Sullivan County, NY – Not That Felder, the Other One


    Sullivan County, NY – When the yellow and blue signs declaring “Felder for Senate” began popping up on Sullivan County roadsides, Shirley Felder began fielding telephone calls from many of her friends and customers.

    “I can’t even begin to tell you how many calls we’ve gotten here,” said Felder, the super-candid manager of Sullivan First Recycling & Refuse in Woodbourne.

    Despite the excitement that was created by the campaign signs, Felder is not running for any public office. The signs actually belong to Simcha Felder, a member of the New York City Council who’s running for a State Senate seat in Brooklyn.

    Felder, the New York City version, is apparently trying to appeal to Brooklynites who spend their summers in the Catskills.

    Still, the Sullivan County Felder has been razzed about the campaign signs. The drivers at her garbage hauling company began putting the signs in her truck, and someone dumped a load of them in her front yard, she said.

    Felder isn’t running for office now, but if she ever got the itch for public service, she thinks she might stand a fighting chance.

    “I’d probably give them a run for their money,” she said.”
    But I’d only run if I sold the business, because as soon as I start campaigning I’d lose all my customers.”

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    1. This is hysterical… but I feel badly for ms. Felder. She had garbage dumped on her front lawn.

      On a serious note, this goes back to what I said before about respect for people who are not in our community. Once these people figured this out, it shows our lack of derech eretz. This will be interpreted by the non-Jews of Sullivan County (and Ulster – I saw them on Rt. 17) as us having no regard for them. Butting them in bungalow colonies is one thing, but blanketing the area is another thing – especially since Simcha is running to represent Brooklyn not Sullivan County!

    2. Here’s another way to look at this. Some people are complaining that 90210 billboards are offensive for the frum community. So if we ask non-Jews to respect our views of modesty, we have to respect their rules of posting signs on their property.

    3. 1:16

      why were people angry at the wrong felder? obviously there is some issue with the signs, i can’t say i know for sure, but if there were nothing wrong the signs wouldnt be taken and dumped on ms. felder’s front lawn.

    4. I don’t understand the fuss. Felder posted signs like every other politician running for any office. Kudos goes to Felder’s campaign management for getting his name out there.

      I heard that Felder placed signs in the restrooms of gas stations on the Jersey 17 the summer before he ran for the City Council.

      Make sure you vote Felder!

    5. To all of you self-righteous individuals who are so worried not to “offend” the Sullivan County residents:

      -Don’t build any “winterized” houses in Liberty/Fallsburg because it “offends” the locals

      -Don’t drive any late model cars/SUV’s because it offends the locals.

      -Don’t shop at Wal-Mart because your appearance (however modern you may be) offends the locals.

      -Don’t use “their” roads to hike on because it offends the poor souls in Sullivan County

      -Don’t use city water or sewer because it overwhelms the system and offends the local residents.

      -Don’t travel on the NY 17 because it causes traffic and terribly offends the locals.

      -Don’t report any crimes to the police because it overwhelms the small departments and G-D forbid it keeps the cops from tending to “real” crime (like stealing whatever is left from the Pines hotel).

      Actually, other than totally disappearing, no matter what you’ll do (good or bad) you’ll probably be offending somebody. So why not just go back to Boro Park and keep Sullivan County as “clean” as it is all year round?

      Get the drift?

    6. Haldolprn,

      Don’t you EVER mention that to the locals. According to their Gospel, the Hassids (as we are so eloquently known as) never pay taxes!!!

      The fact that the Woodbourne and Sullivan County jails, CRMC, the College at Lock Sheldrake, Ashram and numerous other facilities are off the tax rolls as well, that you’ll never hear form these anti-hassid locals.

      What about all the local merchants who make a hefty penny of the local guests? The gas stations, the lumberyards, the Home Depot, Shop-Rite, not to mention Wal-Mart who probably would not survive without the Hassidim???

      When they’ll stop posting hateful messages about us on their forums and when they stop giving us the finger on the roads simply for driving-while-Hassidic, maybe than I’ll think about not “offending” them with my Felder signs.

    7. Yeah,


      Personally I’m offended at comments you’ve made on other sites whose name I can’t even mention.

      So why don’t you just quit “butting” your comments on this site?

      I find your name more offensive than FELDER.


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