Washington, DC – Clinton Blindsided by Scheduled Event with Palin. Palin Responds


    Washington, DC – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has canceled an appearance at a New York rally next week after organizers blindsided her by inviting Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, aides to the senator said.

    Several American Jewish groups plan a major rally outside the United Nations on Sept. 22 to protest against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Organizers said today that both Clinton, who nearly won the Democratic nomination for president, and Palin, Republican candidate John McCain’s running mate, are expected to attend.

    That would have set up a closely scrutinized and potentially explosive pairing in the midst of a presidential campaign, one in which the New York senator is campaigning for Democratic nominee Barack Obama while Palin actively courts disappointed Clinton supporters.

    Clinton aides were furious. They first learned of the plan to have both Clinton and Palin appear when informed by reporters.

    “Her attendance was news to us, and this was never billed to us as a partisan political event,” said Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines. “Sen. Clinton will therefore not be attending.”

    A McCain-Palin campaign official, speaking on condition of anonymity because Palin’s schedule for Monday has not been announced, said only that Palin tentatively planned to attend the rally.

    Both McCain and Obama have made strong appeals to Jewish voters, particularly in critical states like Florida. Obama has emphasized to Jewish audiences his commitment to Israel’s security, and has worked to dispel doubts created by false rumors that he is Muslim.

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    “Governor Palin believes that the danger of a nuclear Iran is greater than party or politics. She hopes that all parties can rally together in opposition to this grave threat.” —Tracey Schmitt, spokeswoman McCain-Palin 2008

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    1. Good for her. She has the best interests of the rally at heart. Hoenlein did a dumbthing by brigning on palin at the last minute which was turning this into a major poltical circus. why he chose to politicize the event is beyond comrehension. Clinton was a natural choice as she always comes to speak at these rallies being that she is a new york senator and has always been at the forefront of these issues. adding palin at such a late hour turned this into an obviously politicized event. this was to be an apolitical event with a purpose that trascends the election mere weeks away.

      Kudos to our good senator for being such a mensch.

    2. Obama and mccain came together on 9/11 to be above poltics for the greater good.

      the organizers of this rally were not above poltiics and cared about their silly photo ops more than turning it into a three ring circus!

    3. hillary is irrelevant. she only got as far as she got as a result of the female voters wanting to see a woman in high. now with palin in the race, not only is she attracting the female voters- but she’s charming the male voters too!

    4. Palin is going to be in NY anyhow for the UN meetings, and I for one am anxious to hear her speak on a foreign policy issue and especially if it’s a large Jewish audience. It is a shame that Clinton once again succumbed to personal politics and backed out.

    5. I always voted for clinton and I am very disappointed by her move .

      dear senator please explain me why mcain & obama could stand together at ground zero demonstrating that americas future is above politics

      here we have someone who is a danger for the worlds future can’t you demonstrate in a honorable joined demonstration ?

      mrs clinton one day you will have to answer this.

    6. Hillary Clinton is Scared of Sarah Palin!!!!!

      She knows of Barak Obamas ties with Rev Write the Anti Semite and Anti American Preacher!!!!!

      We All Need to…..

      …VOTE SMART….


      Lock & Load

    7. How was it not political with Clinton, but suddenly political with Palin? If Clinton didn’t want it to become political, all she had to do was not talk politics. I’m sure Palin will do the same. No, Clinton’s just jealous that Palin is taking her place and her voters.

    8. why do people always need to bring up the suha thing? it was ireelevant amd she was being diplomatic. when she ran for senate her republican opponent rick lazio was onthe front page of the newspaper hugging mr. arafat himself. condi rice hugs abbas every other month. president bush hugs and kisses the saudi prince.

      does any of this matter? how is the suha thing a raaya for any davar? it isnt, get past it.

    9. Milhouse, these rallies hapen all the time.

      usually many of the new york politicians speak they all happen to be democrats. they come as leaders and officials, not partisan party members. you saw how people reacted to the palin announcement, if thats not polriical then what is? clinton has come to many of these rallies inthe past and they have all beeen above partisan poltics. but this is an election season less than 6 weeks to go in a very poltically charged climate and everyone media and citizens alike reacted to the palin speech as shoppi9ng for the jewish vote. this rally has a higher purpose and a higher calling than giving people a forum to shout rah rah for the presidential candidates. the focus is on ahmedinejad

    10. she is double looser

      1. once she was scheduled for the rally she can’t claim the choice of diplomacy.

      2. now republicans are gainig by showing their hard side against terrorists.

    11. 11:59 is obviously a clinton operative. nobody who hangs out on this blog uses such hyfalutin verbiage. plus we hasids (ultra-orthodox, whatever) don’t use that cliched word, “mensch.” go find a dumber audience.

    12. If only one shows up then it’s partisan. If they both are there then it’s bi-partisan. Just shows that Clinton’a support for Israel is contingent on whether she can score some brownie points.

    13. Clinton is intimidated by Palin. All her hopes and dreams of being the first woman in the White house (not only as a first lady) have been shattered by Palin who has so much more substance, integrity and honesty.

      So it is understandable: it hurts Hillary to be in Palin’s presence. She knows that that her rivalry, Palin, will draw the crowd and the applause. Nevertheless, once again it shows Hillary’s shallowness. This event is above Politics and partisanship and we should all be united at a rally of this cause at demonstrating our disdain for Iran’s leader.

    14. “False rumors that [Obama] is Muslim”.

      You’re like the rest of the patronizing liberal media (and Obama himself) – trying to make ignoramuses of people who say Obama is Muslim. He definitely used to be Muslim, hence, accordind to Islamic law he IS and always will be Muslim.

      Would you say someone is spreading false “rumors” by calling an apikoires a Jew?

    15. “trying to make ignoramuses of people who say Obama is Muslim. He definitely used to be Muslim, hence, accordind to Islamic law he IS and always will be Muslim.”

      Which madrasah did you attend such that you are such an expert on Islamic law?

    16. HaShem should protect us from Frum people supporting Palin. Truth be told, she fundamentally believes we are are all going to hell and that we deserve to suffer because we don’t accept JC as our personal savior.

      Frum people should sit on the sidelines on this one. When presented with two “evils”, or, “averas”, we do not choose the lesser one, but rather none of them.

    17. Of course she think we need to accept her god; that’s OK, we think she needs to accept our G-d, so we’re even. “Yakiru veyeid’u kol bo’ei oilom”. Everyone who believes they have the truth wants everyone to have it. If Clinton doesn’t want us to accept her god, that only proves that she doesn’t really believe in him herself, and her whole religion is just a hypocrisy. The same goes for Obama and for everyone who claims to believe in some religion.

    18. jews need to comprehend that when choosing a politician to vote for- we are not choosing a rebbe. we are choosing someone who will advance our best interests. if neither leader is a perfect match we choose the lesser of the 2 evils or if we choose we can abstain from voting. a politicians personal religious beliefs should be taken into account- but should not be the overriding decisive factor.

      and to anon 7:41am-

      obama as a christian shares the same fundamental belief that we jews are going to hell as do all christains for that matter- of course obama is also a very active member of an anti-american & anti-white church too. of course- he may be a rouge muslim & by islamic law is a muslim- in that case jews are going to hell too.

    19. “obama as a christian shares the same fundamental belief that we jews are going to hell as do all christains”

      Actually, not all Christian churches teach that. In particular, the United Church of Christ, to which Sen. Obama belonged, and the United Methodist Church, to which Sen. Clinton and President Bush belong, explicitly teach otherwise, saying in their official statements that God’s covenant with the Jewish people is eternal, remaining in effect.

    20. Hilary needs to to go the extra step for the democratic bosses after what she did. Her hands are tied the same as Dr twerski’s. Hoenlein think befor you’re doing thinks like this.

    21. Hillary has worked on these issues for years and deserved to be there. Palin never showed an inkling of interest until she was nominated two weeks ago. Her presence would ONLY be for political purposes. Good job Hillary for not playing along.

    22. hillary doesnt belong there she is supporting a man that said he would sit down without any preconditions with this rasha

      she will be a no show because she is a political whore who doesnt care about any issue except the advancenment of her career

      she is scared sh-t of being on the same platform as palin and she will look like the idiot and dummy that she really is compared to palin

      she couldnt give a rats a-s about the jews or israel

    23. Bye bye Hillary.

      On your way down the drain with Barack who was a true fool for not choosing you, wave to the nice people and say, “I backed out because I didn’t know how to confront Sarah Palin.”

      We understand; why make bad things worse? Play the denial game. If you don’t see Palin, she’s not there. Why face the opposition? You might fail.

      Mr. Hoenline made a difficult but correct decision. That what a leader is supposed to do!

      Why are all the Muslim countries in favor of Obama? Because their law says that even though he says he’s Christian, he will always be a Muslim.

      BTW, who do you think just blew up a couple of car bombs outside the American embassy in Yemen?

      Was it the Moslems? Was it the Jews? Was it the Christians?

      We all know the real answer.

    24. Dont think I am missing this because of Pailin. I have to rest my shrill annoying voice so I could run against McCain/Palin in 2012. Enjoy the Gov from Alaska and her sweet voice. After hearing me for all these years, even Bill looks forward to hearing her speak.

    25. It would be appropriate to have Hillary attend as she is NY’s senator and she has been a friend of the Jewish community and Israel. Palin was invited simply so the organizers of the rally could get a photo op and to press their neoconservative Republican agenda. Kudos to Hillary for not playing along.

    26. Although I am supporting McCain in the election, it’s beyond me how so many frum people are falling all over themselves praising Palin. She, like Obama, does not have enough knowledge or experience, but is full of charisma. Everyone is just falling for her charisma, just like the Obama supporters are falling for his charisma. To say that Hillary Clinton is afraid, is just plain ignorant. I disagree with Hillary’s politics, but she is much smarter than Palin and certainly not a “scaredy cat!” Stop quoting Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity all day and think for yourselves!

    27. to bubby

      the difference between obama and palin experience or lack thereof is that palin is running for vp and notcommander in cheif

      alsdo who decided that hillary is so smart

      shes not shes just a political whore who is agressive and pushed her way into politics due to bill

      what experience did she hane to become ny governor and what has she done since

      it is precisley because she is governor of the satae with the largest jewish population in the world (outside of israel) that she should attend this rally period no if ands or buts

      there is no possible excuse

    28. she has nothing to prove. she always speaks at these rallies, many of our great local elected officials (democrats) do. you see hwat all the websites and blogs said the first second it was announced palin was ocming? right away a media circus, people making snl jokes, security concerns, cmapining for jewish votes, etc. by having palin a month before the election no doubt politicized the entire event and totally changed its essence.

      hillary did the right thing by stepping off to make it unpoliticial.

      if it was just her it wouldnt have been poltiical. she is the new york senator period who isnt campingin for anything. palin is. and she has much to prove as she is a brand new celebrity unknown entity.

      so she had a flag in her office ? so what? what does that prove? nothing.

      hillary has a long a great track record for us that comes with her.

      she has been at the forefront and front runner combatting palestinian indoctrination of kids for terror and jihad against americans and israelis on television and textbooks for years. we have only her to thank for spearheading those efforts.

      she has nothing to prove, we know where she stands.

      this ahmedineajd rally just turned into a campaign rally and the entire world media is coming to see st. palin. and all they wuill talk about is courting jewish votes and not about the real real threat that ahmedinejad poses – something both parties wholejheartedly agree on.




    30. this has nothing to do with hillary’s ego. we are a month to an election and palin has never spoken to crowds and since she has become a national celebrity a few days ago she has (barely spoken publicly) and when she has, it has never spoken at a non politically charged event. this is undeoubtedly what the rally was going to become and everyone knows it. Hillary clinton actually cares about the task at hand which is waaay above partisan politics and she therefore sought to keep it that way. As an orthodox jew and a mccain supporter i totally applaud our new york senator for having the courage to put the task at hand above partisan poltiical posturing.

      Everyone knows that the focus is now going to be on the election and the comparing speeches and the grasping for jewish votes and not about the rally, which is really an isignificant stunt in truth just to make new york jews feel like they accompliished something. (and to give the hockers in the presidents conference a chance to pose for pictures with politicians).

    31. The organizers of the rally are geniuses for inviting Palin. Iran knows that Palin is the talk of the town and having her at the rally sends a strong message to Iran. The organizers should invite Biden as well.

    32. Hillary is showing her true colors. If it was really Ahmadinejad ym”sh that she was worried about then she would show up, but the fact is that her indented attendance was purely politically motivated. If anyone is turning this into a political event it’s her.

    33. ystud

      I don’t think you’re a true McCain supporter, you sound more like a Clinton/Obama supporter. How does she show that she cares for the task at hand by being a no show.

    34. Let’s also keep in mind that, whether or not you agree with Hillary’s decision, the clear fact is that she is now upset with the “leadership” of the New York Jewish community. That makes this a not all that wise strategic move by our “leaders” given that Hillary likely will remain at least for the next several years the senator representing NY and the interests of NY’s Jewish community.

    35. yeah, SNL played out live.

      Palin: I was soo excited when I was told senator Clinton and I will be addressing you tonight.

      Hillary:And I was told I would be addressing you… Alone!

    36. ezra that is false. no democrats are “agaisnt” the rally and certainly nt obama. hillary clinton has adressed these rallies before. in fact she spoke atthe same rally a year ago.

      malcolm and his cronies did a stupid thing by making this into a media circus political stunt instead of a rally about ahmedinejad and iran they turned it into pandering for jewish votes for the election.


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