New York City – Go out And Vote!


    New York City – The primary election being held today Tuesday, Sept. 9, with polls open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Only registered voters who have registered in a party at least 25 days before the election can vote. If you have moved within your election district, you can still vote. But if you moved to another election district you must have notified the Board of Elections of your new residence – unless you moved within 20 days of the election. Then you can still vote in your old district.

    Gotham Gazette has the most comprehensive guide to all the contested primaries in the city.

    In primary elections in New York people can vote only in the party in which they are registered.

    You should have received a notice in the mail telling you where to vote, or you can go to the Board of Election’s poll site locator or call 1 866.VOTE-NYC. This number can provide you with other information as well, such as registration deadlines.

    On its Web site, the Board of Elections also has instructions for how to work the voting machine.

    If you cannot get to the polls, you can vote by absentee ballot.

    Absentee ballot applications can be obtained calling the Board of Elections at 1-866-VOTE-NYC, e-mailing a request to, or downloading one from the board’s Web site.

    To cast your vote, you can deliver the ballot to the board’s office in your borough or mail it to the borough office. To be counted, an absentee ballot must be postmarked by the day before Election Day — in this case Sept. 8 — and must reach the Board of Elections no more than seven days after the election.

    If the deadline for requesting an absentee ballot by mail has passed and you cannot appear at the polls on Election Day because of an accident or sudden illness, you may send a representative with an authorized letter to receive an absentee ballot application and absentee ballot and return both to the Board of Elections by 9 p.m. on Election Day at your borough office.

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    1. eVry Voat kounts!!!!! come oat and Voat for Anshei shlomeiny kandidates. It is the moast importend elecsion in your life.

      You must love my spelling.

    2. It’s going to be close in the Parker Felder race with Dr. Stewart finishing last. It’s important that everyone turn out for this one and urge spouses, friends and neighbors to vote. We have a chance to send an honest frum man to Albany who will best represent our interests and provide superior constituant services. Don’t miss this opportunity. Even if you disagree with Simcha on some issues such as the Dahill building or the pigeon issue, think of the larger picture. VOIE FOR SIMCHA FELDER

    3. Im Going to vote for Connor. With the majot support behind Sqadron e is going to lose -and that’s a great thing. Fact is, he did nothing much for us.

      But, fact also is, he was always a great friend to us and a friend deserves a nice good-bye. Thats what a Mentch does.

    4. come on how meny of you pepole vote for connor cuz he is 30 years in office?, its the same POLITICS!!!, after all SQUADRON is a new person in office and he will bring us good & new hashpues toives

    5. If you live in the 21st State Senate district and haven’t voted yet – VOTE FOR SIMCHA FELDER.

      Flatbush Life endorsed him saying ” Of the three, Felder is the one we believe will represent all of the communities in the 21st District with compassion, vigor and a splash of humor.

      During his time in the City Council, Felder has proven to have both an open mind as well as a willingness to work with anyone, even when their personal and political philosophies conflict”

      He’s clearly the most intelligent and ethical of the 3 candidates and views things from our prospective.

    6. Listen to A true story. I went to vote for Simcha Felder. I was told come back in November. He is not running in your district. This happened to hundreds of other people. Its very upsetting. They should let us know in wich district he is running. I learned my lesson:

      If you want our vote, you should be more informed. People give away there time for this Mitzvah. There should be more concideration for the public. Tircha detzbira is a very importent ting. Its only manners we should all have. Thank you in advance. I hope this should be resolved by the next election.Thank you in advance!

    7. I just found That Simcha Felder is running in the 21st district. Who knows were this is. They should let know which streets the 21st district is. I wish you good luck.

    8. Whoever I know that went out to vote could not vote, felder was not running in our district. Its so many ppl wasted valubale time and didnt accomplish anything…we should have been better informed.

    9. To the one complaining about “tirche de’tzibure”. You should be voting regardless if Felder is in your district or not. With your vote regardless for whom you vote, you are adding one more person who the politicians respect. Here in America, if you vote you count; if you don’t vote, YOU DON”T COUNT. You owe it to HaShem and your fellow Jews. Not “tirche de’tzibure, rather “Al tifrosh min hatzibur”.


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