East Rutherford, NJ – Giants, Jets Cancel Talks with Auschwitz Insurer


    A rendering of the new stadium.Photo: Courtesy of New York New Jersey FootballEast Rutherford, NJ – The New York Giants and New York Jets ended naming-rights talks with a German insurance company that once had ties to the Nazis.

    Allianz had been looking to buy naming rights to the stadium being built in northern New Jersey.

    The move was criticized by Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors. The company says it has atoned for its history and should not be judged by its World War II record.

    Allianz officials confirmed that talks have ended. Discussions are continuing with other potential partners for naming rights.

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    1. Gelt;

      Why can`t fruma Yidden go to a Football Game?

      I have been in Giant Stadium many times to see the Giants and the Jets….

      They even have a Kosher food Stand

      and we all Daven Mincha at Half Time at a day Game… and Mariv at a night Game….

      Lock & Load

    2. Dear JETS,

      Thank you for making a great decision!

      It was certainly not easy for you, but because you have thought of the feelings of others and you didn’t just say, “business is business,” you have shown empathy for the emotions of others!

      May all the members of the JETS be rewarded with many great victories!

      You have the greatest respect from all those you have helped!

      Thank you!

      Go JETS go!

      Avrohom Abba

    3. to Anon 3:52

      I never understood that argument I heard from my rabbeim about “a bunch of chayos throwing a ball in a hoop…” etc.

      It’s a competetive sport, the competition and suspense is entertaining. Assuming you believe there is some value to having some downtime, which I believe is healthy and very necessary, it’s not the point of the game but the entertainment overall. And then if so, why force people to stare at the name of a Nazi collaborator in big bright lights!

      Please explain your comments…

    4. unforturnately the more years that pass the more we forget, we cannot forget those roshe’im killing our grandfathers, let’s not forget! & I have 1 more comment…

      J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!

    5. The jewish community is offended by a Nazi run issurance company trying to place its name on a football stadium (really important?), but these same jews drive Japense made cars. Don’t you think that is a slap in the face of Americans and British veterans of the WWII Bataan Death March. Yeah, these same WWII vets are disgusted at these same two faced Toyota and Honda drivers.

    6. to avroham abba, I woouldn’t be that generous, precisely because “business is business” may have been why the jets cancelled talks

      to the one who has a problem with japanese cars, it would be a great miscarriage of justice for anyone &especially a jew to comapre the germans yemach shemom vzichroh, dam reshoim yirkov- to the japanese.

      also just for the record, honda & toyota manufacture most of their vehicles in the USA hiring AMERICAN employees.

      on the other hand, that GM your driving- good chance it was built in mexico by mexicans.

    7. If you look in the news, you will find that Allianz was the most reluctant partner in reparations and only paid 12 million. They owed 2 billion. And they want to pay 25 million for the stadium. So why do they give Jews less then that? They insured the engineers at Auschwitz who handled the Zyklon B, and insured the concentration camps. Allianz refused to pay life insurance policies to Jews during WWII. The cheif executive of the company was Hitlers economic minister. So to say live and forget, when they were complict and stole 2 billion and paid a pittance. I say not. I say NEVER FORGET.

    8. I forgot to add, but they were also one of the insurers of the World Trade Center. They were reluctant to pay and they only paid last year after the government stepped in. Their actions delayed the building of the World Trade Center.

      _addition to 1:40


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