Ramapo, NY – Police Officer Baile Glauber On Desk Duty Due To Injury


    Baile Glauber of Ramapo bows her head for the invocation during the graduation ceremony from the Police Academy at the Rockland Fire Training Center in Ramapo on June 13. (Angela Gaul/The Journal News)

    Ramapo, NY – Police Officer Baile Glauber, who has created quite a stir since  starting to patrol in June,  is doing temporary desk duty now after apparently telling the brass she’s had a reoccurrence of an ankle injury.

    Glauber’s ankle injury  first occurred at the beginning of her Rockland Police Academy training, causing her to miss nearly six weeks of physical training during the six months at the academy from January to June.
    She ended up meeting the basic physical requirements at the academy and graduating.

    Glauber, like all rookies, is probationary and must patrol with an experience officer before she can go solo. She’s been patrolling with another officer since June, but not the Monsey or Hasidic Jewish communities.

    She was assigned to desk duty this week, Capt. James Quinn said, adding he cannot discuss an officer’s medical issues. Glauber worked today, Quinn said.

    Glauber, a divorce mother with a 9-year-old son, doesn’t work the Jewish Sabbath – Friday nights and Saturdays – for religious reasons. She probably will seek the Jewish high holidays off, starting with Rosh Hashana on Monday evening.

    Academy officials said that she walked to classes during religious holidays.

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    1. Mrs. Gruber Please forgive me but its time you quit this job, sorry to say but…….. its not Tznius for a Jewish women to be working in this department, I am willing to speak to you in person and try explaining my point of view in great detail, why a Bas Yisroel should NOT be doing what you chose to do with your life. I understand that the final decision will be yours.

      May Hashem give you and you son a sweet new year.

      Reb Aron Zalmen Leib Shlit”a

      • its also not tznius for a grand rabbi to blog and to send blogs to womwn. close your trayfene computer go to the nearest window . throw it out and run off to the mikvah and don’t come out till thedogs stop barking

      • She is doing whats best for her and her family…And what do you suggest she do, go shop like all the other frum girls out there.. Please, give this woman a chance!

    2. So now she is lame, and it turns out that she didn’t complete the physical training, but was allowed to graduate anyway. She attended classes on religious holidays? But now she wants, and gets, a Shomer Shabbos contract. The other policemen in that department must be really pleased.

    3. Here is a woman who is supporting her family in an honest career and all you guys do is come up with reasons as to why she is bad. Leave her alone and mind your own business.

    4. I’m not judging her, but I’m thinking that she might have the knee problems cause of her walking to the academy during Jewish holidays, that might have done it to her foot…

      • and I am not judging you but you may have some Head problem because it is only psychotic people like you that feel compelled to put their two cents in even when they have nothing to say!

        • I don’t see what I have Said wrong, I just thought that her ankle was hurting her because she was doing so much walking, nothing wrong about it, she should just be careful during the Yomim Tovim, if they are asking her to go into work, about even more hurting her ankle!

          • You are straining “even more your Brain”
            There is a time to shut up. I know this is not the Yom Tov for that Megillah but if you have nothing to say, don’t say it.

    5. #8: Are you really so ignorant? Obviously #2’s comment was not from a “grand rabbi” or any rabbi for that matter. Since you obviously don’t know, R’ Zalmen Leib and R’ Aron are brothers. There is no “Aron Zalmen Leib” nor would either be posting on any blog.

    6. I am proud of her: She is working and earning an honest $. If its being a police officer so be it. I would rather want a jewish girl become an attorney but if she so chooses to police SO BE IT.. Baila Keep up the good work.. Shana Tova

    7. you guys are so nasty
      a day b4 rosh hashana
      do you know her
      chances are no
      do you know what went on behind closed doors
      she is making a living
      and none of you can judge her
      another thing
      whats wrong with giving out tickests
      a tickets means you were not following the law
      and jsut because she is jewish and you are jewish
      she should forget it ?
      please please please dont judge
      and dont make stupid remaks
      it can really hurt
      and some day u too will need to answer to the one above

      have a kesiva echasima tova to all

      • I am sorry but there are different ways of making a living, who gave her the rights to wear pants????? etc. our holy Torah teaches us that women should be in side working not on the street. (right! that’s why she got the desk job) I don’t know her but it smells funny. If in fact she went to Satmar well….. but we dont have to read about her every time she has a cold or gives a ticket. it just feels wrong.

        • If it feels wrong, then don’t take such a job or don’t send your wife for such a job. Is it possible that no one was interested in helping her till she got this job? Our holy Torah also teaches that you should be Dan everyone LCAF Zechus and I don’t see you practicing that. And while you state women should not be out working, the majority of the frum female population is out working today because single income families can’t make it. Should she sit home alone with no income? Go and do something useful before Rosh Hashana and leave a single woman and her son alone.

    8. Are we going to hear about every time she gets sick or goes to the restroom? C’mon, who cares?

      For all you gedolei hador who believe the RSO granted you permission to pass judgement on a woman who is providing parnasa for her and her son, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Who gave you Ruach Hakodesh to determine if her ankle injury is a sign from Heaven.

      At least she is working and not goofing off on someone else’s dime. When I pass through Monsey on a weekday, I am amazed on the hard working guys goofing off. I’ve said this before.

      If you are offended by a Jewish female officer, you can put down your sefer and get a job on the department too. But I guess that means you’ll lose your social services benefits paid for by us working stiffs.

      K’Tiva V’Chatima Tova

    9. Oi Baile Glauber many girls remember you from the Satmar School what happened to you? Lets all have here in our prayers that she should come back to her roots they way she was brought up, because my gut feeling is in the end it aint going to work out.

      • Maybe she is not the problem but Satmar is the problem. In any case there is more than one way to be jewish and even frum for that matter. If everyone in Satmar felt bad a few years ago, maybe things would be different. If that is what you feel bad about (your own communities sins) then you can say Al CHEIT on yom Kippur. This woman is not the problem as you seem to indicate.

    10. Why do people judge her so harshly? Just because she missed some of her training does not mean that she didn’t finish it. Have you never heard of a man getting an injury? That doesn’t make the news, because it happens all the time.

      It’s a shame that right before Rosh Hashana, people can talk such loshon hara about her. Let the woman make a living!!! Refuah sh’leima.

    11. PEPOLE ITS B4 ROSH HASHANA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP TALKING ABOUT OTHER PEPOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AKASIVA VCHASIM TOVA !! A GIT GEBNTCHNT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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