Vinnitza Ukraine – Rabbi Attacked by Youngsters


    Rabbi Horovitz with his 3 year old son in their new school. Photo Credit COLVinnitza, Ukraine – The chief Chabad Lubavitch emissary of the area, Rabbi Shaul Horovitz, and his 3 year old son were attacked on Thursday night around 10:30 PM by a group of youngsters. at first the perps tried to stab the 3 year old a passersby saw the incident and took he rabbi with his son into his car to save them.

    According to COL the youngsters where shouting anti-Semitic slurs ‘death to the Jews’.

    The Rabbi, filed a complaint with the local police. Suspects were arrested.

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    1. The story from Vinnitza is sad. Ukrainians were trained in Trawniki Camp for assisting the SS with the killing of Jews in Sobibor, Belzec, Treblinka and Majdanek. They helped push Jews into the gas chambers, smashed the heads of small children. Only ignoramuses of history would go to the Ukrainia. Unfortunately whoever funds these “rabbis” has a lot of money which could be spent to help Yidden in America

    2. Instead of giving them strenghth at a moment they need it , you do the opposite? These people deserve the best for all their Mesiras Nefesh of being out there in the Ukraine. They do so much for the Jews there!

    3. These are legitimate rabbis, why “rabbis” ?

      And there are yidden there that need lots of help, the antisemitic shkotzim notwithstanding.

      Sounds like a typical pig-headed attack on Chabad.

    4. Because there are yidden in

      America which need help, Jewish children on drugs and other difficulties. Chabad made Pessach in Katmandu and other vershlugene places. If they would not have so much money to waste their priorities would change. Chabad is helping Yidden or looking for headlines. Nobody should live in the Ukrainia and if you wouold have seen ferocious violence of killing Jews no Jewish is right mind would live there. Unfortunately you don’t care what happened to European Yidden.

    5. Get your facts straight:

      Rabbi Leibl Surkis from New Square established a jewish day school and a community in Vinnitsa over 15 ago. And there are hundreds of frum people that came out of there. Now they live all over US, Canada, Erets Yisroel, Australia etc. If not for him all those neshomos and all their offspring would be lost to yidishkeit.

      Now when jewish population dwindled and most people either left or were totally uninterested Chabad swooped in and took over the school, instituting new and contraversial policies (like paternal decent for jewish school admission etc). This sort of thing happens a lot in former Soviet Union, CHABAD just takes over established communities.

    6. First 8it is really great that in such an atmosphere, the police actually arrested the perps!!

      There are heroes here!

      The rabbi for being strong and being a maimon!

      The Police for not being afraid of low trash!

      Imagine how low the bums are that they tried to stab the rabbi’s three year old!!

    7. vinnitza jew:

      i personally know this rabbi and have spent a few months in the city of vinnitza.

      so to set the record straight:

      1. there are still plenty of Jews in the city of vinnitza (over 5,000) who deserve the opportunity to have a rabbi, jewish community, day school, soup kitchen etc.

      2. rabbi leibel surkis personally requested of the chabad leadership in Ukraine to bring down a “shliach” to live in vinnitza full time (reb leibel never actually lived there) and take over the dwindling moisdois.

      3. ever since this rabbbi moved there the school has doubled in size and moved to a new renovated location. several additional moisdois have been founded there including a summer camp and a jewish college student club called “stars”. and many more.

      4. the living conditions in this western ukranian town are just bellow bearable (when i was there we would drink well water), and when factoring in all the constant anti-semitism (to which i have been witness to numerous times)i believe this rabbi deserves a hearty yasher koiach from someone like you who i am sure would like to see your hometown jewish community survive and thrive.


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