Spring Glen, NY – Teenagers Arrested for Breaking Into Shul


Spring Glen, NY – New York State Police have arrested five teenagers after breaking into a local old synagogue through a window, stealing several sfurim.

The youngsters Leo K., 18, Brooklyn, Moshe G., 19, Spring Valley, Mair F., 18, Spring Valley, and Chaim L., Spring Valley, all students from a yeshiva in the area were arrested and charged with third-degree burglary, a felony.

The four were arraigned in Village of Ellenvile Court before justice Harvey Levine and released on $500 cash bail, a fifth suspect was released on a DAT.

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  1. yea it was just people didnt call the cops because we had jewish values then now we are the same as all the other american minorites except we are loude and think we are the moral banner still

  2. These boys were going to spend some time today quietly listening to the latest CDs. But according to Rabbi Luft(gesheft!) that is now assur. Hey, this is assur… g’neiva is assur…

    we might as well have fun if we’re doing assur!

    Way to go Luft!! Look at what you’re starting!!

  3. Seforim in a shul are meant for use and not display. There is no way they can realistically be charged with theft. What happened here is obviously related to the fight that the traditional jews of the area are having with the Yeshiva.

  4. It’s much better to steal from an old, not so Orthodox shul, than to Gd forbid go to a concert where there are Jewish boys and girls.

    At least they didn’t take down any girls’ phone numbers! Whew!

    Now we know they good innocent boys following the derech of the Gedolim.


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