New York – Silver, Squadron, Towns Won in Primary Election. Felder Lost


    Voting In WilliamsburgNew York – VIN News can confirm that Dan Squadron, Ed Towns, And Shelly Silver won their primary election bid. Simcha Felder lost

    Ny Senate 21st Dist. (D) Brooklyn

    226 Of 226 Precincts Reporting
    Name Votes Pct.
    Kevin Parker 9,334 49%
    Simcha Felder 6,994 37%
    Kendall Stewart 2,638 14%

    Us Rep. 10th Dist. (D) Brooklyn

    593 Of 593 Precincts Reporting
    Name Votes Pct.
    Edolphus Towns 22,586 67%
    Kevin Powell 11,046 33%

    Ny Senate 25th Dist. (D) Mhtn/Bklyn

    266 Of 266 Precincts Reporting
    Name Votes Pct.
    Daniel Squadron 12,912 54% (W)
    Martin Connor 10,980 46%

    Assembly 64th Dist. (D) Manhattan
    94 Of 94 Precincts Reporting
    Name Votes Pct.
    Sheldon Silver 6,743 68%
    Paul Newell 2,301 23%
    Luke Henry 879 9%

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    1. Squadron’s victory is great news,for all kehillos,

      in williamsburg.

      This breaks the unjust Monopoly,that was in the

      hands,of a few machers,from the OLD SATMARS.

      From now on all the kehillos,and organizations,

      will share,in the representations,to to the Klal.

      The kashrus of the Eruv in williamsburg,is now

      on a stronger footing,as the old Satmar,can no longer claim that he is the MORO D’ASRA.

    2. My sympathies to Simcha, he ran an excellent campaign. But the voters have spoken, and lets hope Kevin Parker will continue to deliver as he has in the past. There is no reason to celebrate that Simcha lost – that is vicious! We are before Yom Hadin, may we all be zoche to score big, but we certainly wouldnt expect people to celebrate our “losses” C”V.

    3. Some observations by a total ignorati:

      1. Someone up there writes “The kashrus of the Eruv in williamsburg,is now on a stronger footing, as the old Satmar, can no longer claim that he is the MORO D’ASRA”!

      I pulled out Hilchos Eiruvin, looked carefuly with a microscope, but couldn’t find for the life of me how a NYS Senate primary strentgthens the tora’dige foundation of the Willie Eiruv!

      2. History teaches us that TOIVOS we can have graciously and gladly, in more abundant fashion, from a Goi rather then from one of ours.

    4. To anon 10:58. Re: “The voters have spoken”. Maybe the reason he lost was because he had no voters. Just think, all he needed was less than 2500 votes more. If only more people went out to vote……..

    5. sorry simcha, try running as an independent in the general election. it was a close race. as a previous commenter noted- republicans couldn’t participate in this primary vote. in addition I think many more people who abstained from voting in the primary for whatever reason will now come out to vote in the general election especially because you lost the primary & they won’t take your re-election for granted. best of luck & thanks for good work you’ve accomplished. remember- go independent. hope to see you in november

    6. bh satmar won the people of williamsburg won,it was time for a change,and our voices were heard loud and clear,we want housing we dont want bike lanes,we need more then just our garbage picked up on pisech,

    7. to 26 as a btw I’ll teach you that to make an eiruv you most obtain permission from an official city worker acording to halacha and now as we-the frum yiden who follow the halacha-can have an official that represents us we all know of someone in the city who gives full permission for the eiruv

    8. I went to vote this evening (16&56), I found out that SIMCHA was not running in my district, there seemed to be some confusion to which part of Boro Park Simcha was running in. Can some please clarify this.

      We will miss you Simcha!!!

    9. Actually, i went to vote for felder but they didnt let me vote for him because they said he’s not in my district. Does that make sense? I live in 54th street area. Anybody else have this problem with your voting places?

    10. Less then 4500 Jews voted in Boro Park, so could someone tell how the Voters have spoken? We never voted, not only is Parker right that the Jews don’t vote, but any Candidate that runs for any public office will know now that us in Boro Park don’t vote and won’t care, Just like Parker didn’t care for the past 6 years.

    11. There were two problems and reasons why Simcha Felder lost. many voters that were interviewed at polling sites stated that they were angry that he voted for the congestion pricing plan. Some voters insisited that he was a good person but could not care less how many good things Simcha has done and what bothered them was congestion pricing ans this was to stick it to him and Bloomberg.

      And the main problem was frum jews did not go out and vote. All we do is complain about everything under the sun and about every politician and how we do not get the needs for our community met. When we have a chance to do something about it and all it takes is 8 minutes at a polling site everyone has dumb excuses why they can’t go out and vote. This election says it all and nobody should dare complain that elected officials do nothing for housing, school vouchers and other needs of our community.

      We do not vote and people in governement know it.

      Do you realzie that important officials never come running to Boro Park,Flatbush or 5 towns because people in these communities do not vote.

      We always see elected officials running to Willaimsburg and New Square and towns that mean something when it comes voting time.

      Keep on sitting on the tuchis and get the same results every year. NOTHING.

    12. Felder made 3 big mistakes.

      1) not listening to Dov Hikind when DOv told him for what to un for

      2) congestion pricing

      3) getting invovled with taking sides with Satmer

      Two out of the three had nothing with doing what is right. SImcha Felder did not practice his own preech!

      Simcha messed up here and we wish him well. Simcha just did not play his cards right and this also proves that voters sent a message to Bloomberg that we will not vote for anyone that he wants because all it means to city residents is the people Bloomberg wants are his little puppies.

      Bloomberg screwed up with the congestion pricing and now voters are sticking it to him and any elected official that went along with it.

      All the people that lost tonights elction were for the congestion pricing and has close relationships with the mayor.

    13. To all the people that didnt stop campaigning, Zooming, Booming, & turning wmsbg. in2 a WAR ZONE 2day:

      U all said: “WMSBG NEEDS A CHANGE”… doesn’t that sound familiar……??? isn’t this a sentence create’d by our (LOVELY) O’bama???

      lets all see now WHAT SQUADRON WILL DELIVER!

      u ALL did it DAVKA 2 beat & b M’tzaar our big asken & tzadik REB MOSHE DUVID NIDERMAN.

      & by the way: in “wmsbg” (YIDISHE VOTES,) its 100% sure that conor MADE IT, but be advised that not only yiden r voting, so WITH THE HELP OF NON-JEWISH VOTES squadron will keep us all siting & waiting 4 his “o’bama changes” till bias hamushiach…..

      bimheru b’yumeinu amen.

    14. There are about 11,000 registerd Yiden in the 21st Senate Disrict. Felder got 6994 votes about 4500 Yiden voted, he lost by 2340 votes, Any elected official looking at these numbers say one thing JEWS DON’T VOTE.

      Shande and a bisha!!!

      Oh forgot tomorrow people are going to call Felder’s office please help me with this or that. Shame on all of us.

    15. Jews do not vote because they have to get paid to go out and vote. Nebach. If only a few thousand can actually get off their couch and do something for the community.

      People in Boro Park are so lazy.

      Maybe if the rules for benefiting from section 8, food stamps, wic, medicaid and all the other freebies were only if you go out and vote would it make a difference.

      Do we have to pay people to go out and vote?

      Do we have to give free bagels and lox or a 5.00 door prize?

      What will it take for people to realzie how dumb they are for not voting?

      The entire community is now effected by poor dumb decisions.

      And the Aguda wonders why they lost 11 million dollars in funding? Maybe this is the reason?

    16. We in Boro Park are lost and are the biggest losers, cause if its true that the voters have spoken and the reason felder lost cause of the mayor, congestion pricing, dahill rd, satmer and so on, where are the votes to prove that? you didn’t vote simple as it sounds.

    17. If y ou live in New York should never have registered as a Republican…most of the races are won in the Democratic primary election. In the general election you can vote republican if you want to.

    18. Just wait and see next year all the mosdos are going to come running to simcha for funding just hope he has his head on his shoulders and says sorry i can’t help you go to hikind and parker.

    19. u people forgot when bloomberg ran he promised housing on his campain posters he even had pictures of big buildings its been sometime since but we still didn’t get any thing now is no diffrent in erets yisroal they say till the elections the walls (posters) talk to the people and after the elections the people talk to the wall same is true here bottom line why vote

    20. i am besimacha that shelly won

      i personally did not vote for simacha because he allowed an openly gat=y city councilwoman to become speaker without dissenting at all and he walked out to go to the bathroom to not vote

      then he tried to give me congesting pricing

      then he got involved with satmar then he was arrogant by telling me thqt if i dont vote for him mosdos suffer

      so i voted parker

    21. hamukom yemaale chasronuch Simcha i feel your pain, after I voted today for Simcha i stopped poeple on the street that I know, and asked – did you vote? everybody had the same answer, will my vote make the whole difference? I knew right then and there simcha is in big trouble.

      and for those yungerleit who r trying to be cool and register republican (it’s the style now)because they listen to those stupid right wing supremacist Rush Limbaugh and Sean hannity – when you need somebody to help you, you will not call them you will call Simcha’s office or Dov Hikind.

      Rush will not help you and you won’t call even Michael Savvage

      The reason poeple register for a party:

      If you want to vote in a general election it’s not a diffrence to what party you are registered,

      but in a primary you must be registered to that party. now in our neighborhoods there r only damocratic primaries so why should somebody be so stupid and register republican?

      vee iz dein seichel?

      look what you have done today


      by the way for all of you who have taanos on R’ Simcha, you should read his interview with shimon Ralnitzki written in the last month’s der Shteren or Shpaktiv I’m not sure witch one

      He explains everything over there. I got very impressed it changed my view about him

    22. Its true we don’t go to vote I vote in every election since I’m 18 but this time I was mad on Simcha cause of the Dahill rd project I changed my party affiliation to democrat to vote against Simcha but I couldn’t do it its my first election I didn’t vote in 12 years

    23. Simcha made a mistake. He needed every vote and when he chose sides with the aroiny’s, changed what he was running for at the last minute first comptroller then senate, and got close to bloomberg with congestion pricing, brought the menuval lady into the moisdos many people were turned off. it is a sad day for bp since he would have been alot better for us, but the truth is he dug his own grave.

    24. Here you have what parker did for the Community:

      Amount Recipient

      $5,000.00 Acorn

      $5,000.00 Boro Park Jewish Comm. Council

      $5,000.00 Brooklyn Arts Council

      $5,000.00 Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts

      $5,000.00 Brooklyn Housing & Family Services, Inc.

      $15,000.00 Building Blocks LDC

      $5,000.00 Caribbean American Center of NY

      $5,000.00 Caribbean People International Collective, Inc. (CPIC)

      $10,000.00 Caribbean Women’s Health Associa

      $5,000.00 Carlos Lezama Archives & Caribbean Cultural Center

      $5,000.00 Community Healthcare Network

      $5,000.00 Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn

      $5,000.00 Diaspora Community Services

      $5,000.00 Eagle Academy for Young Men

      $5,000.00 Erasmus Neighorhood Federation

      $5,000.00 Flatbush Development Corporation

      $5,000.00 Frank H. Williams Caribbean Cultural Center

      $5,000.00 Haitian Centers Council, Inc.

      $10,000.00 Husain Institute of Technology

      $5,000.00 IFETAYO Cultural Arts Facility

      $5,000.00 Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island

      $5,000.00 Madison Square Boys & Girls Club

      $5,000.00 MASBIA

      $5,000.00 MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Disporan Arts

      $5,000.00 Nachas Healthnet Inc.

      $5,000.00 Neighborhood Housing Services of East Flatbush, Inc.


      $5,000.00 Public School #6

      $5,000.00 Public School 135

      $5,000.00 Public School 217

      $5,000.00 Sesame Flyers International

      $5,000.00 Shema Kolainu School & Center for Children with Autism

      $5,000.00 Southern Brooklyn Community Orga

      $5,000.00 United States America Netball Association

      A lot of money for Boro Park?????

    25. Simcha I got to the booth and voted @ 8:58 PM sorry I could not do more. It is late and I am a bit upset that we could not pull it of. you put your heart into this race and I wish you the best going forward.

      It is time for someone (maybe you)to start a proper political machine. Call it the frumpac or whatever but do the following:

      1. Make sure everyone is registered

      2. Follow up to see who voted.

      This can be done its not rocket science.

      It should be basic communal responibilty.

      I get letters from local orgs., who no doubt could use gvt. dolars, with 50 shules listed (including mine) and two contact people in each shule. The skills are availabe. And I am sure you could pull this off.

      A previous comment noted

      “The Aguda lost 11 million dollars in funding”

      We have alot at stake, it is time to do this properly and not start up anew each election.

    26. OY VEY!!!!! i am not saying that i agree with all Simchas opinions and with CONGESTION PRICING (this of course not since i drive in and out of the city every single day) but he was/is/will be a great advocate for us yidden but i have two things to say

      1- i am a republican so Simcha i am sorry us republicans couldnt vote

      2- now those idiots that cursed simcha i want to see when u get ur parking tickets etc…. who will u run to well now go running to hiking oooops i am sorry right now he is only busy with the child molestors so i guess its all of our loss simcha ur the man i know u will be reading these comments but dont get down on some of these comments there are many ppl that really love u and appreciate everything u have done to our community.. but one thing also those that remember also that simcha voted in the primary election for OBAMA HUSSEIN instead of Billary so i really didnt like that either

    27. It is time that Dov hinkind should get a message that he should help as much as possible, not in front of the cameras when he gets publicity, he could do much more and devoted, he has the power to help people maximize it, if you want to be reelected.

    28. What really turned me off about Felder was when it came to the crown heights hate filled attacks perpetrated against jews unlike a true leader Dov Hikind who condenmed the attacks, went to crown heights to show solidarity, was involved in all the aspects of stopping the crimes and who unequivically said if there would be a demonstration he would be there, Simcha Felder refused to condemn the attacks and refused to be by the demonstration SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

    29. You should have seen what was doing in Willi yesterday!

      Only Rabbi Glanz can get out things accomplished the way he got the whole community out to vote.

      Niederman got jealous of Rabbi Glanz’ success with the get out and vote drive, so, he went and also told his supporters to go vote, albeit for the wrong man!

      Who cares? as long as our voice was heard!

      Rabbi Glanz for president!!!!

    30. WOW WOW Simcha Felder Lost…….

      All those adds and Posters, I hope the printer got paid already….

      I didnt see One Poster for Parker…


      Its not who you are… Its what you do….

      Better Luck next Time…

      Lock& Load

    31. 10:42 is upset that Yidden are “dancing” that Felder lost. Is he so upset that the Rubashkin family & a business that keeps us supplied with meat is being destroyed, probably by other Jews??? Let’s get our priorities straight here.

      When the price of fleish skyrockets you’ll all be Oying & Veying. Felder will join the Boards of numerous companies & get plenty of $$. I’m not crying for him. I do cry for Aaron Rubashkin who spent his life helping, feeding, & caring for the poor, almonehs & yesomim. If you never saw what he does that’s a pity.

    32. By the way Parker has been there for BP the last 6 years & since no one knew that he’s there state senate its no big deal that Simcha wasn’t elected 99% of the ppl don’t know who there state senator is which is good cause when politicans r in your life u r in trouble, they tax u so they can give mosdos money so that the local MACHERS can endorse them

    33. In will u cant see Who Bring More Familys 2 Vote becouse There Is D Projects With tousends of Spanish Voters Also D arinim buchirim who laren in k j or registed there and in qweens all d buchirim r registed in will even if they live somewhere alse.

    34. from yestrday’s announcements by A L Glanz it seems that willi can prepare for lower gas prices and better mortgage rates. this is besides for safer streets, lower rent, eliminate bike lanes, more housing, and so forth. good luck

    35. No we see the power and influence of the rabbis. They kol korehd till they were blue in the face. But the little guy yiddelech dont give a damn for kol korehs and bans when rabbis are deaf blind and mute when it comes to a kol koreh against child abuse and molestation. We little guys have been BSd one time too many.

    36. i guess simcha and obama are losing this years

      simcha voted for obama in the primary and next time he shouldnt try to tell people that if you dont vote for him yiden lose

      the only yid that lost was simcha the rest of the community won


      MAZEL TOV boroPark,

      UCH IN VEY IZ FAR DIR wmsbg.

      can anybody in the whole world xPlain me: 4 god & all yidden’s sake: WHAT THE… IS U-J “CARE”??? is realy that the 1 & ONLY THING THEY CAN / DID / & WILL deliver?

      (1) the ORAL “WORD” CHANGE?


      (3) A FORTH (4th) 13 HOOPER???



    38. To all those ppl. who are against boro parkers…that we did not go out to vote. Most of us did go out to vote but could not, because no one was running in our district….dont go and badmouth us right away.


    40. I guess BP got what they deserved. Don’t you ever complain that politicians are not listening to you when you are not voting. Why should anybody give a damm about BP when BP can’t defeat them.

    41. Interesting analysis:

      In the last election, 6775 voted for Parker, 6287 for Dear, 1994 for Sharpe. In this election, 9334 for for Parker, 6994 for Felder, 2638 for Stewart.

    42. The lesson is clear. The oilem wants representatives who represent their needs even when they are pressured by powerful me like Bloomberg. Samuel Hersh lost because of this, Noach Dear lost because of this, and now Simcha Felder lost because of this. In Williamsburg, the lesson is also clear. The entire oilem in Williamsburg who are not Satmar supported the Aaronim for Squadron, because they wanted to send a message to the Zalonim and the old bosses of Williamsburg, DON’T STEP ON ME!!!

    43. Hey guys lets not fool ourself, this election in

      Boro Park didn’t send any message at all.

      No “Voters have (not) spoken”, “Don’t step on me” and so on.


      Sorry one message was sent, WE DON”T CARE AND DON”T VOTE.

    44. I happen to like simcha, granted he’s made some moves that were not too bright, but all in all he has a really good heart & is just generally a great person. I’m not particularly devastated at him not filling the seat, but I feel terrible for him. Fact is that w/ simcha filling the seat, we would have seen more money, I’m just not sure we would have been the better for it (all around).

    45. The same wway everyone understands that Hussein Obama will be bad for his fellow blacks, because he can’t help them as we’d all say his favaouring them.

      And the same way everyone understands that Bloomberg will be bad for Jews because they will all say favourtism. Felder is also bad for the Jews, He has to constantly side with his non-jewish collegues.

      We did not lose anything.

      On the contrary we gained.


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