Brooklyn, NY – Political Activists Meet with Democratic VP Candidate Joesph Biden To Drum Up Orthodox Support For Obama


    Political Activist Simcha Eichenstein with Sen. BidenBrooklyn, NY – US Senator Joe Biden who is the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate recently met privately with Ezra Friedlander and Simcha Eichenstein of The Friedlander Group, to discuss how the Jewish community feels about the Obama–Biden ticket and how they can reach out to the Orthodox Jewish electorate in key swing states including Florida. Conventional wisdom says that although New York State will go heavily for the Obama–Biden ticket a large segment of the Jewish community residing in Florida hail from the Northeast and take their cues from their brethren from the NY area in terms of how to vote.

    According to sources the meeting was very candid and allowed for a flowing exchange on how to articulate the positions of the Democratic ticket to a Jewish audience who is somewhat skeptical to supporting the Democrats in the same numbers as in previous election cycles.

    Ezra Friedlander

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      • Nitreh! Ay egrree vit yoo. Hee jest startit (in de politikel feeld), end louk hou faar hee vent olreddy B”H. The opper rongs ov de [politikel] ledder are very shaykey, houevveur!!! Sow, letz preseed vit kowshn!!!

      • Anyone that wants to continue Bush’s policies should be checked out.

        Under Bush Israel offered to give away half of Jerusalem, Golan Heights, gaza, Gush Kativ and now wants to hand Chevron back.

        Bush tried to sell our ports to the muslims, Screwed up our economy by allowing big companies to merge and controll prices i.e. oil companies, banks and airlines and the lack of regulated markets which Obama is for.

        and what happened to the CONservatives idea the government should’nt mix in…$700,000,000,000.00

    1. How long will it take for you guys to understand, that BARACK OBAMA is going to be our next President.
      stop running after a 90 year old who will probebly (hope not but) get sick after dealing 1 year with the crazy world leaders that wanna distroy everything what is in their way, and a female from a small state VP will take him over.

    2. How can we as jews even look at obama,a guy that has a history with the biggest jew haters in our country,has a friendship with arabs,I’m sure he would help israel,anyone with little commen sense VOTE MCAIN

    3. the shaila is – did ezra go to obama or obama to him? ezra is an important player in the frum political world. its also important to be in with whichever side wins.

    4. How can anyone who calls himself frum support a party whose policy is against everything in the Torah. The democratic party platform is completely the opposite of anything in Chumash Va’Yikra.

      That aside, Obama has ZERO experience in leadership & that is something we are seeing again with the debate.

      • Read the costitution Government is not allowed to mix in with religion…its left up to the Rabbies, priest etc.. to enforce you religion beliefs. No one is forcing you to be gay or have an abortion… Look at Iran, perfect excample of a country controlled by religion…Oh and by the way how muck experience did Abe Lincoln have?

    5. Under “Bush Israel offered to give away”? What, Israel is not an autonomous country? The leaders in Israel can’t give land away fast enough. When it came to taking care of business in Lebanon, Bush gave Israel a free hand and they couldn’t deal with it. Your problem should be with Israel’s leaders, not with Bush. If you are ignorant or naive enough to think that a race-baiting, Jew-hating, empty suit like Obama would bring a single benefit to Jews, you need to brush up on your history.

    6. I predict that McCain will win with a landslide he will carry at least 45 states including New York. I’m going to remind you after the election that I predicted it. Chochom odif menavie, people are afraid in this dangerous wotld and when push comes to shove, they will vote for McCain.

    7. Hey, you guys sound like David Lichtenstein, who said we should support Hillary, because she will win anyway. Guess, he isn’t getting much bang for all yiddeshe gelt that was spent by him and various other people for Hillary’s campaign.
      Think of what some mosdos could’ve done with all that money.

    8. chas vshalom to go with osama obama team, ezra’s group wont make or break who will be next prez. he couldnt get to mcain, so he went where they did let him in, he loves the pictures to be published, and i can understand him, but rest asure not ezra or simcha will vote for obama, they just did it to promote their company business, and to ezra, please type here in yiddish , ich ezra zug men zol voten far mcain

    9. It seems like he didn’t learn the lesson of David Lichtenstein in regards to Hillary.
      He gave her lots of money, and solicited big bucks for her, with the rationale being, even though we don’t agree with her hashkofos, since she will anyways be elected president, we should shower her with money, so she will like us.
      I guess he might have a diferent opinion today. The 6 figure sums that were raised among frum for Hillary could’ve been very well spent by many worthy mosdos.
      Wake up people, don’t vote for Obama. We all know what type of company he keeps. If you want to know a man, see who he associates with, whom he enjoys being with.
      Rev Wright, the anti-semite whom he describes as his mentor, Bill Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist.
      By the way, guess who paid Obama’s tuition for Harvard, it was one of the infamous anti-semitic Saudi princes. The same guy who Rudy returned a check to after 9/11, after he blamed USA policies for 9/11.
      All Obama’s advisors are anti-Israel. I don’t want to be maarich, but you get the point.

    10. Mark Levine your right on it as usual:

      R’ Avigdor Miller used to ask the same question!

      How can a frum yid vote for a party (democratic) that represents the opposite of our Torah?

      They get blinded by money etc.

      Wake up get closer to Hakodesh Baruchu, hes awaiting to send us moshiach.

      no its not obama.

      Obama has been funded by a muslim org. he went thru Harvard with money that was paid by a muslim wake up

    11. Where does the Torah say that you have to leave poor people out on the street without healthcare just because you worship this avoda zora called the “free market” and “capitalism”? Where does the Torah say it’s okay to start wars that lead to thousands of dead human beings–tzalmei elokim!–without giving diplomacy a chance? Where does the Torah say that it’s okay to convict people of crimes without sufficient proof — rather the opposite! According to AIPAC and all the other nonpartisan organizations, Obama has a 100% pro-Israel record. Where is your evidence for calling him a “Jew hater”?! You want Jew-haters, I’ll show you plenty in the Republican party. And trust me, you don’t want to play the guilt-by-association game — Palin’s church hosted a J4J guy, and SHE WAS THERE SITTING IN THE PEWS, and McCain personally went after endorsements from some of the craziest evangelical fundamentalists.

      • Ever heard of Reverend Wright? Here is a quote:

        “The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for almost 40 years now. It took a divestment campaign to wake the business community up concerning the South Africa issue. Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community up and to wake Americans up concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.”

        Obama’s Israel voting record? What, precisely, is that? In today’s tech-savvy world it is easy to check up. Why don’t you do so?

      • who are you i cant believe that you are quoting gemaras etc yet you spew forth socialist ideals
        you quote obamas 100% record on israel
        what record he was in the senate for exactly 143 days he has no record
        he is a dumb black man who if he was not black would currently be employed by the chicgo transit authority changing light bulbs iin the public restroom
        on top of that he is a good speaker which makes him very dangerous as hitler was a very good speaker too

    12. A funny thing about yidden and bitachon. When you talk to them about stuff like national security – things that they feel do not penetrate the bubble of Boro Park and/or Williamsburg – then they raise the specter of bitachon. When it comes to political candidates offering a couple of dollars, then bitachon is out the window. Hishtadlus prevails…

    13. I am definitely voting for mcain/palin…obama is our next hitler thats how hitler made it ,,,only with his charsima and sharp tongue….cant wait to see palin attacking him…..
      if hitler runs for the democrats I can assure u that Jews would vote for him…wake up…Biden just knows how to get red and jumps to attack…..

    14. for those who are concerned, this whole problem with fannie mae and freddie mac started in 1999 in the CLINTON administration. he as much admitted it this morning on national television. for those who are skeptical, the new york times itself wrote an article pertaing to this in 1999.

    15. What do you think you accomplish by typing in Yiddish? Anyone can easily stick it into an online translator and read what you wrote but in English. You are not hiding anything. If you don’t want others to read it, don’t post it. I googled English-French translation and easily copied this post into French.

    16. New York will go Democratic no matter who’s on the ticket. Pol Pot would out poll McCain here. Voting in NY is a waste of time. (I will be voting for the McPalin ticket regardless).

    17. Neither candidate is good for us. Our NY votes don’t mean anything in this race since Obama is expected to win by a large margin and take all of NY’s electoral votes. Now, the frum Yiddin in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia could make a difference since those are toss up states.

    18. No. 37 – So you think every one of the 100,000+ deaths in Iraq was a terrorist? Then I have a bridge-to-nowhere to sell you.
      No. 43 – What you say is groundless, absurd, and incredibly offensive to anyone who comes from a family of survivors (including me). Isn’t it enough to say you disagree? You have to start calling people *hitler* (yemach shmo)? I thought this forum was moderated!

    19. They just realize what everyone else should — that Republicans’ religion of “small government” and tax cuts leaves non-rich people in the cold — including lots of frum people. What do you think would happen to the heimishe communities without the New Deal and Great Society programs that the Republicans resent so much? We would have a lot more people living in poverty and a lot fewer people able to spend time learning!

    20. TorahDem,

      The govt is not m’chuyav to provide healthcare. Take a look at the countries that offer socialized medicine and tell me if that’s the way you want this country to be. They all pay taxes thru the yeah and the people get duty healthcare for it. We dont need that here in the USA!! Generally we pay about 30% of our income for taxes here in the USA but in the UK, Canada, etc., they are paying well into the 60-70% range for tax and that is so the socialized medicine could be paid for.

      In fact there is really nothing wrong with the healthcare here. There is NO SUCH THING as someone not being treated at a hospital or doc if they dont have insurance. Anything said to the contrary is complete and total hypocrisy. The proof is that most of the people in the ERs are the ones who dont have insurance or those who have MEDICAID as thier insurance. People not being treated due to lack of money or insurance is a figment of every liberal’s imagination.

      As far as your peacenik agenda, I hate to break the news to you but in war people are killed. We dont like going to war but it is necessary to root out evil. Based on your lack of logic we should not have fought the Germans Yemach Sh’mom in ww2 afterall we killed more than just soldiers. Allow me to teach you something based on your logic again…. the 3000 people killed here in the USA on 9/11 were NOT soldiers either.

      You look at the President and his fiscal ideas however President Bush is not fiscally conservative. We need someone running the country who is fiscally conservative. We cannot keep giving handouts no matter to whom it is going to. I would love to get a weekly stipend from the gov forever but I realize that is completely foolish of me. In this country we are guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Libs got rid of the life part already. The people have to pursue happiness not get it delivered in the weekly mail.

      McCain Palin 08!!


    21. Ezra said in a interview two weeks ago that he supports mccain. Simcha went to Denver to the obama convention and told everyone that he supports obama. Two and a half months ago Simcha said in an interview that he supports hillary Clinton. Ezra said then that he supports mitt Romney. Ezra please explain where your company stands

    22. The fact is McCain will win actually big. I deal in business circles and Im amazed how many liberal secular Jews have told me that this will be the first time in their lives that they are voting republican. The reason you dont see too manmy bumper stickers for McCain on cars is because people are afraid they will get their windows smashed at night from Obamas chayas. Also many whites when polled refuse to tell the truth that they support McCain out of fear. This always happens when a candidate is black and that intimidates white people into fear. In Boro park I only saw 3 cars with McCain stickers but of course nothing for Obama.

    23. #61,
      Really? where does the constitution mandate socialized healthcare ? it grants authority to create a minimal central government to care for the “welfare” of the state.

      225 years later you activists tell me it means socialized health care ? are you absolutely out of your mind ? its 100% ok for you to violate the 2nd ammandment and talk about confinscating my guns.. something clearly written in the constitution.. but healthcare?!?!

      As yidden this is the most absurd lunatic idea! You are going to raise taxes and wheres all the tzedaka money going ?!?!? how will mosdos survive ?!?! so we will give healthcare for every yutz, and have no money left for tzedaka.

      The point of limited government is to uphold and better the union, to fund and pay for a ARMY (yes I know you guys all love to bash our defense budget) to build roads and such and all in all protect our borders.

      The social services are left to individual’s, if you have a guilty conscience as a liberal, go give to tzedaka!!

      #1 aniye ircha kodamim
      #2 theres no chiyuv to provide tzedaka for a akum and definatly not when the money is needed for jew
      #3 why is it society’s problem is a 15 year old girl gets pregnant and we must pay the bills ?!?! what ever happened to responsibility ?

      In summary, democrats are lunatics.. jews that vote democrat have no care whatsoever about the torah.


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