New York, NY – What’s In Felder’s Future?


    New York, NY – After briefly disappearing from the scene following his loss earlier this month in the three-way 21st SD primary, Brooklyn Councilman Simcha Felder is back in the thick of things.

    Felder is working with colleagues from outside his borough on two different initiatives – both of which are related to finances, which makes one wonder whether he’s thinking about re-starting the 2009 comptroller campaign he abandoned to run for Senate.

    As the Daily News reported this morning, Felder is working with Bronx Councilman James Vacca to round up opponents to Mayor Bloomberg’s bid to rescind the 7% property tax cut in January (an interesting effort, given that Bloomberg was Felder’s biggest endorsement in the 21st SD race).

    In addition, Felder and Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. sent out a letter calling on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to reinstate the commuter tax and close a loophole that allows double-dipping by employees collecting disability pensions.
    In this effort, too, preserving the property tax cut is the chief goal.

    Silver said yesterday he is open to reviving the commuter tax that he was intstrumental in helping to kill back in 1999. Skelos is not so keen on the idea, however, nor is Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith.

    Felder spokesman Eric Kuo said the councilman has made no decisions about his political future and is merely focused on doing “good things for the people of New York City.”

    Should term limits be extended, Felder might have some competition should he decide to seek re-election to his Council seat.

    Joe Lazar, who had been preparing for a primary against Felder ally David Greenfield in the 44th CD, recently suggested he will run for the 44th CD seat in 2009 regardless of whether Felder is in the race.

    Lazar’s biggest supporter is Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who endorsed Parker over his former staffer and fellow Orthodox Jew, Felder, in the 21st SD primary.

    But while Lazar may smell blood in the water over Felder’s unsuccessful run for State Senate he may want to look again at Felder’s performance within his own council district.

    A reader with knowledged of the Brooklyn Jewish vote pointed out Felder received more than 95% of the vote in the 48th AD, which Hikind represents.

    While Hikind pulled out all the stops for Parker, hosting him on his radio show, a mailer in Yiddish pleading with voters to support his friend Parker, and robocalls, he was only able to deliver a total of 163 votes against Felder.

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    1. Simcha Felder was great leader? What a JOKE?

      1) He has voted YES for congestion pricing.

      2) Oh yes! Busy with pigeon droppings

      3) Simcha Felder since when are you a council member from Williamsburg? By staying neutral you would have gotten 100% of Boro Park, you get involved with UJCare now you lost it!

      4) UJCare $200,000? Is that in Boro Park?

    2. Can’t belive this, King Dov can’t get his own people to follow him? What a shame.
      He keeps on telling us that he has the upper hand in his district and what he says goes, and everyone follows. Doesn’t, doesn’t look like it anymore.
      Dov its time to retire.

    3. who cares about these guys we still have fraud alternate side parking ,crazy traffic cops harassing us 24 hrs a day,no parking signs all over the place ,its not pleasant to live in broooklyn especially with rising property taxes . i think we live in the most expensive zoo in the world . oh i forgot whats a zoo without pigeons .so nuntil these characters actually lift a finger to help us who cares about them

    4. Considering the frequent negative comments on this and other blogs about Felder, he did surprisingly well in the AD’s with large numbers of frum Yiddin. Maybe the comments we saw before the lection came from outside his district.

    5. To “SC”. Felder got 95% and not 100%, since the UJO supporters voted for a non-jew. Also, UJ Care helps BP yiden just as willi yiden, not like UJO. Felder helps any jewish community issue regardless if they can vote for him. This is Felder!! Thank G-D that nobody thinks like you that turnes every issue in to politics. Only because he helped UJ care he got 95% of the yidish votes… Just keep it up SIMCHA, you are our MAN

    6. To all of you that want Felder out, I also can’t wait cause then all the organizations that never saw a penny from goverment and got money in the past 7 years will stop receiving and guess what they will be knocking on our doors for some donations or will just close down.

    7. To all the Felder haters:

      Could you name one elected official that got so much money back into his district? Could you name one elected official that represents us Yiden that brought so much money into the district?

      I can’t, if you find one please let me know.

      Felder is the only elected official that goes out of his way to help the simple person on the street with out getting anything in return or big thank you’s in the press. That is called a real mench. You guys will all miss his service.

      • Simcha felder brought in the most money from an y council member to their own districts.

        When tomchei shabbos has to close down and other major vital orghanizations which hel ALL YIDDEN in the 5 boroughs do not come crying.

        Nothing against parker but on on **** do people act like this. most of you are a bunch of what can you do for ME instead of what can he do for EVERYONE AS A MAJORITY.

        How do we get rid of someone that HAS kept his promises, HAS done for the klal, HAS had his office respond to the concers of his community and constituents?

        This is the same hakores hatov you jerks have and also did to Governor Cuomo and other senators which to this day the people that took over did not even do nearly as much for us.

        It is time for the stupidity to end and VOTE ON ISSUES not what you think about things that do not matter.

        Look at Simchas voting record and you will find that he takes his job seriously and NEVER MISSED a voting opportunity.

        Simcha took care of pigeons problems.Simcha took care of the junk we get in front of our homes.

        Simcha got MANY organizations which effect the klal in one way or another MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. The great list continues and you have the chutzpah to say he is not good enough?

        You really think Parker can accomplish what Simcha HAS DONE for the last 7 years? Get a brain.

    8. who cares !!!! did he care when he spit williamsburg’s face and robbed $200,000.00 from U.J.O. for no good reason…..only because he wanted to CHANFE aroinin… good – fine let him eat it

    9. who cares what he’ll do ?? it hurts what he did….. he robbed u.j.o. willi. $200,000.00 for no good reason… only to CHANFE the aroinin…cause he tought they’re majority…he b”h found out the hard way … now let him do whatever he wants … but he won’t be able ….be’izer hashem to do bad for our great community

    10. Stop all this critical nonsense. I know that the major critics on here hardly understand the political system and how local politics works. To be a local politicion requires a deep understandind of the varied constituancy. Believe the constituancy in this case is really for the birds or should I say for the pigeons. If I were him I would think this is a highpoint of my career. Who wants to listen to all this uneducatrd dribble and still want to work tirelessly for the people that only know one thing… and that thing is a big and resounding… nothing. As a great talmid chochem once said “Kay Em Eye Tea”.

    11. is it true that simcha took sides in satmar and in bobov? this is what i heard this morning
      if this is true most be the reason he lost after all if he ignored the zalonim they are 45% of satmar in boro park and that is 1200 familis same thing goes for bobov were he had ignored 45 who are 42% and 900 familes
      4200 votes

      i hope not lazar or greenfeld will do the same

    12. The reason Simcha lost is because Jews don’t vote. Period. This has nothing to do with aaron vs zalman. In fact, the “anti-simcha” vote was less than 200 votes in all of Boro Park!


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