Vienna – Jewish Community To Construct ‘eruv’ to Ease Life on Shabbat


    Vienna – The Jewish community is nearing completion of plans to create an eruv – a symbolic enclosure – in parts of the city to ease life on Shabbat, a senior official said Tuesday.

    An eruv is created by connecting objects both natural and manmade to form an unbroken boundary line. Inside that area, Orthodox Jews can perform tasks that are otherwise banned outside the home on the Sabbath, such as carrying objects or pushing strollers. The eruv symbolically extends the boundaries of home.

    “It’s meaningful for Orthodox Jews because it allows them to do things that would otherwise be forbidden on the Sabbath,” Raimund Fastenbauer, the community’s secretary general, said in a telephone interview.

    “It’s especially important for mothers with young children and older, sickly people in wheelchairs,” he said.

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    1. Congratulations Vienna. I personally know people who were not able to go to Shul on Shabbos because they were insecure to go without a cane to Shul. Therefore they had to stay home. Soll sein mit Mazal

    2. I was born in Vienna and the “Donaukanal” was a natural eruv. Everybody carried and nobody needed an eruv. Who invented the need for an eruv. At my time there were Yidden Tzaddikim, the Kopyczynitzer Rebbe and Czortkover Rebbe living in Vienna.

    3. My grandmother who lives in Paris grew up in Vienna before WWII She told me that they were only allowed to carry in the 2nd district and in the 20th district because both districts were located between the Donau and the Donaukanal.

      They (the Kormann family) went often to the Kopycznitzer Rebbe.

    4. I think the reason why they dont allow carrying in the 2nd and 20th district is because they are afraid that someone might forget and also carry over the bridge into the 1st district.

    5. you are right once you went into the 1st Bezirk you were outside the eruv and to Slouve this morning I was invited to a bris made by a Kopycinitzer Chusid and Reb Avruminu grandson was there . I lived in the Rueppgasse where the Kopycinitzer lived. It is correct the eruv only was kusher for the 2nd and 20th Bezirk


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