Israel – Palestinian Stabbing of Yitzhar Boy Sets Off West Bank Settler Rampage


    Israel – A 9-year-old boy from the West Bank settlement of Shalhevet, near Yitzhar, was stabbed near his home early Shabbat morning by a Palestinian intruder who torched an empty home.

    The boy was lightly wounded and was taken to Schneider Medical Center in Petah Tikva for treatment.

    A preliminary investigation  revealed that a Palestinian man entered Shalhevet and torched an emptoy home. As he was preparing to torch another structure, the boy approached him. The Palestinian stabbed the boy and escaped.

    Soon after the incident, about 100 settlers arrived at the West Bank village of Asira al-Kabaliya and began to riot.

    Mayor Hosni Sharaf said settlers fired guns in the air, overturned a car and broke windows in three houses. The military imposed a curfew.

    An Asira al-Kabaliya councilmember said that at least six people, including a 10-year-old boy suffered gunshot wounds, but security forces said only four Palestinians were lightly wounded. “Glass was broken, they tried to set buildings on fire, and vehicles were damaged,” Ahmad Shami said.

    Witnesses reported that security forces were present at the scene, “but it’s hard to say they were trying to prevent (the settlers’) actions.”

    One of the village’s residents said she was at home with her children when the settlers raided. “They sprayed a Star of David on the wall of our house and sprayed us with a chemical substance. We began coughing and some of the children vomited.”
    Another villager, Ahmed Daud, said the settlers shattered the windows of his home after his son and a few neighbors hurled stones in their direction.

    Some 500,000 Jews live among 2.5 million Palestinians on West Bank land.

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    1. Its about time the Arabs feared retaliation for these incursions – if the Arabs do not want peace they shouldn’t get it.

      With the perfidous government release of terrorists – Jewish town are under attack – citizens have the right to protect themselves and take actions to prevent potential future events.

    2. Job well done this is the only language these animals understand it should happen a little more often (howover no reason to do his on shabbos)guaranteed the violance will stop

    3. Job well done its about time someone showes these animals that they are not safe from being attaked themself ( however it shouldn’t be on shabbos)but if this happens more often guaranteed these cowardly acts will quiet down

    4. its not so simple-,a town can chase after attackoers on shabbos ifts it on the gvul and not pikouach nefesh even if they come to steal straw you can be mechallel shabbos-its a bferesh Rambam

    5. Danny 4:22, you must be a Leftist if you can say “instead of wasting their time in the west bank”. Do you think Jerusalem or Tel Aviv is any more secure than the West Bank? DEFINITELY NOT! The West Bank is only a justification for the Western World. In truth, the Arabs say the West Bank but they mean all of Israel which they hope to get to once the West Bank is cleared of Jews. So don’t fool yourself and don’t try to fool others.

    6. Boruch Hashem! On and on!!!

      I am proud of our fellow Jewish warriors!

      I am proud that not one Jewish settler was arrested.

      Chaz veshalom if the Jewish child would have been killed, the bloodthirsty haters would have danced in the streets and would have made a hero out of the stabber.

      The only part of the Koran they like is the kill and hate part.

      Onward fellow Jewish people! Onward and stand strong!

    7. What did those dirty low-life palestinian murderers expect?! It’s not a one-way street [email protected] The settlers should give them a taste of their own medicine, more often and with greater force. Let those dogs feel a fraction of the pain and suffering that the Yidden had to endure, Peter Jennings YMSH”V and the Nat. K. notwithstanding!!!

    8. did you read all of what i wrote or just want you wanted to? we lose 100 jews a day to assimilation and conversion and these people who care so much for the jewish people, choose to chase arab around with guns and act tough instead of doing something truly useful for the jewish people like working to fight j for j or help lost jews find themselves before the jehovahs witnesses do. now thats useful the jewish people.

      i lived in israel and served in the army, and trust me there are more important jewish causes than israel.

    9. Danny,

      “We lose 100 jews a day to assimilation and conversion”- but not at Yitzhar or elsewhere in Yehudah and the Shomron.

      As to what causes are more important, it isn’t an either/or. It goes together. We live in Israel, we serve in the army, we learn in yeshiva, we observe mitzvot that you do not- anything connected to Eretz Yisrael.

      You are on the losing side of history, Halachah, Machshavet Yisrael, and so on.


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