Williamsburg, NY – Shomrim Patrol Nab Yeshiva Burglar


Williamsburg, NY – The Williamsburg Shomrim Patrol units caught a burglar posing as a janitor in a yeshiva.

Shomrim Patrol received phone calls yesterday of a perp in his 40’s seen in the classrooms holding a broom and of garbage bags. Upon the arrival of Shomrim the man had fled, but the video footage was clear showing the man entering the building and managed to get a broom pretending to be cleaning. But what he was really doing was stealing belonging to teachers.

A photo of the man was distributed to Shomrim units on patrol, today he was spotted near another Yeshiva building walking around suspiciously.

The NYPD Anti-Crime Units were called, and together with Shomrim Coordinator apprehended the man, and placed him under arrest.

Police tell VIN News that the man had currently been out on bail for burglary in Manhattan, and for various other crimes.

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  1. Williamsburg SHOMRIM the best…. especialy their great co-ordinators Yanky Itzkowitz (11) thanks (i belief) in the name of the whole community because of their devotion to klal yisruel’s needs we could live with g-d’s help peacefully…. hashem should help also in future !!!!! in memory of it’s founder r’ Moishe Hoffman a”h


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