Wesley Hills, NY – Man Killed in Hit-N-Run Accident


    Rockland County, Wesley Hills, NY – A Hit-and-run motor vehicle accident with a pedestrian that was struck in front of Wesley Kosher on Pearl Drive and Route 306.

    Hatzolah on the scene transporting the aided who is in traumatic arrest to Good Sam Hospital.

    Ramapo Police canvasing the area for the 1990 Ford Explorer dark colored vehicle that fled the scene, vehicle has front damage.

    U/D: 01:32am
    The 54-year-old victim just passed away in the hospital, Chesed Shel Emes heading to the scene.

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    1. he moved in with a new family a few months ago in wesley hills i guess its dark out there and the driver did not see him. a very tzibruchena neshumaleh buruch dayen huemes

    2. 14, Well, I’m sure your not on heave sedatives and meds, and I’m sure you have means of transportation.

      Mordechai always walked, He never drove. And we are talking about a 6 mile gap.

      But number 9 explained it.

    3. I don’t understand. The man is an EDP, he is on sedatives and heavy medication. Why is he roaming the streets after 12 PM in the dark with no reflector, why isn’t anyone looking after this individual. Yeah, now you say nebach, we are nebachs that we allow someone like this to roam around and not do anything about it. There was recently an older man roaming the isles at Wesley Kosher, all day long he was walking around the area looking very bizarre. I spoke to the manager of Wesley kosher and told him that someone like this has to be supervised, he could hurt someone or himself. The manager said he would try to do something. I wonder if this was the same individual who nebach got run over like a stray, it is very sad.


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