Sullivan County, NY – Police Arrested Man for Vandalizing Vehicles Over Summer


    Sullivan County, NY – A 36-year-old Long Island man is accused of blowing up mailboxes and shooting out windows of businesses and cars with his two sons over the summer in Sullivan County.

    Steven J. Ellison of Bellmore has been charged with first-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a felony, in connection with at least 30 incidents of property damage.

    Ellison was pulled over early Sunday morning at the Waneta Lake Campgrounds between Livingston Manor and Roscoe. Troopers found homemade explosives in his car.

    They say he drove around with his sons, ages 12 and 13, and used the devices to blow up mailboxes. The children have not been charged.

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    1. He indeed is a maniac as poster #1 Avi has stated…but i’ll take it even further…he should be prosecuted for child endangerment for bringing along his minor children when he was commiting crimes and carrying explosives. This is some father!!! Children learn by example AND THIS FOOL HAS SET A VERY VERY POOR EXAMPLE. My remaining question is were his targets Jewish owned property or was he an equal opportunity moron. If the targets struck where Jewish them bias charges need to be added…I would like to get that answer….

    2. Yes . . . there is a law prohibiting tampering with the mail . . . I don’t know if it reaches to destruction of a privately owned mail box, as opposed to mail in the box

    3. You are all a bunch of idiots who believe everything you read in the papers. This is the mother of one of the children and it is not like that at all. He is not a maniac. If anything he is guilty of not watching his children at every moment. It has nothing to do with Jews so get over yourselves. The police up there have no regard for the laws, they feel they can do what they want. he is a decent person and a good father, so dont judge unless you would like to be judged unfairly also.


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