Berlin, Germany – Waxworks Hitler Back on Display


    To prevent further incidents, the Hitler figure has been placed behind a glass wallBerlin, Germany – A statue of Adolf Hitler was back on display at a Berlin waxworks on Saturday, two months after its head was wrenched off by an irate visitor.

    The effigy of the Nazi dictator was seated behind a desk at Madame Tussaud’s, a popular tourist attraction on Berlin’s well-known Unter den Linden boulevard.

    The controversial display was protected by a glass wall and security staff, unlike the original one which was completely open to visitors.

    Madame Tussaud’s, a British company, defended its decision to persist with the display against widespread criticism from Germans, saying, “Hitler represents a decisive part of Berlin’s history which we can’t just pretend did not happen.”

    A 41-year-old rest-home orderly wrenched the head off the figure on July 5, a few minutes after the waxworks opened for business in Germany.
    The desk behind which Hitler sat was left unoccupied after the beheading while repairs to the figure were carried out.

    Many Germans were upset that Hitler was included in a commercial amusement close to the Holocaust Memorial and other memory sites.
    Responding to warnings that it might become a site of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis, Tussauds depicted Hitler as a broken man in his bunker just before his 1945 defeat and death.
    It is illegal in Germany to show Nazi symbols and art glorifying Hitler and the exhibit was cordoned off to stop visitors posing with him.
    Camera surveillance and museum officials were meant to stop inappropriate behavior.
    Signs nearby asked visitors to refrain from taking photos or posing with Hitler “out of respect for the millions of people who died during World War Two.”

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    1. People should protest and block entry to this establishment until the display is removed and replaced with a historic description of the horrors and death caused by this maniac and his Nazi followers – who in the form of Islamic fundamentalists continue.

    2. Despite being Jewish, I support the further display of this statue.

      It is an important part of the history of both our people and the world, and prohibiting his image from being shown only goes further to forgetting.

    3. did whoever break the head think that he was causing a bigger chillul hashem than being mekaim mitzvas mechias amulek. besides for the fact we dont know who is amalek there is the fact that mitzvah haba biaveira is yotzo schuro bihefseido so what is the point?

    4. 11:52-Did you ever realize that the person who broke the head did not cause any Chilul Hashem, since he’s not Jewish? I mean sure, brilliant Halachic argument, but get the facts right first, buddy.

    5. Aaron Says:

      Despite being Jewish, I support the further display of this statue.

      Do support the creation of this statue!!! lets see them try to do one of osama, you think that will go over big??? Someone spent hours creating this POS!!! Now they are protecting it behind glass wall and security staff!!! Are you freakin kidding me??? The entire Arab world is protecting this man’s legacy and you are saying that Hitler should be a piece of art in a museum!!!

      get your priorities straight, this is nothing more than a display of indifference to what happened to our people!!!

    6. R Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld once refused to meet the Kaiser of Germany when he came for a visit to Palestine in the 20’s. He said the Germans have an engrained hate for Jews.

    7. 11:45 is correct. Assur lihistakal bdmus adom rasha.

      As far the story in Palestine goes, I don’t remember whether it was Reb Yoseph Chaim or the Maharil Diskin who did not go out to greet the Kaiser, saying “we have a kabala from the GR”A that Germany is Amalek.

      That aside, if the figure is wax and you stuck a wick in his head, how long would it take…


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