime the police had come to the convenience store at Cumberland Farms and obtained Mr. Y’s bag from Ms. Shackett. Police are often called for what seems to be trivial non-emergencies, and unfortunately do not necessarily receive the thanks or recognition that they deserve.

    “This year we are up to close to 13,000 calls. During an average year we respond to approximately twenty thousand calls. It is hard to say how many of those are for lost and found, though,” stated Sergeant Hill.

    Officer Cote is one of the younger officers in the Warren County Sherriff’s office. “He is pretty diligent and got hold of the owner right away. The owner was certainly very very appreciative and thanked us profusely,” said Sergeant Hill.

    Sheriff Bud York Told VIN News “what is very impressive, is the fact that we have a young little boy her mom, and a store employee all honest citizens that have found this amount of cash and turned it over, and then we have our officers who where the final piece of the puzzle to make sure it gets back to the right owner, that’s what we call team work, “we have a team of very dedicated officers and I am truly proud”, Said the Sheriff.

    The role of Ms. Schacket was discovered by VIN News and was duly reported to Mr. Y.

    Mr. Y was very touched by young Julien’s honesty and that of his mother Florence. In conversation with Ms. Reynard, it was discovered that she had once lived a few blocks from Mr. Y in Montreal.

    In his trip from Montreal to New York, Mr. Y was actually combining two trips in one – the shopping trip for the wedding of his child which was three weeks away, and a visit to the grave site of the Satmar Rebbe , Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of blessed memory, on the twenty-ninth anniversary of his death. Mr. Y attributes the success in locating his lost funds to Syata DiShmaya, the honesty and integrity of the people involved, and the fact that it was at the Satmar Rebbe’s grave on the day of his Yahrtzeit that he had made the phone calls.

    Rabbi Bernard Freilich a renowned public activist in the Jewish community, and special assistant to the NY state Police told VIN News “ A story like this reemphasizes what law enforcement is all about,” “I have been working with the NY state police and law enforcement for the past 15 years, I have seen firsthand many times where they go out of their way to help in non life saving matters” having said that, when an incident like this comes to light, we as a community needs to use this as an opportunity to strongly recognize those law enforcement, and show truly our heartfelt appreciation. Said Rabbi Freilich.

    Rabbi Freilich also added “I constantly meet police officers, and I hear many times how officers would mention that someone actually thanked them for the work they do, so next time you see a law enforcement officer don’t be shy say thank you to them”.

    In a related story reported on VIN News a few months ago, New York State troppers had assisted a couple in finding a wedding ring that was lost.

    For those who want to show appreciation and thank the warren county sheriffs office, can send it to
    [email protected] Or [email protected]

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    1. gotta admit i would have had a yetrzer horah to wealk away with 8000.00 in cash KOL HAKOVOD

      but come on how can you leave 8000.00 under your coat when going in a public place in the bath room

    2. looks like it mr. y didn’t want to take the money with him into the bais ha’kisse. if you are going to use it for wedding expenses, it might affect the success of the newlyweds. tzurich iyyen. i guess the money came very easily, so easy come easy (almost) go

    3. I’m lost for words!!!!

      WOW WOW WOW!!!!

      that people have that strength and honesty is truely amazing!

      I know I have nothing with this family but… I still want to reach out my appretiation to these special men.

      Thank You.

    4. Great story, don’t want to put a damper on it but…how do you just ‘forget” the bag filled with cash$$ ? This is like the story we read here where the family (large,I guess) just hapenned to ‘forget’ one of their kids at the airport.

    5. I composed the following poem and sent them via e-mail. I would love to know the email of the child and his mother and send them a seperate email if possible:

      Dear Sgt. Daniel Hill

      May G-d Bless you, for the good deed you have done!

      You are considered from the very righteous ones!

      You are so special in every way

      May G-d bless you each and every day!

      With health, riches and blessings you will be repaid!

      Very seldom can one find,

      A person as honest as you and so very kind!

      How does one say Thank you in a thousand different ways?

      How can one show appreciation when you really saved the day?

      To you and your family I surely wish

      G-d should shower all his blessings on you and you will surely be rich!

      Thank you!!

      From all of us!!

    6. anon 5:07 get a life! my teachers used to say if you have something stupid to say, save it. thank g-d there are people with more mentchlichkeit than you and “zeeskeit”.

    7. Honestly I think the first 2 persons who should get the credit are Julien and his mom as they were the ones who easily could have left with the money. Once after that too money people knew about it but still let s give them some credit too.

      I do hope that Mr Y. will not only give nice blessings but also keep us posted on the revards he gave to Julien. Let ‘s be serious we talk here about 8000$ left in a plastic bag , am sure he can figure out how many digits that represents …. May be we should post how much we think Julien should get as rewards..

    8. Martine Says:

      I agree with you 100000% percent i was just afraid to voice that opinion for the fear of the readers’ reactions.

      The ONLY ones that deserve credit are the BOY and his MOTHER. The other ones couldn’t have stolen it w/o the fear of getting caught RED HANDED. Of course i dont mean do knock them in any way i just dont see them as the heroes in this particular case.

      In my opinion ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONELL deserve praise every day for putting thier lives on the line. Same for these officers.

      Anyway i’m surprised that this article is staying PINNED for this long…


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