Brooklyn, NY – Take 5 Lotto Winner Sold In Borough Park


Brooklyn, NY – One wining Take 5 lotto ticket was sold on September 11 at a Borough Park store.

the store is Day N Night Food, at 5418 New Utrecht Ave. Wining numbers were a quick pick, and are 1-3-22-34-39.

Take 5 is a daily game. There were a total of 3 lucky winners, the price is $28,687, one of the wining ticket was sold at the above store location.

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  1. Anyone winning 28,000, loses any programs he has.

    Not enough money to make a big difference in the long run, but enough to make you ineligible for govt programs. Lock & Load, you are one jealous person. Rabbi Shapiro did not steal YOUR money to buy/lease his vehicle. Whatever tuition you pay doesn’t even cover the actual bills. You are not funding HIS vehicle, so get on with life. Maybe some mussar seforim, or counseling?!


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