Los Angeles, CA – Plane With Blown Tire Makes Safe Landing At LAX


Los Angeles, CA – The pilot of an American Airlines Boeing 737 landed safely after reporting a shredded tire on the plane’s left main landing gear.

The jet was forced to return to Los Angeles International Airport for an emergency landing.
The plane circled for nearly an hour in the air near LAX to burn fuel before attempting to land.

There are 130 passengers and five crew members aboard, according to officials.
Apparently the jet blew a tire on the landing gear during takeoff for Toronto.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the Boeing 737 took off from the airport around 11 a.m. The pilot immediately reported the problem in its left main landing gear and asked to return to the airport.

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  1. can someone pls explain to me, if the danger was only in the landing why id they have to come back and make an emergency landing there and circle for an hour, why couldn’t they fly to their destination then make an emergency lading?

  2. Airline rules require that any plane with a dangerous condition not stay in flight. If they encounter another problem in flight and have to make an emergency landing at some obscure airport without adequate support on the ground it could be a problem. It also allows passengers to get off if they like.

  3. good question, its seems that the pilot felt that the condition and support in a US airport would be far more favorable then in an airport run by the communist canadian government.

  4. Just to be clear there are a bunch of tires on the main gear of a 737, so while loosing one is a problem it is a problem that the aircraft is designed to deal with.

    And of course the pilots practice this in a simulator twice a year. The Airlines train their pilots VERY well for exactly this reason. Landing at Toronto Pearson (YYZ) would have been just as save as at LAX but as someone else said if they had a 2nd problem en route it could have been a bigger problem. First rule of a having a problem in an aircraft, get it on the ground and don’t let a small problem become a big problem, doing that gets people killed.


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