New York City – Palin To Speak at Anti-Ahmadinejad Rally Next Week


    New York City – Sarah Palin will speak at next week’s Jewish-sponsored rally reported here by VIN News to protest Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations.

    In addition to Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee and Alaska governor, confirmed speakers include U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), an Iranian dissident, a black minister and Jewish leaders, according to a key group organizing the rally, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

    “The speakers represent the broad spectrum of American political life,” the group’s executive vice chairman, Malcolm Hoenlein, told JTA.

    Asked if there would be someone from the Obama campaign at the demonstration, Hoenlein noted the presence of Clinton as a leading Democrat.

    The rally, part of efforts by Jewish groups to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, will be held at 11:45 a.m. Sept. 22. It is expected to draw thousands of participants to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, across from the United Nations

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    1. But I thought Palin was anti yid…. LOL… Just another good case in point NOT to believe the liberal propaganda machine…

      anon 4:19 Not True… Obama wants to TALK with Iran where as McCain doesnt believe we can change the Iranian position with just TALK TALK TALK…

    2. What a great way for her to “establish” her pro-Israel credentials. Good idea Malcolm Hoenlein! She HAD to accept this invitation – would be too good to miss.

    3. Now that Sarale Palin shetichyeh is going to be there, I wouldn’t be surprised if the crowds surpass 100,000 in attendance. Go Sarale Go!

    4. Hillary for cleaning lady of the white house in 08! For that job she ought to be vetted and if nothing bad comes up, she ought to get the job.

    5. TJ,

      the rally promoters are pushing an APOLITICAL agenda. showing that both sides understand and care . it is dumb for yidden to go and polticize this and make it about dems and republicans when it is above politics and serving a greater purpose.

    6. why did they have to turn this into an election circus? the rally lineup was fine the way it is (and hillary always speaks at these)

      the truth is that malcolm hoenlein just wanted to score himself a photo op with sarah palin.

      just wait and see – he will make sure to be standing right there near the podium so that when the tv cameras zoom in on palin, his face will be in the frame for everyone to see on the tv news.

    7. Is anyone else terrified of a candidate who, based on her only interview to date, seems to combine (1) an astonishingly shallow grasp of the major issues facing our country with (2) completely serene confidence, evidencing little internal debate or doubt of any kind? She is like W on steroids.

      She’s qualified on national security because Alaska is near Russia??!! Apparently not concerned about war with Russian but suddenly gets cagey about Pakistan–one of the biggest emerging threats around today??!! And it’s fine for the average person not to have heard of the Bush Doctrine, but given that it has been incessantly written about in all national political publications, left and right, for the past six years, it’s a little frightening that she drew a blank on that one.

      I really can’t think of any explanation for McCain choosing her other than the extra X chromosome.

    8. Palin is speaking cuz she needs to pander to to the ny jewish vote.

      hillary has nothing to pander for. she is back at work in the senate , not campaigning for herself, not really campaining muich for obama.

      nope hillary is the sincere one here.

      Palin is an uknown with no experience who needs to pander and kiss up

    9. I find all this hysteria from the left so funny. It’s like watching a sitcom. it’s good for business if you’re a shrink. I just feel bad for these ‘sky is falling’ types.

    10. your all so wrong she has a long and loving relationship for israel. hence type on youtube palin israeli flag you’l see that she even has an israeli flag in her office.

    11. McCain will Not take New York because liberal Jews have “Democrat” ingrained in them for generations. Don’t think that they actually believe in Obama. They want what is known as “generic democrat”, but they will take anyone with a”D” after their name. Its the easy, don’t need to think about the issues way for them. That is slowly changing , but unfortunately probably not in time for this election.

    12. she has ever y poss. chance of getting ny and nj cause woman will be coming out in droves to vote for another woman no matter her polocies.

      she’s currently on top in ny and nj leading with white woman so yeah this is very exciting for the very first time we might actually have a chance to win ny & nj which both are blue states.

    13. gh Says:

      Palin is one scary lady. as mayor of wassilla she made rape victims pay for their own forensic exams. DISGUSTING!

      09-16-2008 – 5:35 PM


      She charged their insurance

    14. 5:17pm.

      And can you define the bush doctrine?? There are currently 6 different versions of the Bush Doctrine, so I assume it was perfcetly normal for Gov. Palin to ask Charles Gibson what he exactly ment. So stop your stupidity. All you are is a liberal Hack talking the left-wing Neoroots talking Points. Get a life

    15. to 5:17:

      1. Which Bush Doctrine? There are at least five of them! BTW – The term was coined by Charles Krauthammer!

      2.Of course you are terrified! You are probably a liberal Jew who feels that your promiscuous lifestyle – or at least leanings to – may be attacked. why worry about her? I assume our Torah – you know, the Five Books of Moses? – is even stronger in its view of your beliefs!

      3. Get your head out of the sand! And what foreign policy credentials does Obama bring to the table? NADA! That is why he chose Biden (another tachshit)! The reason why presidential nominees choose their Veeps is because they combine their experiences! What McCain is lacking in Conservatism (represented by Palin) is made up through his strong knowledge on foreign policy!

      4. Mother, Mayor, Governor, Head of National Guard…

      Answer the darn question, liberal freak – WHAT HAS OBAMA DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY???

      Reverend Wright? Bill Ayers?

      Note the astounding difference between the two conventions: The Democrats promise this, promise that while NEVER DISCUSSING THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

      The Republicans nominees discussed their accomplishments! We want to hear a resume when you apply for a job!


    16. all the Dems here,

      You got to do some research except for what you read from the media,

      palin is one who ALWAYS hated evil

      Hillary only started to tell you she hates evil, When she ran against Obama which LOVES evil !

    17. oh and objectively speaking, sarah palin was chosen for the hype that she brings and nothing more. she is the most unqualified person to appear on a national ticket ever in american history.

    18. FRUM DEM:

      You sound like a uninformed fool. The most unqualified candidate on any ticket is mr. Barry Onama. You and I know it. 2 years of Governance Vs. 144 days in the senate….

      Who wins??????

      Liberal Hack

    19. I don’t all this hoopla over palin let’s not forget that john mccain is a backstabbing politician. did we forget what he did to president bush in 2000 all his shanenegins? and if he’s calling the shots what good is palin and if she does take over how qualified is she? I’m a registered republican I know obama is worse but how did the republicans choose such a poor candidate?

    20. at least obama has a brain. you rget he did go to harvard law school and graduate magna cum laude and was editor of the law review.

      palin has a BA and failed in her dream job as a sports caster.

      she is far less qualified than obama – who was already low on the list of qualifications.

      Make no mistake about it. Palin is a Republican Obama. She is the GOp golden girl and savior brought onto the ticket simply for hype factor and little else. Even the McCain campaign head said today she couldnt even run a company like hewlett packarsd….and we you want her a heartbeat form being leader of the free world? no way. cynthia mcckinney and bob barr and wayne root and ralph nader have more qualifying experience.

    21. Eli, I agree, but at least he’s got a decent running mate. As for himself, the best that can be said is that he’s the least repulsive Democrat on the ballot 🙂

    22. Anon 5:17 PM, yes, since Alaska borders Russia, she has had to deal with the normal border issues; she may not have met Putin, because any issue that got escalated that high would be dealt with by the President, but most border issues stay local and are handled by the state authorities or the National Guard (of which Palin is Commander in Chief).

    23. Having met sara palin before i can testify that she is 1. pro jew 2. pro israel 3. anti iran. Now all you commentators who have never spoken to her before or listened to her give her a chance and you will see that i am right.

    24. “Frum Dem”

      HUSSEIN Obama is a manufactured product of the Chicago machine, and good buds with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, domestic terrorists, not to mention the good Rev. Jeremiah “G-D DAMN AMERICA” Wright, Tony Rezko and other assorted felons and low lifes. He has ZERO executive experience, in fact Gov. Palin has more executive experience than the other 3 candidates all together.

    25. A new Rasmussan poll shows Obama way ahead in NY, so don’t get to excited, NY usually goes for democrats. I assume most frum people will vote for McCain-Palin.

    26. Palin will have the oppurtunity to see the representatives of the Neturei Karta who will of course hold a counter rally. I wonder if Ahmedinejad will be spending Shabbos with them.

    27. chutzpah of these jewish groups to allow pailin to speak; she is pro-jews for jesus and believes we go to hell if we dont convert and hillary is there to help McCain win because she then would get to run again in 2012.

    28. I will be at the rally and Im bringing sighns reading PREVENT A NUCLEAR IRAQUI HOLOCAUST ON ISRAEL VOTE MCCAINE, Remember Obamo the anti semite would not allow Israel to defend itself.The hell with this hitler type.

    29. Palin has less than 15 months as a governor and was mayor of a town that served less people than simcha felder’s district. get with tthe program. palin was chosen cuz shes a woman and jazzed up the ticket. not for her qualifications.

    30. “There are currently 6 different versions of the Bush Doctrine, so I assume it was perfcetly normal for Gov. Palin to ask Charles Gibson what he exactly ment.”

      This was a softball question. It was a great opportunity for Palin to discuss her views on unilaterism in foreign policy, on the use of military vs. diplomatic approaches to potentially hostile powers, and on the limits to the US’s influence. Biden would have hit it out of the park. Palin struck out looking.

      “Reverend Wright? Bill Ayers? ”

      Reverend Bricker. James Baker.

      And Baker is particularly scary. Unlike the other three, he could conceivably have a major role in a McCain administration. McCain himself mentioned him by name as a good middle east negotiator, and flew to Texas to accept Baker’s endorsement in person.

      “she is the most unqualified person to appear on a national ticket ever in american history”

      I wouldn’t go that far. 1940 Republican nominee Wendell Willkie had absolutely no political experience whatsoever. (He had been a utility executive.) And 1908 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee John Kern had served four years in the Indiana Senate. But Palin does come close to those.

      “Palin is a Christian who hinks all jews should bcome christian memeile voos? ”

      I am not aware of any evidence that Palin agrees with the minister of her church on this issue. But since the Republicans declared that tarring Obama with Rev. Wright is fair game, we have to ask in fairness why Sarah Palin’s attendance at a church that has welcomed the leader of Jews for Jesus twice in the past four years shouldn’t be similarly considered.

    31. Anonymous 11:02 you are a sick individual.

      You must have missed the flyer produced by the Rally’s organizers which says that on Iran mccain and obama agree that “there is no debate” with quotes form both of them. this even is apoliticial – that means above politics. why do you want to make trouble?

    32. Charlie Hall, because there’s nothing wrong with a Christian wanting everyone to become Christians too. We pray that everyone in the world should come to recognise the truth of our religion, so we should expect other people to pray for the same thing. If I were a Xian I wouldn’t see anything wrong with J4J either.

      Meanwhile Wright is an antisemite, anti-American, anti-capitalist, and “anti-middle-class” (in the words of his own church’s web site, before it was sanitised), who traveled to meet Ghadaffi, and was one of the main influences on Obama’s thinking for 20 years! Obama even named his book for one of Wright’s sermons; that’s a sure sign of a mentor. Then there was his other mentor, the nutcase Catholic priest Pfelger. And his terrorist friends Ayers and Dohrn; his connection to the Ayers family goes back to before he went to law school, and they “sent” him into Chicago politics.

      Nobody is claiming that Obama himself supports terrorism, but obviously he doesn’t consider it a big deal, since he is willing to be friends with terrorists. If McCain or Palin had a close friend who was an unrepentant rapist, or an unrepentant Klansman, or a concentration camp guard, that would be the end of their careers, and they wouldn’t be able to say that they disapprove of what their friend did but it was many years ago. Now how are Ayers and Dohrn better than rapists or Klansmen or Treblinka guards?

    33. Maybe Obama the experienced community organizer can come to New York and have his nice sit down with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the nice president of this little harmless country by the name of IRAN and sweet talk him into changing his ways.. Now repeat after me… A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN !!

    34. To Frum-Dem:

      Did you perhaps mean. “NOT-FRUM DEM”??

      You sure as ‘elul’ sound like one…

      Now you go and vote for Obama and Biden and when all Hell breaks lose and you come crawling on your knees don’t say we didn’t warn you.

      And, yeah, don’t give me this teshuva story; as if someone voting for the most liberal, anti-Jewish valued ticket is not worthy of doing teshuva.


    35. Red Rambo–

      I am a regular frum Jew. I do not and have never led a “promiscuous lifestyle.” I’ll try to me mochel you before YK, but I doubt I’ll be able to.

      Do you have such a hard time understanding that some Torah Jews might not think that best solution to our problems is to start more wars (worked so well until now, didn’t it?), leave the millions of people without health insurance out in the cold, and trash the environment? That aligning ourselves with radical evangelical Christians–who just today declared at their big conference that they need to try harder to convert us–is a bad idea? That promoting our (non)-trickle-down plutocracy of selfishness is harmful? I don’t agree with the Democrats on everything, but I am certain that electing the Republicans will lead to more suffering and death–that’s why I can’t support them.

      To respond to some of your specific points, just for kicks:

      Please name one major decision Palin ever made as “Commander in Chief” of the Alaska National Guard. I don’t think you can.

      McCain seems to have a pretty lousy record on foreign policy. For the first year he kept saying Iraq would be a cakewalk, and if he had been president for the last month it seems likely that we would be at war with Russia — I don’t think that would do anybody any good.

      If you mention Reverend Wright, I get to mention Hagee and Parsley–whose endorsements McCain sought–and Palin’s *current* church, where she just sat through a speech by a J4J guy about converting the Jews. Look at Obama’s voting record on Jewish issues, and it is perfectly clean.

      Ayers — you have got to be kidding. He sat on a board with Ayers, who, to his credit, turned his life around and started working for better public schools? Given McCain’s long history with the Republicans, you really don’t want to go down that road. Did you know that Palin quoted a fascist Jew-hater who wanted FDR assassinated in her convention speech? Let’s just not go there.

      Obama has done plenty for this country, although his career has been short, given his age. He worked in civil rights law, and spent years as a community organizer–the type of work the leave-it-to-the-private-sector Republicans are *supposed* to like — except it seems now they really don’t give a hoot about poor people. And–look on his website–he has taken the time to put together thoughtful and *detailed* proposals for dealing with the problems of our times — not the sound-bites and platitudes you get from McCain. Don’t believe me — read them yourself.

      Is “accomplishments” really a road you want to go down? When your VP nominee was the mayor of a town less than half the size of Highland Park, NJ (to put it in context for those of us in the tri-state area) and then governor of a state with *one quarter* the population of Brooklyn?! McCain’s accomplishments to me seem to consists mainly of mouthing off, sponsoring an occasional bipartisan bill, many of which he has since repudiated, like McCain-Kennedy, and being a two-decade-long cheerleader for deregulation — until it became politically inexpedient yesterday.

      Have a ksiva vachasima tova.

    36. Hey Red Rambo! You are so right!

      Let’s take a very clear, FACTUAL look at Osama’s record. I mean Obama’s FRIENDS.

      Okay? Here they come!

      Reverend Wright who hates America. Obama’s first cousin, Odinga who is accused of genocide in Africa, Rashid Khalidi who funds pro Palestinian groups and causes ans and who raised funds for Husein Obama, William Ayers who bombed NYC Police Headquarters in 1970 and thn bombed the Capitol in 1971, and then bombed the Pentagon in 1972 and then, 29 years later when interviewed on the very day of the 9/11/01 attack, said, “I don’t reret setting bombs,I feel we didn’t do enough.” amd the there’s Bernadine Dohrn another convicted terrorist, Fatjer Pfleger who hate swhites, the Reverend Al Sharpton (need I say more?), the Reverend Louis Farakhan (need I say more?), Daniel Ortega of the Sandanistas, Tony Rezko an interesting real estate dealer, and many more who allare deeply in love with Jews everywhere.

      Political plants drop a load of their stuff and leave a couple of kosher phrases and they’re gone to do the same in as many blogs they have prepared for the day as long as they try to get that payback job. They scheme, cheat and fake their way to political hack jobs.

      That’s why they load up with words like “mochel and ksiva vachasima tova” etc. because they think we will all be fooled.

    37. actually its thatnks to the democrats and their policies that we are still able to live comfortable kollel lifestyles in our heimishe communities. yay for liberal programs

    38. i’d rather be a “liberal lose” (whatever that is) than a self righteous sinas chinam radical right snob.

      i was actually going to vote for mccain until he brought on this unqualified scary nut sportscaster palin

    39. Why do they refer to her as ” Hillary” and the other lady as Gov Palin”? It should be “Senat. Clinton” We’re not buddy-buddy with this immoral female. Besides,she said she’s not going to attend the rally,so how will she speak there?


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