New York, NY – Stolen Torahs Returned to Queens Synagogue


    p>New York, NY – At the start of today’s High Holy Days meeting at One Police Plaza, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly returned the eight Torahs which were stolen in August from the Jewish Center of Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, just in time before the Rosh Hashana holiday.

    As the meeting started, Commissioner Kelly had police officers from the NYPD Shomrim Society proudly carry out the eight Sifrei Torah onto the stage – and returned them to the members of the synagogue.

    Also in attendance where the detectives of this case and where given awards by the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC).

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    1. Torah im Derech Eretz Says:

      Now if these will be put to good use and studied and followed by the congregation,it would be better news

      09-16-2008 – 5:44 PM


      Why dont u be the first role model and throw your internet enaled computer and phone out the window. That way we can learn from you and follow in your HOLIER tHAN THOU footsteps

    2. yeruchem Says:

      Letzanus was put in this world to ridicule apikorsus and apikorsim – yes, even if sadly they’re Jewish

      09-17-2008 – 12:01 PM


      what is your source for your shtikel purim torah?


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