Borough Park, NY – Exclusive to VIN News – Dr. Benzion Twerski In His Own Words Addresses His Departure From ‘Askunas’


    Benzion Twerski, Ph.D., graduated with a Ph.D. in psychology from University of Pittsburgh in 1985. He studied in Yeshivos in Scranton, PA, Baltimore, and Jerusalem. He has been one of the leading professionals in youth-at-risk and addictions in the Jewish community.Borough Park, NY – I am taking a few minutes to make some statements in response to the article about my departure from Dov Hikind’s project and the events that triggered this.

    Firstly, I have extreme respect for Dov Hikind, and I share in his mission to make a difference in this painful and destructive issue. I was eager to join with him to create a Task Force that would actually lead to reduction of this terrible problem while doing everything from within the community. It is with sadness that I left the position, and I will always to continue to consider Dov a good colleague and friend. I know he feels the same.

    For quite some years, I had invested time and effort, without compensation, for various projects that were being done for the Klal. Even at times when my own financial situation was difficult, I extended myself at great cost for the hatzolas nefashos of youth at risk, addictions, etc. I am not interested in writing my own hesped, but there is much that has never been publicized and won’t be. My expectations were that the mission that I was entering would be understood as something that will be done properly and sensitively. It seems that some understood this quite erroneously.

    For several days, I was approached by individuals, some stating that they would cross the street if they were to meet me while walking with their children. Others told me that they would not accept my child into their class if assigned. Others used euphemisms that I refuse to repeat. Family members were likewise confronted by all sorts of comments and phone calls. My married children had been told to fear ever getting shidduchim for their children. Basically, I was left to choose between abandoning my family for this mission, or to take the painful step that I did.

    Molestation is underestimated in our community. I never proclaimed it an epidemic. I have not found any reliable statistics. But each victim is a precious neshomoh, an “olam molei” that is totally destroyed. Some victims leave the derech, others struggle with post traumatic stress disorder, some have major hurdles in establishing their own married lives, and still others become molesters themselves. There are frequent comments such as “It does not happen in my yeshiva” which constitutes denial. Perhaps there are no incidents, but one never knows. We’re talking about things that occur in secrecy. I never looked at this problem as one of quantity. I am concerned with the severity. Even the minutest percentage of foreign objects in food will prompt a recall. Our children deserve a zero tolerance for violations of their safety. And for those who insinuated that I was going to go after yeshivos and mosdos hachinuch, I will add that the abuse that occurs in these holy settings is a small percentage of what occurs in various other locations. To combat the problem, we need to begin somewhere.

    The intent of the Task Force was to devise systems that would be implemented by the yeshivos themselves to accept complaints, evaluate them, and move the cases onto the next level, whatever was determined by a body of individuals that would include poskim. No fox guarding the henhouse either, as the system would comprise individuals from outside the yeshiva as well to prevent denial and bias from interfering with the process. Part of this process would help filter out complaints that are baseless, either by exaggeration, inaccuracy, or pure fabrication. To consider this project a new “abuse clinic”, or a molestation police brigade is completely groundless.

    So I spent several days watching these gross misperceptions feed the mouths of “holchei rochil”. Not one person called me to inquire about the mission, and there was never a chance to explain any of this to anyone before the hatchet began swinging.

    Most bothersome to me is that this occurred during Chodesh Elul, when we all need to be doing some self-exploration – cheshbon hanefesh and teshuvah. We will need to face the upcoming yemai hadin, where we will each stand in our individual judgments. I will face Avinu Malkeinu with the position that “I tried to help Your children but they refused to let me.” What will the “holchei rochil” offer in their defense? “Hashem, we just shot down an “osek betzorchei tzibbur be’emunoh”. You shot the wrong person.

    I am not personally offended. I have learned to tolerate being called names. I’ve been around a little. I grieve for the work that could have been done, and my tefiloh is that someone capable is found who can see this mission through to success. I grieve for the pain and anger that this whole situation caused for myself, my family, for Dov Hikind, and for all others who recognize the seriousness of the mission. I grieve for the pain and suffering that innocent neshamos will experience in the absence of a system that could stop it. The flak will eventually fade, but the damage has been done. If nothing else, it is a really serious lesson in hilchos lashon horah.

    In reality, every frum Yid benefits from the things that askanim do. From intervening with governmental matters, legal issues, dealing with yeshivos, getting streets blocked for various events, and others too numerous to mention, we all derive much benefit from what they do. Nearly all, or perhaps absolutely all, function selflessly. Hatzoloh, Shomrim, and Chaverim are totally volunteer staffed. Since when do we carelessly and viciously attack an askan? Was there any posek asked about doing this? Was this a campaign by a group or individual, or was this just the street gossip fueling itself? I may never know. But I have been sensitized away from participating in askonus.

    I already contacted others whose projects are precious and worthy, and withdrew from taking any askonus role. Without any hesitation, I will share my thoughts and opinions with any of them, including Dov. But no one will be able to hold me responsible for something I did not do.

    To all the voices in the street that made this happen, my conscience is clear entering the days of selichos and yemai hadin. Are yours?

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    1. What a shame. The New York frum community could have had the best possible professional deal with this problem. Instead, they chased him out.

      That’s messed up. Thank God I don’t live there.

    2. I guess that they did not like the nice way of dealing with the molestation issue. It is incumbent upon all of us to stop protecting the molesters and report them to the authorities and have them locked up. When they get out they can build themselves a Megans Law IR MIKLAT where they can live with their own shul, kollel and mikvah away from society and children. Then they can molest each other for their amusement.

    3. Dr Twerski,

      We all know how this works and your being respepected and appreciated and understood for taking this step, macshuva kmaseh….you wanted to do but you were stopped by our own.

      Dov hikind please get a grant that will pay for cameras in every room in a yeshiva building and youll have all yeshivas beg that you go with Dr. Twerskis guidance.

    4. IF anyone has the rabbis ear can they ask him and post his response. is there any way those of us who want him to continue with this task. can get the rabbi to reconsider.

    5. ok, so who’s up for the task?

      Logically, the only people who have an interest in opposing this should be the molestors themselves. are there that many molestors out there?!


    6. I have rarely read such a powerful piece as that by Dr. Twerski. He does not need to be told that he deserves the praise of the entire community for his work in this area as well as others, but it needs to be stated publicly and unequivocally. Indeed it is the Rabbonim who should have started and been backing this initiative. For that reason I hope that the opposition to Dov Hikind’s initiative comes only from ignorant people.

    7. If this is a result of stam people making him crazy then I beg Rabbi twerski to rethink his decision as we all must strengthen our Bitachon in the RBS”O that it is HE and no one else who controls the world and ours is the job of doing for the Kllal. Hashem will protect him and guide him. If this is a result of Daas Torah pressuring him to not do this then he is commended for stepping down but questioned as to why share publicly the frustration. We must follow our Gedolim like it or not – this is the lesson from last weeks Parsha.

    8. To BP @5:42,

      I take offense by calling these people who did this “our own”. They might look like frum jews, but they don’t act like them, so in my opinion they aren’t.

    9. Why do people think that the Frum community does not have social ills? are we not human? have we not come past the Nish’t Bah Inz Principle?

      Not only is “shikur deh Goy” We have illnesses by Jews too. We have At Risk youth in our midst and we have pedophiles in our midst. We are human.

      Thank you Dr. T for your tircha for the Tzibur. Thank you Dov.

      Dr. T – this letter makes me shiver. Keep Strong for us all.

      Let’s keep our children safe.

    10. as someone involved in askunas and in these sensitive issues it is time for all of the so called rabbanim to issue a kol koreh not about music but about molestation

      i am tired of getting calls to my home late at night because someone has beeaten there wife or children on drugs or molestation

      these cases are happening every day in our community

      and believe me in some of the finest mishpochas

      let us start protecting the defenseless and hay hashem protect each of us the way we protect the defenseless

    11. What a tragedy!

      My heart goes out for Rabbi Twerski and his family.

      My heart goes out for all the children that may be unprotected from sick individuals.

      We recently read in Parshas Hashavua about the Eglah Arufah, that was mandated in the event of an unsolved murder. The murder of the soul of child is just as bad.

      Can we say our hands our clean?

      We must eradicate “HORAH SHEBIKIRBENU”, and that includes protectzia and mafia.


    13. Hashem should heal the sick people who have violated vulnerable children.

      Hashem should send a refuah sheleimah to the demented people who have threatened Rabbi Twerski.

      Rabbi Twerski, for the dozens of people who have intimidated you, there are tens of thousands of people who applaud you.

      As a rebbeshi einikel, you should have bitachon that shidduchim are from the Ribbono shel olan. You don’t want to meshadech with those types anyway. They don’t come to your pinky.

      You also don’t want your children being educated by ignorant boors.

      Make your holy ancestors proud! please retract your resignation.

      Participate in this very very holy endeavor.

      If anyone threatens not to take you child or grandchild, it may be because he is a molestor and is afraid of exposure.

      Tell him, you wonder if he is reacting like that because he is afraid he may be exposed himself.

      Send around a petition. You will see how many signatures you will get who want you to pursue this holy endeavor.

      It is a milchemes mitzvoh!!!

    14. Nobody addressed Dr. Twersky’s point…that his FAMILY is getting flak, his kids have been threatened with not getting Shidduchim for their children.

      Dr. Pelcovitz works extensively in this field…I know, because I’ve called him. He isn’t being harrassed. So it begs the question…is it the Chassidim, the “VERY holy people” to whom many look as examples who are putting the word out on the street that they will destroy Dr. Twersky? I guess it must be. Dr. Pelcovitz, whose religious affiliation I don’t know but I guess he’s just a poshiter yid (!) clearly isn’t a Chasid & he’s safe.

      I am cetain that no Rebbe would do such a thing. But I’m not sure about the rest of the flock. All these Chassidim, who cloak themselves in their bekershes, streimlach, lange payos etc…you allow this cancer to fester and in the process you destroy (or try to destroy) one of your own. You are AS GUILTY of abuse as the molestors themselves. You may not assault children, but you protect those who do & are stopping the one person who may, just may, be the missing piece of the puzzle of those able to make a difference.

      May G-d forgive you all.

    15. The Rabbis are failing us. And Dov Hikind is failing us, by protecting the criminals he, himself, knows about.

      Most of all we are failing ourselves. All day at other so called jewish yeshivish news sites we talk about YU, and the dress wearing professor. We bash the moderns. We bash the Jews who are not like us.

      RABBOSAI we MUST bash this instead.

      Bash the rabonim who protect molesters. And most of all, we must bash ourselves.


      DO IT



    16. While there are numerous disturbing things about this situation, I wonder if the Shidduch and school/yeshiva admissions systems need to be changed since it seems that black-mailing parents with threats to their children’s shidduch possibilities and yeshiva admissions and punishing children for perceived non-conformity by parents is a common control/extortion tactic. For starters, let’s have school admissions questionnaires that assign each child a number that are reviewed by an admissions committee that does know which number goes with which names and all of the questions and written references stick to relevant information like age, interests, grades, etc.

    17. To victim #…….. Says:

      Amen. Either a literal bat or a figurative one using the legal system and the media. If we can’t police ourselves, if our “leaders” don’t have the cajones to deal with such an obvious no-brainer, we have to do it on our own. One case of molestation is more important than all the idiots who will scream chillul hashem, don’t wash laundry etc. It will (Ch”v it should happen) their own fault that we had to got to secular systems to protect our children.

    18. 6:28 – he addressed that aspect of it. Dr. Pelcovitz is part of an MO/Chareidi-Lite community and doesn’t get this sort of treatment. Let’s call a spade a spade; we can’t always be PC if we want change.

    19. I can’t not sleep at night, never mind say “my conscience is clear” when I know that i just turned my back on all the Yiddishe Neshomos who continue to be abused RIGHT NOW, as we speak and we DO NOTHING about it, because we have to “save our own skin”!

    20. After reading the news of Rabbi Twerski’s resignation, I cried. I truly hoped and believed that finally something will get done in our community that will put an end to the sickness.

    21. Where is he getting flak from ???? We need more details and insight into this. Something just isn’t adding up. WHO is pressuring the rabbi and his family ????

    22. if you read his letter is was not just regular people or nuts.

      It was rebbis that’s who he says if you son comes to my class I will not accept him.

      Why are the rebbis powers to be quiet on this, you would think they would move faster then they moved to bann the music concert.

      No maybe it is a little darker they are protecting some of their own

    23. My heart goes out to Rabbi Bentzion Twerski and his family. What this tremendous person could have done to help our community and the victims therein is endless, and what a tragedy that R’ Twerski was forced to step down!!

      What is going on here???

    24. First nuchem rosenberg now twersky? I think its time for the people to say enough. We are at war. Playing nice is over. Let’s take it to the streets. Let’s get the govern$ent involved. This our jihad. We can fight too. Hashem imuni! Let’s roll!

      • Please don’t compare Nuchem Rosenberg who even though is doing something he truly believes in, but it’s being done in a wrong non-torahdige way. (From naming innocent people etc etc) to Harav Twerski Shlit”a who besides for being a real talmid chochom and a Tzaddik gomur, is trying to help the community on a halachdige way which he got from his illustrious father Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski shlit”a and is truly trying to fix the issue.

    25. Rabbi T- You are abroigating your responsibility to the molested and the abused and you will pay for your cowardice in Heaven. Shame on you for caving in. You have the press behind you , the media, DOv, Rabbi Horowitz, and you cave in to their foolish demands. Appeasement does not work, we all know that. You should rejoin the struggle, name names, publicize their evil deeds, and collect your reward in Heaven like every other long suffering Askan. Your capitulation for your Family or other reasons is beyond belief after you have been such a great leader in this arena. Go to the Rabbonim and ask for their support, go to the the leaders of those who attack you and work to have them ostracized. To cave in is to condemn countless souls who for looking up to you. J’Accuse.

    26. Its incredible how a few looney characters control an entire community and call themselves askunim. I just found out that two boys were molested this summer in the m. camp by a yingerman counchler,I nstead of throwing the bum out they kept him on staff p[roviding he keep his distance from campers. The corruption is incrdeible. I have a friend who years ago was kicked out of a yeshiva for keeping a daily news hidden in hi closet but known older gay molesters were allowed to stay in the yeshiva. somethings wrong.

    27. I have a bullet proof vest I can donate to the Rabbi. This is a serious offer, Not a sick joke. There is No doubt that all the “flak” he would be taking for pursuing this in earnest would at some point not be limited to Verbal abuse,and idle threats. Don’t think for a moment that if some big shot in the community was about to be exposed and prosecuted they would have any qualms about silencing their accusers, they alredy have demonstrated an eager willingness to sin, and commit horrible crimes.

    28. Rabbi Twersky I fully undestand you….

      Your Not a Coward…..

      All of us Normal People would do the Same…

      His Family comes First….

      The Cowards are the Parents of these Children….

      You take the Law in your Hands and deel with it Later….

      LOCK & LOAD

    29. Dear Dr. Twersky,

      Do not be discouraged! I too have been an askin in the community and know that at times it is a “thankless” job! Yet I continue on in my own quiet way and do not expect any appreciation or thank yous, and when I finally do receive it, its a bonus! We all know how hard you have worked and will continue to work helping the “klal.! Keep up the great work and may Hashem help you to continue your “heilige” work!!

    30. How dare you insult the Rabbi, imply cowardice!

      Why do all you posters out there assume that the detractors of Rabbi Twerski, as well as the molesters are “civilized” enough to keep their threats and abuse in the Verbal zone, and not turn physical? I submit to you that they have (the sexual abusers) sufficiently demonstrated that they are capable of anything.

    31. while it is sad that Rosenberg and twersky left. I am sorry to say the one who should be protecting the children are the parents themselves. Stop crying that you are not getting help from so and so from this rov and that rabbie. Protecting your children is you main job, go to the police protect your children, otherwise you are negligent in you duties as a parent.

      This is a law enforcement issue, not an halacha issue. The rabbis are simply not up to the task.

      History should tell you in crisis situations listening to you rebbe is detrimental to you and your families lives

    32. It’s so sad that in our community our OWN people are dumb and deaf! Now all the molesters know that in the jewish community it’s ok to molest kids because NOTHING will be done about it. PLEASE prove them wrong! They should be named in newspapers and radios. SHAME ON THEM and SHAME on the so called RABONEM!!

    33. People can only be threatened if they agree to cave in to blackmail. Rabbi Twersky should not have caved in, but rather had bitachon that “shliach mitzvah ayno nezoykin” and he should have had faith that Hashem would protect him and his family.

    34. Victim#’s comment should make on recognize that the damage done through inaction reaches far beyond those directly harmed. The anger and frustration over the failure of those who should know better, should do better, has the potential to overwhelm the forbearance of even the strongest among us. Enraged by the enormity of the offense and the criminal negligence of doing nothing, one’s capacity to contain one’s fury leads eventually, to the breaching of both the laws of man and G-d and this speeds the downward spiral towards societal breakdown and chaos.


    36. Those “Rabbis” who threatened him and forced him to resign, do so for “good reason”, Rachmono Litzlan.

      The All Have Skeletons in Their Closet!

      They are defending “their own”, Hashem Yishmarenu.

      Yes, every one of them have what to fear, if the Molesters are eradicated because like Rabbi Kolko from Torah Temima, all other such Molesters also threaten their superiors that if they Rat on them, they will Rat BACK on their Superiors (mosdos financial matters or about their superiors other “good deeds”).

    37. Rabbi Twersky is a true tzaddik. I myself have in the past undertaken to pay for therapy of a freind of mine who is addicted to drugs. Rabbi twersky agreed to help the patient running up a bill of alot of money which he never wanted to collect. Rabbi Twersky is a true oved shelo al m’nas lekabel pras, and I am sure that he only wants to do what he feels is best for klal Yisroel. So Rabbi Twerski, don’t be discouraged by all of the nameless cowards who are trying to take you down. Hashem knows the truth. Schorco harbe meod!

    38. Heimish Yid, “Lets Roll” get this going!

      These so called askanim and rabonim are nothing but scum and should burn in hell, Dov keep it up, you have the support of many more than you think you have. Rabbi/Dr. twerski, you should be blessed no matter what your final decision is.

      To everyone else out there lets heed heimesh yids advice and organize a huge protest or maybe a yom tefilla for all the victims of clergy abuse.

    39. maybe we should take our children and put them in public schools or home school,it might be safer.Don’t the yeshivas understand this is for there good? besides it’s free.

    40. I think we need to threaten back.. I have some very damaging evidence regarding a certain very popular rebbe’s siblings.. I would never go public stam because it would not acomplish anything and is lashon harah.. but I think someone needs to threaten those that are issuing threats.. fight fire with fire..

    41. Anonymous Says:

      comments – arrow If this is a result of stam people making him crazy then I beg Rabbi twerski to rethink his decision as we all must strengthen our Bitachon in the RBS”O that it is HE and no one else who controls the world and ours is the job of doing for the Kllal. Hashem will protect him and guide him. If this is a result of Daas Torah pressuring him to not do this then he is commended for stepping down but questioned as to why share publicly the frustration. We must follow our Gedolim like it or not – this is the lesson from last weeks Parsha.

      09-10-2008 – 5:51 PM

      We must follow our Gedolim like it or not – this is the lesson from last weeks Parsha.

      Not matter how they have forsaken you, even if you know within your heart in a case that they are wrong (misjudgment on their part to be nice) you would still listen to them? Are you a thinking person or a robot?

      Sorry, from other article recently posted some times gedolem are wrong, they are wrong now to protect the the molester, as they where wrong during WWII telling people like you who listened,

      stay here do not go to a treif country like USA and Israel and or other. Funny how they themselves and their families packed their own bags to the very treif countries.

      Please look at the gedolem for advoce but due think on your owm.

    42. To Heimish Yid Says:

      Please do something but do not start a lynch mob. when a group takes matter in its own hands emotions take over and it could lead to serious mistakes.

      Get together have a meeting nominate a spokesman or woman (someone with big who will not be intimidated or enjoys the challenge or someone single who has less to lose) and speak to the police and or Brooklyn DA and say, we had enough we will help you prosecute and bring the molesters to trial jew non-jew religious rabbie, even our leaders we do not care. Ask, what are you working on, we will help, we will get the community to help, don’t go to our leaders when it comes to this issue we do not trust our leaders. Believe it or not in most cases the police and the da are there to help. But they need the community help to help the community.

      I know that the DA’s office would love the help from the community and would love to get these guys of the street.

      It would be a waste of time to convince some or all that the rabbis have dropped to ball on this issue, those will never ever think that their leader did anything wrong. Just look for like minded people

      If you wait for the gedolem to do something, I afraid to say you will wait till the end of time

      MY 2 cents

    43. PS to Heimish Yid

      If you do not want to that far at least get parents to take their children out of know molester protecting yeshivas Like torath temmema and satmer.

      Hit them in their pocket book. And please no idiot comments saying “how could you, you are taking away parnasha from a yid” get over it yes we are and that is the point

    44. I see where he is coming from. I used to try to help these kids too, and stopped one guy going after young girls.. Two people came after me with frivolous false cases that I had to defend against with money from my own pocket that I didn’t have. My insurance didn’t cover it either. All you big talkers out there – did you donate to cover insurance or the lawsuits for these askanim? You talk big but until each one of you shell out money to cover the harrassment lawsuits that inevitably any askan will face and the insurance to boot – you have no right, absolutely no right to talk. Sure you stand right behind Rabbi Twerski – 100 feet behind.

    45. OK Folks! Quit belly aching. What have YOU done to help yourself or the community in regard to this issue. Blame yourself if you havent bothered to call Dov Hikind and be him mechazek. Let everyone here call Dov Hikind’s Boro Park office and voice support for his effort. He too will eventualy tire from this battle if we do not voice our support. GET OFF YOU COLLECTIVE A__ES AND CALL DOV TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE!

    46. I don’t know why I, of all people, should have to teach a great and respected rabbi some Tanach, but apparently even the greatest amongst us lose their way occasionally. Anyone in a position to do so, please pass this on to Rav Twerski:

      יב וַיַּגִּידוּ לְמָרְדֳּכָי, אֵת דִּבְרֵי אֶסְתֵּר.

      יג וַיֹּאמֶר מָרְדֳּכַי, לְהָשִׁיב אֶל-אֶסְתֵּר: אַל-תְּדַמִּי בְנַפְשֵׁךְ, לְהִמָּלֵט בֵּית-הַמֶּלֶךְ מִכָּל-הַיְּהוּדִים.

      יד כִּי אִם-הַחֲרֵשׁ תַּחֲרִישִׁי, בָּעֵת הַזֹּאת–רֶוַח וְהַצָּלָה יַעֲמוֹד לַיְּהוּדִים מִמָּקוֹם אַחֵר, וְאַתְּ וּבֵית-אָבִיךְ תֹּאבֵדוּ; וּמִי יוֹדֵעַ–אִם-לְעֵת כָּזֹאת, הִגַּעַתְּ לַמַּלְכוּת.

      טו וַתֹּאמֶר אֶסְתֵּר, לְהָשִׁיב אֶל-מָרְדֳּכָי.

      טז לֵךְ כְּנוֹס אֶת-כָּל-הַיְּהוּדִים הַנִּמְצְאִים בְּשׁוּשָׁן, וְצוּמוּ עָלַי וְאַל-תֹּאכְלוּ וְאַל-תִּשְׁתּוּ שְׁלֹשֶׁת יָמִים לַיְלָה וָיוֹם–גַּם-אֲנִי וְנַעֲרֹתַי, אָצוּם כֵּן; וּבְכֵן אָבוֹא אֶל-הַמֶּלֶךְ, אֲשֶׁר לֹא-כַדָּת, וְכַאֲשֶׁר אָבַדְתִּי, אָבָדְתִּי.

      Translation with some liberties:

      12. And Ester’s servants told Mordechai [that Ester was reluctant to carry out her dangerous mission]

      13. So Mordechai told the servants to respond to Ester, “Do not remain silent! Do not think that [by shirking your duties] you will remain safe while only other Jews are harmed.

      14. Because if you are silent at this time [when you can be of greatest help] salvation and relief will come from another source. Furthermore, you and your whole family will be destroyed! For who knows? Maybe you rose to this position of power specifically to be of help in this very circumstance!”

      15. So Ester replied to Mordechai saying,

      16. “Go, gather all of the Jews and have them fast and repent for my well-being. Tell them to not eat or drink, day or night, for three days. I too will fast and repent. Afterwards, I will [perform this dangerous duty]. And if great harm should come to me [or my family], so be it!

    47. anon 9:07

      If you think that you have some damaging stuff about a popular rebbe’s siblings and they are to do with molestation, then you are endangering children’s lives every day. LOSHON HORO???????

      Learn the halachos, and you will see that not only is this not loshon hora, but it is a mitzvah d’oraisa to release this information to the authorities. If you do have this info and are holding it back as ammo, then you are just as malicious as these disgusting molestors

      I sincerely hope that this isn’t the case!!!











    49. On the bright side at least we know Moshich is getting closer.

      Truth into lies, lies into truth.

      Rabbi try to remember for the next time ( this project obviously extracted too high a price)

      That we ( I too want to say enough when I am asked for help and then abused) do the chesed because we are supposed to and not allow the ignorant , to bring us down to their level.

      I have often said do good and tell the truth not because the person you deal with will respond in kind, but rather do not allow yourself to let them bring you down to the gutter where they live.

      Wishing you a Chasiva V’Chasima Toiva

      Respectively yours;

      An admirer

    50. This comes from a community which has shunned me and many other “modern Orthodox” women like myself because my sleeves were “too short.” This in itself is indicative of a community which cannot deal with or face anything out of the norm, their norm. So why should it surprise anyone that the same individuals choose to sweep the huge (and very real) problem of molestation, from within, under the carpet? It is far easier to focus on the length of one’s sleeves than deal with the real tragic issues which we are not immune to. The tragedy is that no amount of sweeping will make the problem disappear.

    51. The truth is this. Rabbi twersky was against the show DOV HIKIND did this past weekend when he took advantage of a couple and mostly the husband (david) and asked him very personal and graphic questions. Rabbi Twersky is a professional and understands that this was totaly not helpful for the public and will not benefit those that were molested. The show was more like Jerry Springer and Rabbi Twersky knows that and does not want to be involved in something like this. There may have been people that made comments to him about this and therfore he stopped. I’m telling you that for dov to do this on a radio show when in fact he is not a therapist himself is a peoblem. The fact that Dov is bringing awareness to the issue is ok but to take advantage of this poor sole David is beyond what he should do.



    53. And where is “daas torah ” on this issue?

      Where is Aguda on this issue? Will this be talked upon and mentioned at the convention or will the Agudah people whimp out and rather talk about bugs in strawberries and bugs in water and all the other &*%#% that they think is more important than a few molestors running around and ruining our children?

      Anyone in a position that CAN do something about this problem and sits by is a fool and a jerk for not doing the right thing.

      Rabbi Twerski is worried about shiduchim for his granchildren instead of doing the RIGHT thing?

      Rabbi Twerski must be out of his mind now or there is more to the story which is not being told?

      I would be inclined to do with a shidduch with a family that could have made a difference in peoples lives but decided to sit by because of shidduchim for their kids? \

      Did Rabbi Twerski ask gedolim in Eretz Yisroel if he could leave the position?

      Imagine moses dealing with this! Moses would have stayed another 40 years rather than see all the garbage that has sepped into our communities.

    54. Ten years ago we had a known molester arrested. Of course we discussed this with a few rabbonim first. They all begged us not to have this pervert arrested and said they would take care of this problem. We asked them how they would take care of it, since it had been going on for years with their knowledge. THEY HAD NO ANSWER.

      We went ahead and had this sick man arrested. Community asskonim got involved and he only got 30 days house arrest. The night before his sentencing he attacked a 15 year old boy whose father was too cowardly to press charges.

      Our community has a problem. They don’t care enough to make sure that the molester doesn’t hurt the next child, or their own next child.

      Their complete lack of bitachon makes them afraid that this would hurt their shidduch chances.

      PLEASE, if this should cholila happen to your own child, PRESS CHARGES. You wouldn’t allow a murderer to run loose. MOLESTERS ARE MURDERERS.

      Askonim shouldn’t have to do the work that belongs to the parents.


      The 71st precinct in Crown Heights has a very helpful sex crimes unit. CALL IF YOU NEED THEM.

    55. Why isn’t anyone crossing the street or withdrawing shidduchim from the rabbanim who come out with ridiculous gezeras about music? Have the Jewish people completely lost their minds and priorities? Rabbi Twersky, we need you and more like you to save us from ourselves.


      09-10-2008 – 11:34 PM

      Lipa is so scared to death about singing that he will be at the next circus but not sing.

      All the singers will just be on stage and stand there now. And we have to pay 50.00 to see singers stand there like dopes now?

      Judiasm is becoming a circus. the BIG jewish philisophical discussions of the last three years have been dealing with bugs in water, cost of pizza, gas prices, bugs in shaitels, the burning of wigs and the stupidity goes on and on.

      When someone wants to become a jew we are supposed to tell them not to and convince them not to want to become a jew. If you want to stop a goy from becoming jewish tell them to just read vosizneias and that will do the trick.

    57. I am literally embaressed to be frum. how dare anyone bully such a great person trying to help our own people. then our community wonders why jews go off the derech THIS IS EXACTLY WHY!!

    58. Dear Heimishe Yid,

      I would like to point out that the very people you are asking to join together and fight against those who threatened Rabbi Twerski are quite possibly ONE AND THE SAME! The reality is that we cannot depend on our “leaders” to get on board and change the situation. Look how fear and intimidation, justifiable or otherwise, got to Rabbi Twerski – one of the good guys!

      Ask yourselves, who created the fear of trouble with Shidduchim?

      WE DID!

      As long as we continue to be paralyzed by these crippling thoughts, the predators will always feel free to operate in our midst because they know that people feel that being associated with this Inyan somehow comes back on reputation and family. This mentality has turned into a social epidemic. Keep the people living in fear and they will comply. Where do we live? The Soviet Union? Communist China? Cuba? North Korea? We live in a country that allows freedom to practice our Yiddishkeit openly, yet we are trapped behind the “Iron Curtain” of our minds. Why were people not afraid of Shidduch troubles when their friends found out that they ate Treif meat sold to them by a Heimishe Butcher in Monsey? Does public knowledge of this fact ruin their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren’s chances for Shidduchim? NO! It only does if you think it does.

      As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I can assure you that I do not have a problem with any of my children marrying into a family that had a Negiyus to this topic either as a survivor or as an Askin/Advocate. If, however, I found out that one of my children was set up in a shidduch with someone from a family of naysayers such as those being discussed in this forum, I would be horrified. Do not fool yourselves; YOU naysayers are really the ones with the fatal flaw unworthy of marrying my children.

      Rabbosi, the community is at a major crossroads RIGHT NOW and has to decide whether we will finally collectively fight back and bring about change, or whether it will submit to fear and intimidation and once again allow ourselves to be herded into the cattle cars believing what we choose to believe.

      This time do NOT say you were not warned.



    59. Rabbi Twersky, your family is not the one that has to fear of not getting shidduchim is this problem is confronted. The people who have molesters in their family and are trying to bully you and threaten you with cherem-like actions are the ones who have to fear about getting shidduchim.

    60. If we cannot police and protect ourselves we MUST turn to the goyish police and courts to protect our children/ our future. These vigilantes are hashkofic mamzeirim! Yidden are afraid of the emes???

    61. It will take somebody with “nothing” to expose the perpetrators, because when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. somebody somewhere must do something. If you have no family, and no money, then you are the one to take on these “people”. Oh, just one thing you will need, and that is a backbone. Until then innocents will continue to be abused, while the rabbis run and hide.

    62. Rabboisai:

      1)Hearsay is worthless. Only people who are willing to publicly state that they or perhaps their child is a victim may have a right to publicly name an aggressor. But a normal, civil society cannot have people pointing fingers and destroying lives based on what someone told them or confided to their friend, etc.

      2)Despite reading hundreds of comments on this subject, no one dares to mention that perhaps the reason behind the prevalence of molestation in the more “frumer” groups is because of their sexual repression and their inability to deal with their sexual frustration. Some people want to use the mainstream American playbook despite the fact that when it comes to sexual issues we are thousands of miles apart. confront the molesters, try to heal them and if they resist to be helped then they should be dealt with in other ways. Only professionals can make these calls, not hoodlums with baseball bats or hot lines!

    63. Seriously, how sick is this?–

      As sick as it gets. I thought Jews were supposed to look out for one another. It looks like the child molesters and their enablers are the only ones doing so.

      If people in the community had any true loyalty to one another, there were be a delegation sent to the home of Dr. Twerski that would offer to watch his home around the clock, and shadow him and his family to make sure they’re safe. Surely, they could take some time out of their busy day studying Talmud and being holy to prevent blood from being spilled, couldn’t they?

    64. I think Open season on children has just been declared. The community has spoken loud and clear, when people abuse children it will do everything in its power to protect the abuser at the expense of the child.

      Be afraid, be very afraid

    65. I will not dare to judge rav twerski….but where are the gedolim in all of this?

      how can this be allowed in this day and age

      totally disgusting and the gedolim want to know why they get no respect

    66. What is happening in REAL LIFE?

      Well, in real life:

      1- Rabbis are going out of their way to protect the perverts among them.

      2- Rabbis are fleecing, abusing and blackmailing their powerless alien employees.

      3- Rabbis are using goon squads to beatup, shut in, and pour acid on the faces of our “immodestly dressed” wives and daughters.

      4- Rabbis are daring to pass judgment on the victims of the Holocaust.

      5- Rabbis are encouraging our sons to lead lives of dependency and shiftlessness, while hating the very Israeli government that supports and protects them.

      6- Rabbis are choking the joy out of Judaism by making EVERYTHING Halachically micromanaged. They have made Pesach into a nightmare.

      7- Rabbis are forcing singers to include Haskamot (endorsements) in their musical albums.

      8- Rabbis via Artscroll are idealizing and whitewashing recent European jewish history.

      9- Rabbis via Artscroll are piling more and more worthless books on our people, increasing their anxiety and fear that they can never know enough.

      10- Rabbis via their amateurish, Artscrollesque Talmudism have destroyed the aesthetic sensibility of our people.

    67. “I wonder if the Shidduch and school/yeshiva admissions systems need to be changed ….”

      We do it to ourselves. We look for the “best” schools… we look for the “perfect” shidduchim.

      But how can it be – all us good guys are so quiet that we hardly ever get publicly upset, even about actual molestation cases, which leaves all the riff raff to go around making a mess.

      And the Rabbanim are just as silent as we are.

      We need a new derech. One that doesn’t deny internet, one that doesn’t deny the other realities out there, one that empowers the ordinary people to stand up properly, with the courage that we are helping and not adding the the smear-velt.

    68. To those who accuse Dr. Twerski of “copping out”, it would point out:

      1) Al tadin es chavercho ad shtagia l’mkomo

      2) Rabbi Horowitz advised him to withdraw.

      To those who pressured Dr. Twerski to resign:

      I will presume a massive limud zechus that you are concerned about a possibly innocent person’s life ruined by unfounded rumors. You might want to consider the following:

      The community is not going to put up with this assault upon its children indefinitely. At some point the civil authorities will get involved. Do you think that will provide better protection for someone unjustly slandered? What kind of chillul Has-hem is it if we can’t weed out our own predators?

      “V’Hoshivo shofeinu korishono, v’yoatzeinu k’vatchilo…”

    69. Following this story, one can only be reminded of a similar sequence of events unfolding in the Catholic Church. There too, voices of respected individuals within their community were silenced, harassed, threatened with “excommunication,” and had their personal and professional lives threatened. Priests were considered to be morally superior and above suspicion and that was all the community needed to know. As we now have found out, none of this was true and (relatively) vast numbers of priests were guilty of molestation and abuse. In time the Community will regret its actions and, it is hoped, apologize deeply and profusely to individuals such as Rabbi Twerski.

    70. It seems that we don’t learn from our past. When we call in outside help(ie..government) to help us take care of an internal problem, Hashem sees to it that we pay dearly. Does anyone remember the Churbam Bayes when we needed Rome to help settle our own disputes.

      Until the Gedolai Hador step in and organize a Bipartisan committee to study and take action on our internal failures, we will continue to pay for them in Golus.

    71. Anyone who thinks that we don’t have a problem is simply putting their head in the sand. What are they waiting for — for the government to take action and they will do it thier way. How stupid these people are, when Dr. Twersky wanted to help the community and this is how he gets re-paid? Shame on these people to said such things to him or to his family. Yasher Koach, Dr. Twersky for your Machshova tova.

    72. people wake up there is only one way to solve the problem you have to start an organization with people working there as public relation like a campaign send out news letters updates mail flyers and updates about this issues and stories of victims and if necessary expose the molesters and at the same time ask people to donate money for protecting the lawsuits from these molesters if people will see action they will throw money at this organization again public relation that’s all we need against these corrupted askanim the only think they are afraid is public exposure they can only do this if there is no public notice of all the facts I can assure you they will fold like chickens they are afraid of public opinion because the public is so angerd and outraged we just need it to be organized and you will all see how affective this will be

      and again I agree we let reb Nuchme Rosenberg down they saw the weakness nobody sticked up for reb Nuchme they tread him like a Nazi they see it works they will not stop they will go on and on unless we organize and I know its easy talking but one think I can assure them if its organized money will not be an issue


      אל תדי את חבירו את שתגיע למקומו!

      Having said that, we all must have a tremendous הכרת הטוב for the entire Twerski family. They are such great people. They are the REAL Chasidish Rebbes of today.

      I never met any Twerski yet. But I have read about them. This is a family that faced a serious problem in the Frum community that everybody else swept behind the carpet: ADDICTION.

      The entire frum community knows best how to deal with ADDICTION: DENIAL. From Modern Orthodox to Chasidish. No, there are no alcoholics among us! DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL.

      A special thanks also to Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski Shlit”a. I have read his books, sefurim, and listened to his lectures. I personally have family members that where rehabilitaed thru his insights.




      A Heimish Chasidish Yid from Will-yems-burk!

    74. This discussion confirms that the chareidishe world is now spiritually and intellectually dead.

      We have gone from an “am kadosh” to just another poor ethnic group like the Puerto Ricans or the Mexicans.

      PS – anon 6:59 very well said

    75. With all due respect to Dr. Twersky, who is an Ish Yakor Meod, he sounds like a CryBaby.

      What did he think, when he took on this responsibility?

      Did he think that the predator gangsters who prey on our innocent children would just sit there and genuflect in his honor. This is a war, and they will use all the weapons at their disposal.

      Had Dr. Twersky had the guts to stick it out and make his case, he would have turned it around.

      Instead, he cut and ran, like a coward. What a pity!

      Please, I don’t want to hear any more criticism of Nocheum Rosenberg and other “irresponsible” people. At least they have the guts to get into the arena and fight.

      The “responsible people” have exposed themselves as weaklings, who are totally impotent!

    76. LADIES AND GENGELMAN WE ARE IN MAJOR TRUBLE, If 2 major powerful major askunim have quit this field because of threats we are in deep issues, do I want my kids to be in this dangerous community, where criminals are protected????!

    77. Blaming those who have been threatened does not help. If each of us demanded from our rabbonim that they publicly condemn this campaign of intimidation it might have an impact.

    78. i don’t get why Dr Twersky is worried about shidduchim, surely any prospective shidduch for his family will be even better if he would continue his work?

      what a twisted world we live in……..

    79. Yankel Says:

      comments – arrow It seems that we don’t learn from our past. When we call in outside help(ie..government) to help us take care of an internal problem,

      A strong person of community can adtmit to itselve that it need help from others.

      Only the very weak and insecure cannot admit that.

    80. I also admire Rabbi Twerski.

      Now if only many more heimishe yidden would go to college and become as educated as the Twerski’s are, we’d all be more intelligent!!!!

      So my friends, read between the lines, neither he nor his Twerski relatives were born with a special G-d given intellect to guide people through addictions and abuse. Anyone can learn the trade by going to college.

      Having said that, I laud the Twerski’s for remaining firm in their beliefs, chassidus, while still embracing what everyone else call “secular education”. When will all of us be allowed to pursue the same secular education and NOT BE OSTRACIZED FROM THE COMMUNITY????

    81. R”L that Reb Bentzion had to resign out of fear for his safety, and the safety of his family!!! People are so scared that something is finally being done?!?! May HKB”H Protect all of Klal Yisrael!!

      Kesiva Vachasima Tova!!

    82. This field can only be dealt with by people with enough credit, no need for clients, great track record

      moshe rabeinu looked for “sonei botza, anshei shem, kruai moed those are the criteria you need

      reb benzion is a tayre yid : but if you need refferals for clients , …to be accepted by org…. this is not for you reb benzion can continue to do good work in the private sector

    83. Rabbi Twerski,

      I am very disappointed, You could have done something. You have the experience and knowledge to deal with this Problem, where most are in denial.

      How could you let the enablers scare you out. Aren’t our boys important enough? I am scared for my own son, and as he keeps begging me to send him to NY for Yeshiva – I continue to keep him home, compromising his education to protect his soul.

      an out of town mother.

    84. Rabbi Twersky did the right thing, Dov started a campaign without consent of the gedoli hador, as you read article after article the chutzpa expressed against our gedolin is mond boggling. no one on this sight has learned anything from the chofetz chaim hilchos loshon hora..the chapter of rochilus is full of all these scenarios of whats taking place. have we forgotten the word Tshuva means, if someone did something fifteeen years ago, and repented where is klal yisroel to condem such a person without consulting gedolim. We are looking for every zechus before rosh hashona and yet we condem members of klal yisroel with facts coming from a radio host and who is not guided by rabonim, RABOSI you are bringing the worst KITRUG on us if you continue on this path Everyone will feel the anger from the above if we don’t cut this out, and let the gedolim do what is neccessary. TZNIUS issues never belonged on radio so DOV stop this, and concentrate having the utmost respect for the gedolim of our generation, or you will not find yourself in office guarnteed by next election.



    86. We all complained that Nuchem Rosenberg’s way is not the “Derech Hatorah” and this issue has to be dealt with quietly. Great. We’ve shot down Rosenberg and took a different direction. But the people that shot down Rosenberg still aren’t happy. Maybe they are scared even more when it is done professionally. WHO ARE THE ONES standing in the way of dealing with this issue? There is no doubt that these people “T’zeuchim B’duka Achrahem”.

    87. Chasidim wake up if we will not break this MAFIA that terrorizes everybody including our Rabnnim YES our rabbnim are afraid of this few MAFIA that are responsible for the EROV problem LIPA SMELSCHER baloney problem reb NUCHEM ROSENERG issue and they are behind the Williamsburg FRES TRUCK issue and now they are taking on the GRILL ON LEE issue and the list go on and on and its unbelievable that a few low life’s unemployed drunks can hold a community in terror and nobody can stand up to them and everybody is suffering its unheard of and i truly believe that DOV is the most powerful and strong leader that will stop this crap once for all and DOV I believe you are as smart as I ma if you get the public relation part together with fighting them on every way you will win and at the end be a HERO to thousands of people who just as i am puzzled to see how afraid the rabbinm and askkanim are from a few low life’s and they run our Yiddish kite they tell us what we may or not do because they are a few bitter people without a job that wants to make sure that everybody to be as bitter as they are and we are sitting like ducks and let them get away with it I hope the people are waking up and smell the coffee

    88. future101 Says:

      you are so full it we gave the so called gedli hadoor 30 years to get something done with this issue i know in my area in Boro Park in big SHul a molester that this week tried to get a BUCHIR to do something with him and this buchir jump out of his car and when i heard his name i could not believe it he is sitting in the shul at first row one of the nicest yidden in shul its a fact stop already with this Gedli hador not that i say that we should not listen to rabnim but don’t you see the rabbin are afraid of these few Mafia people they cant do anything they are being kept hostage with this few people so called asknnim and you have the CHATZPA to say that DOV ius not allowed to bring this issue to the PUBLIC


    89. If this task Force was so great, why didnt any Godol approve or back it???? only some self made Askanim like Hikind and others… who care about their Kovod more than Klal Yisrael. Next time Dr. twerki consult daas Torah b4 you try something.

    90. When a witness is threatened we provide protection. Let’s get Rabbi Twersky and his family protection and let’s get shomrim to root out the few people that are doing the threatening.

      His kids won’t get a shidduch? They’ll be lining up for a shidduch with his kids if he helps solve this problem

    91. Perhaps too many people in the Establishment have too much too hide.

      Do you think anyone who has enabled the molestors wants the world to find out how much each he (or she) has swept under the rug in the last thirty years?

    92. if Dov Hikind remains quiet, i am going to assume that he too is being warned, threatend and harrased. (no suprise).

      now that rabonim and askonim are afraid to do anything, what are we left with? … perhaps giving our kids tear gas to scare off unwanted cruel careless evil “choyte Umachte”s

    93. Gedolim didn’t approve it for the same reason they didn’t say anything for 30 years while these monsters were running amok in our streets, schools, and shuls. They are, at best, of the opinion that saying nothing is better than doing something, and at worst, complacent, clueless, or even protective of these rodfim.

    94. i have very mixed feelings about Rabbi Twersky quitting this Task Force. On the one hand i’m extremely upset about it but on the other hand i cant judge him. I dont think anybody would want to be exposed to the threats, name calling etc etc which he was exposed to, let alone his wife and children.

      But one thing we CAN all agree upon is this:

      Dov Hikind means this sincerely and has nothing to gain from this. HE ONLY STANDS TO LOSE FROM TACKLING THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE!!

      which just proves that he means it sincerely!!!

      So… it is OUR resbonsibilty to call his office and give him SUPPORT and CHIZUK. And even if you disagree with what he did this past Motzai Shabbos on his radio program, one bad radio program doesn’t make the entire project wrong!!!


      He will listen to you i’m sure.

      So call him at 718-853-9616/9617 and give him the chizuk he deserves.

    95. A famous Talmid Chachum said:

      Before Moshuich will come, there will be:

      Vinter un kelt,

      Eishirom un gelt

      Tzadekim un Yuiras Shumaim


      Winter will not be cold

      Rich people will not have money

      And Tzadikim will not fear for Hashem…

      WAKE UP!!!

    96. It took guts what Rabbi Twersky did by going public like he did in a tight knit community like boro park.


      Anonymous Says:

      comments – arrow If this task Force was so great, why didnt any Godol approve or back it???? only some self made Askanim like Hikind and others… who care about their Kovod more than Klal Yisrael. Next time Dr. twerki consult daas Torah b4 you try somethinAnonymous Says:

      Are you serious, blind or stupid, the reason this task force is need is the very fact that Dass Torah has done nothing regarding this matter.

      I apologize to Dass Torath and ask forgiveness you have done good work protecting the molestors, I ask mechila

    97. I wish Rabbi Twerski would read all these posts and see how many of us truly back him and wish he would continue his great work for klal Yisroel! Rabbi, Why would you listen to a few das yecheedim? You know 95% of us back you up!! PLEASE COME BACK!!!! Klal yisroel needs poeple like you!! You don’t want to be meshadech with people like that anyway! Your family will make the best shidduchim!!! Have a kesivah v’chasima tova!!

    98. to 10:59

      After all these comments, can’t you read?

      The task force was to get the “RABONIM” and “GEDOLIM” to understand the issue and deal with it the right way. But, obviously there are “LEADERS” in our “RABBINIC” world that would rather have the status quo and protect the bad people so, all the oilem goilem should think we don’t have these issues amongst our people…Interesting, our Holy Torah has said it a long time ago “HASHOCEID YEAVEIR EINI CHACOMIM VYESALEIF DIVREI TZADIKIM” they really want to make sure they are mekayaim the Pusuk with every detail. Somebody needs to let them know that this is not one of the Tarya”g Mitzvos…Ok maybe they want to be machmir…not really funny …Very sad…

    99. Dear Rabbi Twerski,

      The ones who have threatened you and your family are working for the yeshivas who are facing lawsuits! They have threatened their teachers and Rebbis that their jobs are about to be lost because the yeshiva can be finished if the lawsuits are not stopped.

      I understand why you were forced to back out, of course. Terrorists are not always Moslems.

      They care so much about their children and they want to send them to the same old yeshivas for free because they work there. They think the harder they fight, the more they “save the yeshivas”. BULL!They are saving themselves and they will not fight to get rid of the moplesters who still working there today!

      Rabbi Twerski, do you realize how many children have already had their lives ruined, how many are living with confused orientation?

      The best way to fight terrorists is to expose who they are.

      There are tens of thousands of us who would gladly have the honor of your children to be mishadaich with theirs!

      If yo have the guts to comeout with the names of those who threatened you, we will all get to know the real enemy we face.

      Ber brave, be strong you will not be a malshin if you tell on the malshinim.

      Remember, they are threatening may yidden and not just you, so they should have no hope.

      Velamalshinim al tehi sikvah! The more they attempt to keep the problem quiet, the louder the explosion later. Don’t let this problem fester and boil up. They are trying (and seem to be succeeding) to get YOU out.

      Please don’t give up. Let’s get THEM out!

    100. my heart is aching with sadness and hurt. I hurt for these young people who were hurt by monsters who wear jewish harmless looking faces. But I hurt more for our community as a whole that just doesn’t get that problems don’t go away, by burying heads in the sand and getting at askunim who are eminantly qualified to help with the issues at hand.

      We have just lost out tremendously by Rabbi Twerski’s withdrawal from helping our community. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny–go after the person trying to do something about our ills rather than going after the people causing our ills!

      Hakodosh Boruch Hu should send moshiach real fast but till he gets here please send us seichal and a proper sense of right and wrong and the guts to do what is right!

    101. Hakalir Says:

      comments – arrow Someone ought to be mefarsem that the molesters lure in the kids by handing out treif candies that was soaked in Brooklyn tap water. The kol korehs would be up in no time.

      sadly I really think this might work, your are a genius

    102. It’s a crying shame that these people think it’s MORE important to protect their “good??” name than to protect the innocent & defenseless kinderlach caught up in this meshugana world where mechanchim & people they are taught to trust ABUSE that trust.

    103. R’Bentzion is a former chavrusa of mine and he is very deeply sincere and caring. He’s your typical legendary Rebbe we read about but without the mantle He would have been enormously successful shomer psaim H’ It is sad for there is not a trace of resentment against anyone in him

    104. Future101 is right on target as one of the lone mentchlicha voices of decency. I do not know where to start, coming after a lynch mob who doesn’t know the alef bais of Yiddishkeit. Like it or not, we follow da’as Torah, NOT da’as ba’al habayis. The Ba’al haboss only sees what his eyes see; but the gedolai Yisroel see, and have the siyate dishmaye to see the entire picture. For starters: Rosenberg’s hotline is wrong. Dov’s trying to solve the problem is commendable, but still he shouldn’t go overboard. A statement that he has “hundreds” of complaints is overblown. How many of these are molestation of children, and how many bochurim? How many by melamdim, and how many by stam people? How many are minor infractions, and how many full fledged molestation? What if the perpetrator has done real teshuvah? Are only those who weren’t born frum, and have done kol ho’aveiros shebeolem including child molestation and incest; are only those allowed to do teshuvah, but a FFB (Frum From Birth) who has only one chet, that in his younger years he was a chazer and touched someone; he cannot do teshuvah, but will be met with our bat-wielding kanai-fanatic. Yes only the Rabbonim know who is still a danger to society, not Rosenberg and ilk. IMO, Rabbi Twersky resigned because after reading all these comments, where everybody thinks that his job was to expose people, instead of finding ways of stopping this of happening. As an ehrlicha Yid who ONLY does things after consulting da’as Torah, he saw here, who is dealing with – people who loshen hora means nothing to them, people who chilul haShem means nothing to them, people who ruining a repented baal teshuvah means nothing to them, people who da’as Torah means nothing to them, people who will look at you with a microscope and second guess you on everything. No wonder he resigned, he doesn’t need a thousand schviggers, and he had the brilliant foresight that he cannot be yotze with the discriminating masses. To all the nay-Sayers, I’m sure he will work in private as he has done until now – but not before a wild crowd. Artscroll has done a great job, many Rabbonim are doing a great job, many mechanchim and hanholei haYeshiva are doing a great job. Let’s not get paranoid.

    105. Future101 is right and is one of the lone mentchlicha voices of decency. I do not know where to start, coming after a lynch mob who doesn’t know the alef bais of Yiddishkeit. Like it or not, we follow da’as Torah, NOT da’as ba’al habayis. The Ba’al haboss only sees what his eyes see; but the gedolai Yisroel see, and have the siyate dishmaye to see the entire picture. For starters: Rosenberg’s hotline is wrong. Dov’s trying to solve the problem is commendable, but still he shouldn’t go overboard. A statement that he has “hundreds” of complaints is overblown. How many of these are molestation of children, and how many bochurim? How many by melamdim, and how many by stam people? How many are minor infractions, and how many full fledged molestation? What if the perpetrator has done real teshuvah? Are only those who weren’t born frum, and have done kol ho’aveiros shebeolem including child molestation and incest; are only those allowed to do teshuvah, but a FFB (Frum From Birth) who has only one chet, that in his younger years he was a chazer and touched someone; he cannot do teshuvah, but will be met with our bat-wielding kanai-fanatic. Yes only the Rabbonim know who is still a danger to society, not Rosenberg and ilk. IMO, Rabbi Twersky resigned because after reading all these comments, where everybody thinks that his job was to expose people, instead of finding ways of stopping this of happening. As an ehrlicha Yid who ONLY does things after consulting da’as Torah, he saw here, who is dealing with – people who loshen hora means nothing to them, people who chilul haShem means nothing to them, people who ruining a repented baal teshuvah means nothing to them, people who da’as Torah means nothing to them, people who will look at you with a microscope and second guess you on everything. No wonder he resigned, he doesn’t need a thousand schviggers, and he had the brilliant foresight that he cannot be yotze with the discriminating masses. To all the nay-Sayers, I’m sure he will work in private as he has done until now – but not before a wild crowd. Artscroll has done a great job, many Rabbonim are doing a great job, many mechanchim and hanholei haYeshiva are doing a great job. Let’s not get paranoid.

    106. I guess I was under a rock, because I just found out what has happened. I am so shocked and sorry to hear about this and the choice Rabbi Twerski was forced to make. I know it was not made easily. To those who have called Rabbi Twerski a coward-shame on you! Would you truly have the courage to stand up to that type of pressure and put your family at risk????

      Rabbi Twerski toils long and hard in areas that most in our community don’t want to touch – and he does so with deference to strict halachah and hashkafah, not to mention with sensitivity and caring. I agree with what Rabbi Horowitz wrote on his website, that Rabbi Twerski is a: “genuine talmid chochom, a true chassid, and an osek b’tzarchei tzibur b’emunah (one who selflessly devotes himself to communal needs).

      This is just a tragedy only Hashem can correct. It serves as a major setback on improving our community’s awareness of and response to molestation in our ranks. Hashem should help – and please keep watching over our precious neshamales until the community can finally do the right thing and deal with this problem that destroys so many lives.

    107. Future101

      you are a freak and I would assume a molester who has an agenda this whole issue about the torah way is basically a chocolate cover for molesters let me ask you if there would be now an increase in robberies in your neighborhood would you go now to rabannim and look for torah approval or you would call Dov and tell him to do some think what does molesters have to do with torah can you explain these people are killing our kids this has to do with stopping them in any way this is not a question of a torah issue

      The eriv is a torah issue an halach issue but child molesters is a torah issue? Is an halach issue you are so dumb i would advise you to go the unemployment office and look for a job you looser

    108. The fact of the matter remains, Mr. Anonymous, that Rabbi Twerski’s task force would have dealt with this issue completely within the guidelines of halacha. Your points are moot. All issues of halacha would have been dealt with properly. No one would have been exposed unnecessarily. The people that caused him to resign have the blood of innocent children on their hands. Does it matter how many kids were affected? Politicians will always overblow things, we know that, but we also know from the victims themselves that this is a widespread problem, and one that the leaders of our communities have chosen to ignore and neglect for decades. Well, no more.

      This isn’t a lynch mob. These are people who are furious that this happened and yet no one is getting up, publicly, in newspapers, weeklies, in kol korehs, or anywhere else we all know Rabbonim are very capable of making their voices heard if they want to.

    109. Yes, child molestation is a Torah issue, and it always was. This problem is as old as sheshas yemai beraishis. Dovid hamelech and Shlome hamelech dealt with it – not the wild masses. People have a need to get aggravated and will pour their entire venom on the Rabbonim. The mosdos haTorah belong to Rabbonim and Rebbes and they usually try hard to do a good job. The blame is on the wrong people, and no, I’m not a Rov, I’m a poshiter Yid.

    110. The reason it is left to loudmouths like Dov Hikind and the reason that Rabbi Twerski was left open to being hung out to dry is that Brooklyn specifically and NYC in general has never had any joint hanhogo. It is a fractured community with many not belonging to anything other than 2-bit shtieblach with no leadership whatsoever. True there are several big groups but there is no central overarching authority and therefore no way to rein everyone in on a contentious issue like this.

    111. The name calling and the finger pointing from one frum community to another is just away of hiding from our own responsibilities. The statements that “Annonymous” made were ignorant and obviuosly made out of fear. His statement that “hundreds” have been molested is false, I ask him or her this question. How many children is an acceptable number to be molested by trusted teachers and Rabbaim? Where do we draw the lne?

      Abuse is abuse, ONE is too many. Our communities laughed and joked when this scandal broke out in the Catholic Church. Now that it’s in our back yards what are we doing? Are we running to protect our children? Are we asking questions? Are we reaching out to help one another? The fack that Rabbi Twerski felt harrassed to the point that he had to resign to save his immediate and extended family further abuse speaks volumns.

      We are supposed to be “The Chosen People” we’re supposed to lead by example. We’re supposed to set the bar that the rest of the world is to aspire to.

      By circling the wagons and all but stoning those who dare to step up to the front lines and help our children, we are not leaders, we’re no better than the spies who lied about Eretz Yisrael.

      We’re supposed to be preparing for the holiest of times, the month of Elul is supposed to be a great time of reflection as we enter into Selichos.

      Those who worked so hard to dissuade Rabbi Twerski have that much more to repent for. For THEY are now molestors themselves, by trying to shut down this project, they have given permission to these preditors to continue with immunity. Therefore I say they are accessories to these crimes against our children, and perhaps, Heaven forbid, against THEIR own children and grand children. That’s quite a legacy they’re leaving behind.

      Kol Tov!

    112. Hakalir, lots of comments here, do reflect a lynch mob. The Rabbonim are to blame is what everybody is screaming. It does matter how many kids were affected, because if the numbers of bad melamdim are high then it becomes the problem of the Yeshivas, but if the numbers of incidents in school are miniscule compared to the number of incidents outside of school, then it becomes the problem of Klal Yisroel. I think this frenzy started when every perpetrator was conveniently called a Rabbi/Melamed. No, the perpetrators are closer to home, the Yeshivas are safe, out of thousands of students who were educated in Satmar you have only ONE accusation of touching, that makes it one of the safest institutions, keeping your children at home is much more dangerous.

    113. I have news for you Steven. The problem exists in the Catholic Church on a grand scale, but exists in the Yeshiva’s on a very small scale. Yes, one is too many, but when the one is accused of touching while fully clothed, is that what you compare to what is happening in the Catholic Church? There, it is an epidemic; here, it is a problem. I also would like that Rabbi Twersky should re-consider; but honestly, I understand why he made that decision, because as he said “To consider this project a new “abuse clinic”, or a molestation police brigade is completely groundless. So I spent several days watching these gross misperceptions feed the mouths of “holchei rochil”. Not one person called me to inquire about the mission, and there was never a chance to explain any of this to anyone before the hatchet began swinging.” – By hatchet I think he is also referring to these comments, I think we are also to blame, by our irresponsible comments.

    114. Anonymous – I don’t think everyone is saying that the Rabbonim are to blame. I think they are crying out for leadership and acknowledgment, for them to end this deafening silence, and for them to take action to reign in the molesters and predators. Personally, I am speechless as to how a treasured person like Rabbi Twerski could be so easily harassed and threatened without any reaction from the Rabbonim. Maybe it is premature, maybe there are kol korehs in the works. But we all know that when the Rabbonim want to get their word out, they can. We have seen it time and time again with issues that are so incredibly less severe than child molestation that it boggles the mind. Personally, that’s where I stand perplexed. The problem exists, it is all around us, and the therapists and people that deal with those that have been affected by it are saying the same thing. It doesn’t have to reach epidemic proportions for this to be something that has to be dealt with. The people in the know are saying it is a big problem. We ought to trust them. And we need leadership on this, and aren’t getting any.

    115. My mother was molested by her father, when she was a child. My father didn’t believe her; they later divorced. After they got divorced, she went to her rav for counseling (the one from the shul she grew up in) and told him. He told her if he had known, he would have been with her. My mother doesn’t trust men, and is not capable of having a close personal relationship with a man. There is no reason for this to happen to someone in our community, in any community. Protecting the people who destroy the lives of innocents is a chillul Hashem that affects generations. I pray a change for the better will come.

    116. To anon 2:55, what you describe is called incest. It is an entire different terrible problem. Boruch haShem it is a very rare occurrence in our community. In the world on large it is an epidemic; the percentages are very high.

    117. Annonymous,

      Unfortunately, to believe that this issue is not on a grand scale is naive at best. Unfortunately, what happened to Rabbi Twerski is minor compared to what happened to actual victims and their families.

      Believe me, I’m not so naive to believe that EVERY accusation is real, too many cry wolf for the sake of attention or for some misguided “revenge” against a teacher or rabbi who was to harsh or just didn’t agree with that person.

      However, what Rabbi Twerski was to partake in was not a “witch hunt” but a way to investigate carefully and respectfully accusations that came up and to deal with the matter delicately. And find ways to help the victims,their faimlies and their communities heal.

      You also correct that the abuse is not soley at the hands of rabbaim, but also teachers, administrators and sadly even fellow students. These are issues that need to be addressed and the only way to truly do so is to have people like Rabbi Twerski get involved and work within the communities and the schools to get this horrible blight removed from our midst.

      I don’t endorse mass hysteria, however, I also don’t endorse downplaying the severity of this issue.

      We can debate this all day long, but all we’re doing is venting towards one another and the issue still isn’t getting addressed.

      If ANYONE would have been respectful, thoughtful and discreet in their dealings on this matter it certainly would have been Rabbi Twerski. What is the next person in for when they stepup? Will it stop at just threats?

    118. deepthinker Says:



      Let me fill you in.

      The claim of pressure & threats by Dr. B.Z. Twersky is exaggerated and was not the actual reason for Dr. Twersky’s decision! There were no “threats” made. A number of friends made him aware that by associating himself with politicians, journalists and other activists, will alienate him from the community and its leaders, because the activists’ agenda is driven by self-gratification and the need to publicize & politicize everything they can, and THIS issue specifically, is best dealt with in a discreet and confidential manner.

      The real problem Dr. Twersky had was with the people who wanted to instruct him how the task force should be set up, and THEY were going to set the policies. Their plan was to make the task force, with their agenda, a de facto policing organization, and force itself upon the klal as the ruling judges in these matters, without any leeway for the Manhigim & Daas Torah to have a say.

      Dr. Twersky was in a predicament. On one hand he did not want to assist a committee not guided by Torah authority, but on the other he did not want to go against Mr. Hikind either. That’s why he framed it that he has no choice because of personal safety, but as far as I know this is only a cover reason.

      I second Truth’s comment above (09-10-2008 – 11:29 PM). Dr. Twersky got caught up in something that was shifting in a totally different direction that he expected.

      Now to the issue itself.

      There is no question in any normal person’s mind, of the great need to address the issue of pedophiles in the community.

      The level of awareness has been rising in recent years to some degree, and people have therefore been speaking out more frequently. Consequently, as more victims come to the forefront with their horrifying experiences, the public is made aware of the trauma that many have had to endure. But it is not enough. This kind of awareness has to be increased.

      Not by politicizing, nor by publicizing, neither by bashing and harassing will awareness be achieved. In speaking out and debating this in this or that forum, does not promote the awareness needed neither does it set the right tone in which manner these things should be addressed.

      Awareness and understanding will only be attained through education & counseling. Mechanchim & Mechanchos should be taught to understand what a victim goes through emotionally, and trained to notice any signs exhibited by an abused child. There is also a lack of heimishe askonim or even chareidi-sensitive psychologists trained in the area of healing and helping this type of victims.

      Additionally, an action plan has to be established, how to act when a suspicion arises. Sadly, we cannot and should not rely on the current system of reporting, either because of their insensitivity to modesty and lack of perception our way of life, or because of the tremendous [negative] bias there is to an accused along with terrible unfair consequences, as well as many other reasons.

      I therefore call upon anyone who really wants to change the current situation, to refrain from all the debating and pandering, but rather talk to your Rav, Mechanech, Mechaneches, Askonim etc. about your feelings and the need to be more proactive in training and awareness.

      May HaShem help us in these trying times & take us out of this golus.

    119. Is anyone here from the UK? Do you remeber the Stamford Hill, London, abuse case where they made a seudas hoido’oh when the paedaphiles got off, well I am the one who took them to court, I still want to continue exposing those we know about (all info lodged with solicitors, so its not worth removing me). Is there anyone out there that can face down the hassle, it can be challanging, we once had a beautiful coffin delivered to our door with my name on it.

      Since then many people, victims have contacted us to do something for them, or with them about a particular abuser. Our local Rov got beaten up when we asked his family to hide a woman and her young running away from their chasidish sexually abusive husband and his colluding friends. I want to get in touch with Dov Hikind to set up an international movement however small. If anyone has his email address please send him mine which is

    120. I find it odd that when we learned of bugs in our Brooklyn tap water we heard from everyone on this issue, yet when we learned of child molestors in our midst we hear radio silence.

    121. Dov did and continues to do the right thing – that of passing this and all other issues to the right party. I was one of those threatened by the Kosher Gym. Dov’s opening up a hotline for those like me and subsequently passing on all the cases to the Attorney General assured that I am no longer victim to the bully tactics of someone who thinks he can get away with murder. That’s how it should be for any serious crime, whether abuse, fraud, etc. We Jews have got to stop worrying about hiding behind a curtain and begin to take action when necessary. I only wish Rabbi Twerski would have publicized the names of those who threatened him and his family so that these animals would run the other way with their tail between their legs.

    122. We have a serious problem with bugs,concerts,strawberries,bluberries,Potholes and Obama.Thats something to be busy with…A molester you is simple….Knock the sh-t out of him and the problem is solved

    123. 09-11-2008 – 2:48 AM and 09-11-2008 – 1:28 PM

      Please get informed about sexual molestation before you comment.

      It is a disease plain and simple.

      “no one dares to mention that perhaps the reason behind the prevalence of molestation in the more “frumer” groups is because of their sexual repression and their inability to deal with their sexual frustration”

      is an explanation for infidelity, prostitution, homosexuality, pornography, etc. These are mutual consenting acts that two adults engage in.

      Molesting kids is a disease that is horrible for several reasons:

      #1. The victims are not mature enough to be able to say no to an authority figure (teacher, parent)

      #2. Any half decent teacher can manipulate the child into the act.

      #3. The profile of the victim is a child who is quiet, respects authority, and listen to adults.

      Any child like this is ripe picking for molesters. It is just too easy for the molesters to get to such a child. This is not consenting adults that agree to an act. We have to protect the kids, and that should be our only focus.

      I have a simple way for everyone to act instead of just venting. We demand that every moisad do full background checks and fingerprints on staff. Any school that refuses to gets their name publicized and we get the big $$$$$$$$ people to hold back their donations. Sorry for being cynical, but $$$$$ is the only language these moisdas understand. When the moisad is running a dinner or chinese auction, and people refuse to give because they don’t do background checks, things will change in a heartbeat.

    124. to Bayla; at least you had a Rov a daas torah to back you. Dov Hikind has NONE!

      If you want to set up something, get yourself a Vaad of Rabonim & Daas Torah first and take it from there.

    125. To 09-11-2008 – 5:06 PM

      It does not look like anyone suggested that yeshivas should close down.

      All children need to learn how to be safe from unwanted and inappropriate touch. when we know of such situations in the home, they need to be addressed so that the children can be safe.

      The issue that is coming up here over and over is not about the abusers. There are sick people out there, and we will always have to protect our children from the ill and the dangerous elements.

      The issue at hand is that the people who are charge to be a part of the protection, the leaders, have taken the position of protecting abusers or accused instead of our children.

      We should not believe every accusation, however, every accusation should be looked into. If there is an accusation that is not resolved, I for one do not want my children with them.

      There is no reason that a Torah Temima should not have ensured that someone who was accused over and over is not with children.

      If there is smoke, I do not want my children there until it is confirmed that there is no fire.

      Teach your children that they can tell you anything.

      Teach them that they can inform you if something makes them feel uncomfortable.

      Teach them that they can share this with you even if this is a brother, uncle, aunt, cousin, rebbe, teacher, stranger, shul member, friend of family, (shall I go on?)

    126. For those who still think it should be done through robonum you are blind, have you seem the vast amount of evidence that the robonum knew about this issue many years ago, they knew about Kolco years before it became public and only then did they reluctantly do something. They knew about mandrowitz for years and he was only stopped at least in USA once the police got involve.

      once outed he flew to isreal under the protection of Gerr, amazingly with no restriction about being with children and still protects him even thought he was caught with child pornography.

      You good yeshiva satmer knew about the child molestor yet he was not fired. And even after they signed an agreement that they will bar him from childrem a month latter he was back on his job.

      These are the facts

      Also the reason the secular world outs them publicly is for a very good reason. To protect other children. If they are not outed and just fired, they just move to another community and do the same thing over again. How many molestation could have been prevented if Kolco and mondrowitz would have been outed right away . Many I assume.

      Is it worth to put children in danger so you protect the identity of the molestor.


      PS i know some people in law enforcement and they have piles of cases of child abuse that go uninvestigated, (if you think it is not as bad as the church keep on putting your head in the sand, there is some evidence that it might be worse) or even if they know who the person is since they cannot make a case without the community efforts.

      There is a abuser lose in Boro park who abused two girls, the police want to investigate the case and get some evidence (there is some) however, the families the police and being advised and called (maybe threatened) by robonum to drop it don’t get involded don’t waste your time because no one will cooperate with you.

      sadly from experience the investigators know this, there is nothing they can do to protect other children from being attacked.

    127. open your eyes Says….I have a simple way for everyone to act instead of just venting. We demand that every moisad do full background checks and fingerprints on staff

      Great idea however when the law was passed that schools need to do this whether private or public two groups fought and won for exemption for religious institutions.

      Who where the two groups

      The Roman Catholic Church and Agudath Israel of America

      I will let you decide about this.

    128. I completely agree that there has to be open and honest conversation with our kids. Obviously, the Rabbonim of today are a boosha to the title, in this and so many other things. I HAVE met with Rabbi A. Twersky and he is beyond a tzaddik.

      HE and his brother are the ones who will help..and these taliban gangsters have the chutzpah to frighten are NO coward, Rabbi Twersky..every one of these bloggers here that say that would have done the same..your own family has to come first..but how horrible for our nation, that we have those who behave like this…I say the guilty parties should pay, and be CASTRATED..that is the only way to get the message across, and to stop them!!!

    129. GET TRAINED!!!


      If parent groups start taking these courses, they will better know what they are seeing.

      This is just a sample of what is available. I can’t vouch for anyone in particular, but start learning!


      Training in Child Abuse Identification and Reporting


      The New York State Education Department

      Professional Education Program Review

      Web-Based Online Training

      Live Internet Training (Instructor-Led)

      Instructor-Led Workshop

      — more resources –>

      Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, 120 West 57th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10019, 212-632-4667

      Jewish Child Care Association, 120 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, 212-558-9929


      I cant believe that such a terriable thing happend to such a great person and tzadik .i had a personal relationship with rabbi twersky through my hard teen age years .i will always remember that he saved me & i was able to be today depressed my whole life ..but that words & that relationship just made me turn away from all the bad /& i must say that he saved my entire life .& i was b”h able to do a great shiddoch & now i am almost a tattty & i understand that life is not a joke ……..again thank you rabbi twersky your the nicest man i had ever met…..

    131. His father Reb Siya shlita is shunned by many “mainstream” and he has them teef in bud… He know he’s doing the right thing (fighting spousal abuse etc.) It’s to bad that Reb Bentzion shlita does not share the thick skin…..

    132. Anyone can cal Meir Silberstein, cheif Rav of Ger in Yerushalayim and here it from the horses mouth. He personaly went down to court to offer bail for Dr. Mondrowitz SR”Y. He offere too to supervise him in the rabbi’s own home. When challenged by phone by a victim of Herr Doktor M. all the good raabi could say was that it happened a long time ago, the victim should get over it, learn a blatt gemorah, he probably did teshuva, g-d will forgive the victim (yep you see right, forgive THE VICTIM) and understand him for not being frum and that prosecuting the doctor is OSSUR because it will kill his elderly parents. Asked again what about the victim’s need for closure and validation he said “get over it”. Call this old fart bag is Israel early morning, and u will get the same hogwash!



      There comes a time when working within the system (in this case one that has a reputation of protecting its own even when they are rasha’im/molestors) won’t work. It should be fairly obvious to all that time has come. There is a clear to’eless to naming names. Why aren’t those who are able to stand up do so and name names and go to the goyish government who have more concern and compassion for this issue than our own leaders?

    134. This is terribly sad to read, I am a victim myself and the same thing happened to me. My father “Rosh yeshiva” molested me for 5 years and very few believed me. His followers threatened every person that tried to give me a helping hand and destroyed their life. My father beat my Principal to be half blind (one eye) and injured his family and a newborn baby (his grandchild) everyone was so scared to help me that I was wandering the streets homeless till I had nowhere to go and go right back into the devils hands. Till today I feel so bad for all the people that got hurt by my father and his fanatic followers.

      I am not religious anymore and I live a peaceful life, I respect anyone that lives a righteous honest life. Do know though, things of this nature drive your youth away from your community, no one helps them to be safe, and if anyone does, they get terribly hurt …. So we have to go look for outside help and that is what I did after being molested approx 200 days a year for 5 years by my own father and I managed to survive and stay sane by the very few brave people that didn’t care to go through hell to help me as a 15 year old girl and assisted me to go to secular courts. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I know what you have been through!

      Just FYI, my father is still roaming the streets of Monsey, with 6 of my dear siblings  3 of them girls … all six brainwashed, all six destroyed … this pervert and child molester that should be punished is covering his life under the big brimmed hat and shtreimel with white socks on Saturday …. I cry for my broken siblings and every victim every day of my life….

      Its positive to see that the large part of you recognizes this as a huge problem, do get together and help your innocent children and for those who protect the molesters, either you are ignorant and would understands only if it happens to your child or you must have a history or are an active molester yourself … or maybe you are not human ….

      My stubborn heart and mind survived, though after much reading and therapy later on in life, I got to learn that the following happens to many of the victims:



      Mentally ill

      Failed marriages

      Prostitution or sex addicts

      …become molesters later on in life

      Do you want this for any of your children? … I doubt it …

    135. Declared survivor- I simply don’t believe you. Were only you molested and not your other six siblings? Look, you’re anonymous and can say anything with impunity. Who’s to stop you from making up a tale? Anybody with an agenda can say just about anything. That doesn’t mean that these things can’t happen, but yours’, didn’t.

    136. This is very sad , again …. 🙁

      Because of people like you, that is why I didn’t get help when I needed it, and many other victims don’t and won’t get any either….

      Reading your comment at age 27 now made again feel like felt when i was going through all the pain between 10-15…. My hands are clammy and cold and my heart feels overwhelmed.. is there any feeling left in your heart?

      And yes, my younger sister was molested too if your cold heart cares…and probably many more that have not spoken.

      And why would i make up a tale … ? will it benefit me in any way ? does it benefit ANY victim in any way? its painful to even think of it and carry that feeling with you ever day…

      I don’t care to be anonymous, yet I can’t post things that won’t get posted because this is not my site and it’s not moderated by me…

      That is not a human heart…. and you call yourself a righteous person? ….

    137. Survivor, I do feel your pain and I apologize. It seemed very odd to me the “200 days a year for 5 years”; only Superman can do that; that’s why I said that I don’t believe you. But based on the way you answered, I see that I made a mistake, so sorry that I hurt you, I did not intend to hurt a REAL victim, only the opportunists here who never lose a chance to bash frum Jews. While I’m here let me tell you, that your father is a major exception, and I don’t have a right to judge you. But keep in mind that your grandfather and his father and so on were fine and decent people I suppose. Your mother is also as victim. So why take the route of despising your father’s way of life, what about your mothers and your ancestor’s way of life? Why are they guilty for what your father has done?

    138. I appreciate that you actually apologized for hurting me, because no one in that community ever did, no matter what names I have been called, “nevaileh, shikse, liggener.. etc) . Yes my mother is a victim too, and so are my dear siblings. Though my mother was so innocent that she didn’t even believe me when I told her at age 11 that I was being touched by my father in questionable places …. And she thought of me as I liar too ….

      My grandparents are and were amazing ppl and I miss my grandfather dearly…. No one is guilty of anything accept my father (which I wish he wasn’t my father) I know that if the can see me, they are proud to see that I lead a very righteous life and do good for people. Religion doest stamp who you are. In the community, I was always judged by my religion and no one cared about my well being, they just cared that I stay frum. In my world today people care for everything that I am, what I fight for, what I believe in and what I strive to make the world a better place… so, no one is suffering, I make my family and everyone proud if they would care to know me and love me for who I am, not for the Religion I was born into.

      But thank you for being first to say something not mean ….

      The reason I posted on this site numerous times, because I am trying to show ppl in the community that the problem exists, listen to little ones, save them, and educate them and punish the deamons for hurting your children, they only have you … only you or they will look for outside help which is not considered good .

    139. Look, you sound like a very decent person by describing yourself as “leading a very righteous life and do good for people”. You also say that you are not religious anymore, which tells me that you are involved in some type of global activism. But I’m kind of surprised about a few things. One, that no one cared about your well being, that comes as a shock to me, it is not the world that I live in Brooklyn. Also I’m surprised on the flip end of this, that where you are now “people care for everything that you are”. Are people out there with you, who share your ideals, more caring then the Jewish community you grew up in? I’m not questioning, because I’m sure that’s how you feel, but I’m surprised if it’s so. I’m also curious, that you describe your father as a “Rosh Yeshivah” with followers. How can someone like that have followers, can’t they see through him?

    140. To “I Survived”;

      Let me begin with an apology on behalf of Acheinu Kol Bais Yisroel:

      We are sorry that we let you down.

      Yes, we let you down;

      by not listening to your cries,

      by not heeding your calls,

      by discounting your claims,

      by not empathizing with your plight,

      by turning a blind eye,

      by ignoring your anguish,

      by allowing you to suffer,

      and not least by continuing to allow your ‘killer’ to continue his rampage.

      I beg Mechila from you on behalf of all of us.

      It is my understanding that there’s nothing in our power that can reverse your pain and suffering, or to restore your trust that was so brutally violated.

      The only thing I can offer is, that I will pray to the One Above in Who’s power there is to cure all ailing, to end the grief and sorrow of Klal Yisroel including you and me.

      YY from BP


      As I have written in a prior comment, the awareness in the community has been increasing lately, and hopefully, the more that happens, the fewer of these stories will be able to take place.

    141. I think what’s needed here is some sponsorship from senior Rabbonim. Mr. Hikind needs to get this under a panel of senior rabbanim, who will pasken on whose name is revealed. further, they can support twerski etc.,


    143. Anonymous and Y:

      Thank you for reading and writing from both of your hearts. It was comforting to read caring and kind words.

      I have so much to say, and i will today or tomorrow as I just got back from a trip and I need to catch up on things that I left unattended while I was gone.

      Until Later,


    144. as u can see in my name i am not from ny. i am from a small town, but i grew up in a decent size city with a pretty big jewish community.

      ny isnt the only place this is going on, it is just the only city i know of that realizes that this is going on and wants to try and stop it.

      its not only rabbis in schools, or camps or youth groups, its parents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents… i have a friend whose brother molester her, i have another friend her father was a school teacher and 1 of his students he was tutoring molested his daughter, and for me my father…

      i reached out to my rabbis at ncsy, when i was in israel i reached out to my rabbis there, i moved to ny and reached out to ppl there, but its not something that is easy to talk about. in fact i cant even outwardly say what my father did to me. i can describe it, hint around it but the actual word is just to painfull.

      i hope for all the victims out there, that you are able to find the help you need to help you heal.

      and to the ppl who were involved and backed out bc of the threats and what not, the frum judge the reform, conservative and modern orthodox. that is bad enough, but if u can sleep at night knowing what is going on… what ever, but i think that this drama needs to stop. these predators need to be put behind bars!!


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