Borough Park, NY – Threat Made To Prominent Psychologist Bentzion Twerski Tapped by Hikind, Prompts Him To Resign


    Benzion Twerski, Ph.D., graduated with a Ph.D. in psychology from University of Pittsburgh in 1985. He studied in Yeshivos in Scranton, PA, Baltimore, and Jerusalem. He has been one of the leading professionals in youth-at-risk and addictions in the Jewish community.Borough Park, NY – A prominent Orthodox rabbi and psychologist has been intimidated into quitting as head of a just-formed task force dealing with rabbinic sex abuse of minors, organized by Assemblyman Dov Hikind this week.

    Dr. Benzion Twerski told The Jewish Week [confirmed by VIN News] Wednesday that he was quitting the task force because “I was prosecuted in the street for daring to join such a venture.”

    “To protect myself, my family, and reputation, I decided to withdraw from this project,” he wrote in an e-mail as the paper was going to press with a story announcing Hikind’s formation of the task force. “From this point, I am avoiding participation in any forms of public service. Public life is not for me.”

    Hikind, a Brooklyn Democrat who represents Borough Park and Flatbush, deplored Twerski’s abrupt departure from his new panel.

    “He was basically forced to resign,” said Hikind. “He was literally put against the wall, and he felt he had no choice. We’ll get somebody else who’s very respected. But that’s not the point. The point is they got to him, they threatened him.”

    Twerski’s dramatic departure came just as Hikind was rolling out the new panel, planned as the next step in a personal crusade against child sex abuse in the Orthodox community that he has come to view as an epidemic.

    Hikind said he had amassed a dossier with the cases of “hundreds” of individuals who say they have been sexually molested by rabbis and other Orthodox community members during their childhood. And he threatened to broadcast the names of their abusers if community leaders do not respond to his call for action against them.

    “Let me tell you,” he said in an interview last week, “when there’s a person who we have confirmed through a variety of people has been doing terrible things” and those who know refuse to go to the authorities, “I am prepared to name names. I am prepared to be sued by those pedophiles. If they’re innocent, let them sue me.”

    Speaking after a rash of highly publicized sexual molestation cases in the Orthodox community, Hikind said, “I have been learning that a lot of people out there know who the bad guys are. Where have I been? How come no one talked to me, how come no one came to me?”

    Now, Hikind says, he is more determined than ever to establish a community task force to address the issue. Though vague on the panel’s broader makeup and specific plans, Hikind ultimately seeks to develop a list of sexual molesters in Orthodox schools to keep them away from children.
    Neither man would specify the nature of the threats made against Twerski to force his departure. But Hikind called them “pathetic and sad.”

    “My heart goes out to him,” he said. “I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Things are opening up, people are coming forward, but we are still so far away.”

    Hikind’s new crusade follows several cases in which individuals — often adults now — have gone public with accounts of sexual abuse they experienced at the hands of respected yeshiva teachers when they were children. The alleged victims have spoken, too, of the rejection or even intimidation they experienced from their yeshivas and rabbinic leaders when they tried to report what had happened to them.

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    1. Dr. Benzion Twerski was told point blank ,that if anyone goes to prison, he will be held responsible and his life will be in danger..Its a shanda , a real shanda a travesty whats happening..OUR KIDS NEED PROTECTION

    2. I’m surprised Hikind has gone thru with this. I’m sure people have threatened him and his family as well. Eventually, he’s gonna crack too because he’s stepping on too many toes and many of these so-called respected people will be exposed. I hope he succeeds but unfortunately history has proven that when you’re up against such odds, the chances of success are not encouraging (eg: lipa, twersky, etc., etc).

    3. It might be better this way

      our community leaders -Rabbi’s dont want to deal with the garbbage they rather let the authoroties deal with it and they have clean hands they will rather be the ones running around collecting for Pidyun Sheviyim and say it’s a BILBUL

    4. maybe this isuue should be dealt with quietly, without the microphones etc…why does hiking need all the press etc….

      if and when the quiet dosent work they i can see trying to get public help for a specfic case.

      the answer is simple, if no one knows then hikind wont get involoved

    5. “maybe this isuue should be dealt with quietly” – anon. 4:27

      FOOL!! don’t you realize that they have been “dealing with this issue quietly” (by silencing, covering up, and ignoring each and every abuse) for decades!!

      get real people!! WAKE UP!! the rabbonim have been “dealing quietly” for decades. anyone who wants this practice to continue is a shutuf of every molestor who gets away with MURDERING our taiyreh kinder’s neshomos because of this ‘quiet dealing’

    6. We are worse than the taliban. This is absolutely disgusting and I am sorry for Rabbi Twqersky and his family. I am sure this wasnt an easy decision but the mafia like forces within the yiddisshe velt have reached a new low in my eyes. Why are we Frum again? Oh yea – we live by Torah – can someone please find me the halachic source for threateneing and intimidating someone. These people live by their own Torah.

    7. It’s a very sad day indeed. How can we THREATEN or INTIMIDATE a person who is tryingto HELP other fellow jews?? When have we stooped to such a new low of threatening a GOOD person being part of a GOOD and MUST mission????

      What is happenning to us??


    8. I pray that the next children molested (being that it WILL, unfortunately, happen agsain)are the kids of those Harrassing Rabbi Dr Twerski, so that they can see what happens and stop denying that jews can do such things. secondly I am again calling for a PUBLIC website that lists all those that have been convicted of these horrible crimes in the orthodox community so that we all know who they are and what they look like and we can all keep our kids far far away from such animals.

    9. Everyone who meets Dov in the street should give him a hug. He is shouldering the same threats as Dr Twersky and moving forward to stop this murdering of innocent souls. To those of you who say that Dov is looking for headlines you could not be more wrong. This is the worst possible thing he could do for his personal life as well as professional career.

      I will have Kavanahfor Dov when I say the mi sheberach, “v’chol hosek btzurchi tzibbbur” this shabbos.

      People this insanity has to stop.

    10. Please DOV dont be intimidated by these individuals. You are sincere about what you’re doing and yes you mean it L’SHEM SHOMAYIM! You stand nothing to gain from taking this isssue on.. you only stand to lose and you’re still going ahead with it.

      Keep up the great work!!!!!

      Dont give up!!!!

    11. Hikind definitely seems to be enjoying the fame that he is acquiring through tackling such a sensational story. I found his radio-show account of the confession of the perpetrator disturbing, and almost Oprah-like.

      That being said, regardless of his motive, HE IS DOING IMPORTANT WORK THAT HAS TO BE DONE.

      I am blown away by the fact that this type of abuse exists, let alone that it happens more than we know.

      One time is too many!

      My heart breaks for the poor victims who have become in some cases, psychologically damaged for LIFE!

      Rachmono Litzlan!

      I am mortified that there are those in the frum communities who would threaten someone who is seeking to uproot this sickness from our midst.

      This must come to an end.

      Hikind is not my cup of tea, either. But stop bashing the work he is doing, unless YOU are ready to stand up to this MAFIA.

      And I thought only the OU was corrupt…

    12. When you one aproaches these so called “Rabbis” and “Leaders” and says the truths. One usually gets an answear “there are other truths”.

      Nebach! Nebach! They are all scared of their shadows!!!!! Shame one them for not protecting children(including their own) or do they not send their kids to school?.

    13. I completely understand Rabbi Twersky

      There are lots of Skeletons in Closets out there…

      Some of the Abuse cases might be Fabricated…

      Not all but a few, so he doesn’t want to be responsible to put not guilty people away…

      Lock & Load

    14. Whoever threatened him should be penalized and prosecuted. There is no excuse to meddle or threaten anyone, especially the fair and equitable demeanor of a person like Rabbi Twerski. There are few and far highly secularly educated Chasidim who can help this devastating situation in the community. He was a perfect bridge between the alleged molesters, families, schools and governmental authorities.

      Now that he has resigned, the hagglers who caused him to quit will no doubt have a replacement to menace soon enough. At what point will they stop?


    16. Watch Out, please be careful everyone involved who can name names is probably in physical danger by those sub-human child sexual abusers. What have they got to lose? This terrible sin didn’t stop them, so now they will be stopped from killing anyone who gets in their way?

    17. Parents: The best way to protect your children is to teach them that they can always come to you and tell you if something happens or something makes them uncomfortable.

      Do not tell them they have to tell you. Invite them to tell and talk.

      Let them know that it is not there fault if anything ever happens between them and an adult. You can keep it completely Kosher. You do not have to go into detail on what it is. If it happens to a child after such a talk, they will be more equipped to say NO as well as more equipped to inform a safe adult.

      Informing a safe adult does 2 things.

      1. It stops the child and others from getting abused.

      2. It stops the secondary trauma which is the trauma of feeling like you have a secret that you are not allowed to tell anyone (most often more traumatizing than the actual act of molesting)

      Make sure your children know that this invitation to tell you anything even applies to relatives and other prominent people.

      Protect our children.

    18. There is a big problem with what Hikind is saying. A BIG problem. It is one thing to investigate and to protect children in the inyan of being nizhar, something apparently yeshivas and others are neglecting very badly. However, it is something else to publicize names without the involvement of either a Beis Din or a Court of Law. There are halachic issues of doubts, and even in secular law there is something called “innocent until proven guilty.” This touches on lashon harah and motsi shem rah. If he should publicize someone who is totally innocent and that person would experience persecution, Hikind would have to carry around the rest of his life that he ruined the life of an innocent person. That is why we have a Torah.

    19. On the other hand, Rabbi Twersky should want to check the halacha that might allow him to publicize the name of the people who are persecuting HIM if he knows their names, because publicizing the names of those threatening HIM would be a mitzvah to help others protect themselves.

    20. Although I am very upset about Dr. Twerski’s treatment and subsequent resignation, I am almost glad this happened because it proves the severity of abuse in our community. And knowing Dov, this will fire him up some more and he will hire the next best candidate who is not afraid for himself and his family.

    21. I am so sorry to see this and hear this. I know abuse exists and I know abuse in the form of intimidation exists. Rabbi Twerski is a wonderful competent man, a rarity with a proper derech and brilliant secular education. I understand not wanting to endanger his family, and I understand not wanting to get involved in public life. But sometimes, someone has to stand up for the innocents, the victims. I do hope someone else of his caliber can be found and not intimidated. I also hope the police were given any notes or messages of threats to trace. I hope HIkind will continue with this and will be successful in getting every single abuser away from innocents, away from the community. And I hope that Hashem protects the innocents by getting their abusers away from anyone else.

    22. Yosef, if it does end up in the hands of a non frum professional, it will be handled professionally, without worrying about all the other stuff a frum professional may worry about and bring into his practice.

    23. We are ALL intimidated. I am aware of a case in a chasidishe camp, that took place THIS summer, the molester is well known, and he was anyway hired as a staff member….the damage is still unknown…..what IS known is that he DEFINITELY lived up to his reputation, and he will continue molesting because parents are afraid to seek the proper help and/or have their children testify.

    24. Nuchem Rosenberg, was the only one who took the pressure, and by the end he also gave up, its unreal how a community can not do any think to stop this problem, I wish he re Opens his hotline

      And stands by this terror.

    25. To Ano. @4:25PM,

      There is a Jewish web site called that lists predators & molesters in the jewish community. At lot of the names are frum people. It is an eye opener.

    26. I agree that the molesters have to be stopped for the sake of our sweet children. But, I bet you that these people dont want to make public the names of these molesters, because i am sure that these molesters have shidduch age children, and then the chance of making shidduchim with these kids is going to be very hard, the children of these molesters are nebech not responsible for their fathers behavior.

    27. Everyone cool down. Rabbi Twersky was an excellent choice because in the few days on the job, he showed how an ehrlicha Yid needs to handle this situation, shuddering to err either way. Most comments here are emotionally overblown, some even suggesting that the innocent children of some should be molested for their fathers sins. Yes, read the above comments where at least two people came up with such hysteria. Everybody please cool down, and let’s coolly analyze the problem and how large it is. Even if only one exists, it is one too many, but I truly don’t think that this problem is anywhere near, to the non-Jewish population. Most molestation is done by private people not Rabbis, even if many have added the title “Rabbi” to their name; it still doesn’t make them a Rabbi. Rabbis who teach who have been accused are a real miniscule of the mechanchim. Now out of ALL cases, I suspect that only a tiny portion are with children before the Bar Mitzvah, and even a tinier portion is full molestation and rape. The rest are with older kids called bochurim, which is an entire different subject. By law they call it statutory rape, but if done between the bocherim themselves it is not. To us fruma Yidden, it is a tragedy, no different what the circumstances. I still think that Dov is doing a great job in trying to deal with this, and I’m sure he’ll find another qualified person for this; but for crying out loud; please stop this hysteria.

    28. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Its unbelievable,instead that the rabonim and mechanchim should see and try to stop the coruption

      they actually back those immoral acts.

      Because until now they were still able to say,we did not know about it,

      Now they are trying everything to stop that people should talk and do something about it….

      Every day our kids go in cheder/yeshiva or even go shabbos in shul,is a risk that they should get molested,raped,and than they have a big chance they should go off the derech, because when someone gets molested by his rabbi/teacher,or stam a guy with a big beard,besides how confused and hurt he is because of the trauma,he looks at those people that molested him and at the same time feed him torah, as false people and automatic is what ever this rabbi teaches him torah and every one that teaches in this same subject(torah)says, is false too.

      I really think that the matzev is so bad, that a father that sends his kids to a public school and after school he learns with his kids ‘some” torah, haves a bigger chance to have frumer kids than us, its a shame,

      But guys do not for get the problem in our generation is not the molesting rabbi’s, its lipa schmeltzer and the Big Event Staff, ZUCHOR ASHER OSOO LACHOO AMULEK (i don’t want to be mkatreg on all those rabonim and mechanchim,there are still left a few honest ones,the problem is they are not the majority)

      I want to change the phrase that jewish people are using “in this zchus,moshiach should come”,

      to in this generations with such rabonim and mechanchim moshiach got to come, bimhieroo v’yumieney amen

    29. All must be protected. Of course we need to protect our children, like everyone posting says. But we must also protect those on the “front lines” in this battle, and lastly ( not a popular theme here) we must protect innocent adults who may be falsely accussed, and thereby lose everything for some charge they might Not be guilty of. I don’t know the answer to this- I guess it depends on the evidence presented , on a case by case basis?

    30. Hikind has done some great things, bus is far from modest and shy, and has always been publicity hungry, he is right on the topic, of course those issues need to be dealt with, and they have been dealt with – although maybe not enough – but sure in more modest fashion, going public wit every accusation is not toirehdig and not menchlich,

      In many cases sexual abuse cases have been abused by individuals who wanted to destroy some one they hated for what ever reason, so cation needs to be taken.

      And that’s besides the point that Hikind’s tone is one of blame and shame on the whole community, which is also something of great concern to all of us.

    31. as a former boro park boy (I was not abused) who left and I am no more frum anymore. I have maybe a unique perspective on this matter. I am not afraid or beholding to the rebbis, that i cannot think for myself or have an original indepentant thought, and have every action dictated to me like which hand i should use when I go to the bathroom.

      On the other hand, I know the feeling and know how the community works

      from history I can tell you, and promise you, with certainty unless the parents of the abused children go to the government, authorities, nothing will be done. Nothing.

      remember if you are my age 49, all the corruption the yeshivas where doing lunch programs, youth core getting money for programs and for students that did not exist. This corruption was not a secret all knew it, even i knew it and was only maybe 12 years old.

      There were some rumbling about it in the community but the stealing went on. When did it stop, or slow down. Only when many yeshiva personal were arrested prosecuted and jailed. Or flew to Isreal where they where protected.

      There needs to be some brave parents who have guts and just go to the police and let all hell break out. Yes many yeshivas, rabbonum will go down so what what is more important your children or a few molester and there protectors. The police should be told about every rov, rosh yeshiva, who was told about so- and so molested their children and did nothing. They should be charged with accessory for every child molested after that time.

      After a few rebbis or Moros will get hauled off in hand-cuffs in front of all the children boys and girls (yes girls get molested and is kept even quieter then when a boy get molested}will something get done. If not, when i am 90 we will still hear, why is nothing being done, why are the rov’s not doing anything.

      Is the community so brainwashed or such sheep beholding to the powers to be that you are willing to sacrifice your children to protect the molestor and the very same people that do nothing to protect your children. and put your children in danger by protecting the molestor.

      Has the community no backbone to protest against rabonum. Are you all so brainwashed.


      Frankly I do not get it. Why are you looking for answers from the very same people who have failed you for twenty years in this matter. Do something on your own, or has the rabbis brainwashed so much that you cannot even take action to protect your children without their blessing.


      or get one scapegoat in jail for a few years when he will be released no one will dare try it they will see what condition he will come back they will think twice

    33. ”’Hikind said he had amassed a dossier with the cases of “hundreds” of individuals who say they have been sexually molested by rabbis and other Orthodox community members during their childhood. And he threatened to broadcast the names of their abusers if community leaders do not respond to his call for action against them.”’ —– These are only allegations. Will he broadcast names based on allegations? I’ll take his word on “hundreds”, but I’m afraid he calls alleged touching, even if fully clothed, and big bochurim as molestation. We need to be careful on how we label every allegation; otherwise the guy with the baseball bat is ready to strike on just about anyone accused, regardless of what.

    34. murray Says:

      comments – arrow All must be protected. Of course we need to protect our children, like everyone posting says. But we must also protect those on the “front lines” in this battle, and lastly ( not a popular theme here) we must protect innocent adults who may be falsely accussed, and thereby lose everything for some charge they might Not be guilty of. I don’t know the answer to this- I guess it depends on the evidence presented , on a case by case basis?


      I post the rant as the guy who is no more frum

      You are right to be concerned about someone innocent being accused. Very concerned, since an accusation like that even if found innocent (I do not mean not guilty I mean innocent) that person is ruined for live.

      However, from some documentaries that i watch and speaking to a friend who prosecutes child molesters says, that they are very careful and are very concerned about that, since they know that once accused the person is finished. And do not have that person arrested lightly, but only after they are sure the person is guilty.

      In addition it is very rare that children lie about that and ven more rare when more than one accusses the same person.

      BTY a few girls where molested in Boro Park recently and the police have been getting calls from robanim to drop the case, not to investigate. There, see how the robanim are protecting your children, by hindering and purring road blocks to catch the molesters.

      Do you need more proof that the robanim did and will do nothing, sorry they will do something, they will protect the molester

    35. I don’t blame Rabbi Twerski one bit. My husband is a Rabbi who blew the whistle on financial abuses which are nothing compared to this. As a retaliation, our children have been harassed and stalked, our house has been vandalized and we have received threats by phone.

      It is a sick and dangerous world we live in.

    36. Everyone who is saying lets get a website to name names is really out of it. Have you not heard of or These are very controversial (could anybody naming rabbinic molesters not be?) but they have been protecting our children for a few years now. Kolko was arrested because of UOJ, Moshe Eiseman was “retired, because of both of them, Mondrowitz was arrested after 25 years because of them, and Colmer was already extradited because of UOJ. And Lazerovitz of Ger ran to Israel because of UOJ. Unfotunately, no matter how much UOJ begged people to go to the police on Lazerovitz (who was performing oral sex on many, many bochurim at Ger, nobody would go to the police (just like by Mondrowitz) and so he ran to the safe haven of child frum child molesters, Eretz Ha”Kodesh” where jewish children’s blood is cheap according to our “gedolim/leaders”. The awareness center, a non frum website lists orthodox, conservative and reform rabbis for parents to keep their children away from them.

      These websites are not perfect. But they have accomplished more than 10 Dov Hikinds put together. When Dov will be ready to keep his promise to name molesters, he will catch up quick.

      Ultimately, the simple solution is to publish their names in the Jewish Press,by the list of men who don’t give their wife a get. Is that a worse crime than molesting a Jewih child? Do these molesters really deserve such sympathy that we cannot publicize their names? Even if you say they are sick and not evil (a fine line with criminal insanity) but they are no different than someone walking around with a dangerous infectious communicable disease who needs to be quarantined. There is a din roydef, and many rabbanim and poskim inclucing Rab Elyashiv and more recetnly Reb Shmuel Kaminetsky have said to go to the police. To me that implies publicizing their name because arrests are public knowledge.

      A rabbi in a New Jersey yeshivah recently sent out a letter to all the parents to tell their kids to come forward and cooperate with the police about a child molester who had been in his school. He quoted Reb Herschel Shachter, a top posek, in saying that you MUST go to the police. Why in most yeshivas do they do the horrible thing of covering up? What the hell is wrong with them? And what the hell is wrong with parents who continue to send their kids to these schools? Rabbi Margolis, who covered for Kolko for 40 YEARS is not only closed down or run out of business, but he is GIVEN a branch in Lakewood as an award for someone who cares about jewish children. We are sick and getting sicker.

    37. to all those that harrassed Dr Twerki with these taliban like persecutions, you and others like you who like to keep thier heads buried under a rock, are the reason that I came to realize that orthodox judiasm is no better (or worse) than any other religion. and that there is no reason to believe in any of this religious nonsense

    38. with some people so concerned about the molester or accused molester I have one very important question.

      What is your opinion if said alleged molester would not be a so called frum yid, maybe a frie yid or a goy, would you know how to solve the matter and stop them from molesting more children or just have them punished.

      There I just solved the problem, you know what to do.

    39. Look, we all know Dov Hikind is an opportunist. But, he’s dead on with this. Molestation is a cancer in our community and we must attack it aggressively.

      Abusing children is a crime that is not forgiveable. I know of people who are off the derech and may never come back because of what happened to them. Remember, what was done to them was done by people in power who they trusted.

      Something is up if Dr. Twerski felt the need to resign. While I thank G-D that I don’t need Dr. Twerski’s services, I know of a case where Dr. Twerski helped a friend of my wife who was in a terrible situation. From what I heard, this man is a Tzadik.

      While I am far from a talmid chacham and I have my own teshuva to work on, Yom HaDin is approaching. If these people (and the rabbis protecting them) think they are above the law, the RSO will deal with them.

      Don’t these rabbis understand the damage here? People who were molested as children may become molesters as adults. They may turn onto homosexuality or, even if they are heterosexual, they may be in dsyfunctional relationships. That is a tradegy for our community. Why do we want to put people on the path of falling off the derech?

      We need to report these cases to the police, even if it brings shame to our community. We must stop funding these people. This is critical for yiddishkeit to survive. Our children our are future.

    40. The ones who made these threats are obviously cowards ,week and pathetic.Any one who resorts to these “scare tactics” should be put in their place to realize they are nobodies ,who possess no power, and they are week losers who think way to highly of themselves.

    41. Dov – Please do not give up – tens of thousands of survivors are supporting you, the longer you fight this milchemes mitzvah the more victims will come out of the closet of hurt and shame and will support you in removing the serial molestors from our midst.

      Dr Asher Lipner – keep up the good work

    42. Dov and Benzion, I commend you for taking on this battle in the first place.

      As you know child molestation within in of itself is horrific and disgusting whether Jewish (Chasidish, Orthodox,Concervative or Reformed),or from the Goyishe Velt. The aftermath of such a disgraceful act can scar one’s life forever. It’s effects lead to other dangerous behaviors such as addictions to run away from oneself and the horrors of the reminder of such an act. Then we scramble to help the addicts…their victimization continues….

      Mafia tactics are unacceptable. You call yourselves frum, you feel you’re above the law, the torah and all those who look up to you. Shame on you. All you are doing is protecting the aggressor or maybe yourselves…for bad judgement!

      Suggestion: Maybe their should be a gathering of Gedolim and Professionals joining Dov with a moritorium period (3 months), to give all those guilty to come forward on their own and get the help they so badly need. At that point,for those that don’t come forward, the proper action should be taken.

      Benzion, you tried. No one can blame you. This is a disgusting situation! Dov…keep up the good work.

      It is Chodesh Elul, may HB”H give you the strength and Deah to continue your important work for the Klal!

    43. Twerski lost a tremendous opportunity. If greatness came easily or without risk, we’d all be great. I wonder if he wonders why ordinary Europeans didn’t stand up to Hitler at all — after all they too were threatened with dire consequences.

      We should all keep in mind that brilliance, erudition, and penning articulate articles are all a far cry from the bravery it takes, found in spades in the NYPD and NYFD, to help save innocent lives.

    44. I don’t understand this if dov & rabbi twersky know a few molesters let them post their names here anonymously so we know to watch from them only then will we see that the real askunim are doing something STOP talking about it & let’s do to it if a molestr will c 2 fellow names he will stop out of fear for his name 2b next publicized 70 comments & radio talk shows(N.rosenb hot line) & we still don’t know who is a kid toucher

    45. Dov Hikind is not scared because luckily he has NYPD protection and with his position as State Assembly if anyone thratens him it becomes a STATE and FEDERAL crime.

      Secret service can also get involved if Dov Hikind is threatened where as twerski has to go through regular channels. This is nuts.

      Anyone threatening these people should be dealth with by the NYPD. maybe achmendenijad can teach some of these pigs a lesson or two.

      Lets ship the molestors to Iran. I heard the Iranians know how to deal with these type of sickos.

    46. “I’m surprised Hikind has gone thru with this. I’m sure people have threatened him and his family as well. Eventually, he’s gonna crack too because he’s stepping on too many toes and many of these so-called respected people will be exposed.”

      Maybe not [about Dov “cracking” and backing down]. Hikind (who got his start in political activism as a young man when he was in the JDL) is following the derech of his mentor and teacher, the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, zecher tzaddik kadosh l’beracha, Hashem yinkom damo, who also was not one to back down for anyone and who believed in speaking the truth to power, no matter who got mad at him for it. That dedication to fearlessly speaking the truth eventually cost R’ Kahane his life — but he is now being rewarded for his courage up in Shomayim.

    47. The problem with “Nuchem Hikind” & “Dov Rosenberg” is that their EGO comes first, they couldn’t care less if the story is true or not, Rosenberg is a known liar who has no credibility whatsoever! and I understand why Twerski walked away, he fell into a trap and then he realized it, this threats that he allegedly got is simple B.S. not true, trust me!

    48. Let’s all look at this issue clinically. What is ultimate motivation for any argument? It’s not only about taivah but most likely money. The people who are hiding this stuff are usually concerned that if a melamed is exposed as a molester, the Yeshiva and the people involved will suffer financially as well as their reputability. So, always look at who will gain or lose financially if such sensitive info is exposed.

    49. so so sorry that it comes to this, we should all be crying out, a big geshrei our children and future generations are at risk because this is being hushed up and people who want to help are made to suffer and because of that we suffer that nothing will be done. Yes we should be speaking out about mondrowitz, kolka and all the rabbis that protect them. Oy vey a sad time for all of us.

    50. דער חילול השם וואס הייקינד מאכט יעצט ציזאמען מיט דעם אלט באקאנטען שטאט משיגנער נחום ראזענבערג איז נאך קיינמאהל אין די יודישע היסטארי געשעהן

      קיינער זאגט נישט אז ביי א מיעוט שבמיעוט פין כלל ישראל זענען נישט דא קיין אויסווארפען

      יא ליידער עס איז יא

      נאר וואס דער רשע נחום ראזענבערג קימט מיט סאטיסטיק

      30 פראצענט , 40 פארצענט

      האט ער אויף אזויפיל אויפגעטיהן אז מענטשען זאלען טראכטען אז 30/40 פראצענט איז טאקע א דמיון

      . אבער 10/15 פראצענט איז ליידער יא דא

      אויב איז דא א פראבלעם ביי כלל ישראל דארף מען עס

      נישט באשרייבען אין אלע גוישע צייטונגען

      ווייל דעס איז נישט מרבה כבוד שמים נאר ליידער די פארקערטע

      ?הייקינד די ווילסט אויפטיהן

      געדענק עס איז דא א תורהדיגע וועג!!!!!!!!!!

    51. דרך התורה

      you are a freak and I would assume a molester who has an agenda this whole issue about the torah way is basically a chocolate cover for molesters let me ask you if there would be now an increase in robberies in your neighborhood would you go now to rabannim and look for torah approval or you would call Dov and tell him to do some think what does molesters have to do with torah can you explain these people are killing our kids this has to do with stopping them in any way this is not a question of a torah issue

      The eriv is a torah issue an halach issue but child molesters is a torah issue? Is an halach issue you are so dumb i would advise you to go the unemployment office and look for a job you looser

    52. dont you guys see a pattern Nuchem Rosenberg Dov HKIND AND NOW RABBI TWERSKI they are trying to degrade and shame theese real asknnim for whom for chiled molesters its unbelivbel how we would do everythink to shut up the askanim like reb Nuchim and Dov rabbii twerski for whom for child molesters ? what a shame

    53. Yes, child molestation is a Torah issue, and it always was. This problem is as old as sheshas yemai beraishis. Dovid hamelech and Shlome hamelech dealt with it – not the wild masses. People have a need to get aggravated and will pour their entire venom on the Rabbonim. The mosdos haTorah belong to Rabbonim and Rebbes and they usually try hard to do a good job. The blame is on the wrong people, and no, I’m not a Rov, I’m a poshiter Yid.

    54. My opinion is…these molesters need to be castrated so they can never hurt another child..

      And not frum 49, I am around your age, and yes, I remember that too..but I AM still frum and know that those ppl wetre NOT, no matter how black their hats/pants were, and how white their shirts were..Frum is within, and actions speak louder than words…

    55. oh,come on people lay off the rabbi’s you are being to harsh on them,after all they cannot be bothered with such narishkeiten as abuse,they have much more important things to take care of,

      like ”bugs in strawberry’s,lipa concerts, wigs from india, thickness of women stockings etc, etc,

    56. To Library Lover,

      What you say is true, however from the action or lack of frum community it is the hat/pants etc. that count much more than actions.

      I can say this with complete confidence by the total lack of concern or even a debate about the whole Rubashkin issue, from the community or rebbies. It seems from most of the comments and of course silence from robinum, they do not give a hoot how corrupt, how much he polluted, (he has paid over 600,000 in fines for pollution) how much he stole from the workers, as long as he is frum the schicta is okay that is good enough for me. No concern about his business ethics, even is all the allegations, (and there is much more to come), are true no one in the frum community would care. And beyond that making fun of the conservative and reform rabbis because they want some ethics (there seal would have nothing to do with kasrus issues) in business, shows how the frum community has low ethics or moral values.

      in today’s news “Within that bottom 20 percent, however, there is a very bottom 10 percent that has the most blatant problems and violations. That’s where Agriprocessors is — in that bottom 10 percent.”

      when is the last time a frum organization, yeshiva said, sorry we cannot take your money it is dirty and would be a bad example for all. There are many sites that rate charity groups and their efficiency in using the money that was donated. Yes there are some with excellent rating like chai live life. However, you would be shocked how many frum charities are at the bottom of ratings, so much so, that it seems only to support the few officers of the organization. The reaction from the community and robinum, silence.

      And that is sad as a human being, and Jew.

    57. These are not Chassidic molestors.

      These are molestors who dress in Chassidic garb with langer peyote who need deep therapy/counseling.

      Shaarey Teshuva by Rabbenu Yonah and by the Mittler Rebbe is what they can learn in conjunction with whatever counseling services they will hopefully avail themselves to.


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