Fair Lawn, NJ – Hundreds Attend ‘Levaya’ for Child Killed in Horrific Car Accident, Driver Charged With Murder


    mother of Miriam\'s holding up her photoFair Lawn, NJ – 100’s of mourners attended the funeral service yesterday for the 10-year-old sixth-grader Fair Lawn girl who died when a stolen car crashed into [reported first by VIN News] her family’s sedan and was ripped in half.

    Miriam Avraham, 10, was a “typical” girl “who loved music and she had a great sense of humor,” her mother, Helene Avraham, said Friday.

    Her brother, Shachar, 14, called Miriam his best friend.

    “She was great, she was fun and we’ll miss her so much,” he told the Bergen Record.

    CBS2 News Video Report Click here
    Many classmates and friends of Miriam could be seen crying, clinging to their parents and friends.

    Rabbi Yuden of Fair Lawn officiated at the Levaya.

    Volunteers from Chesed Shel Emes were working with the medical examiner on kovod hames to have the body released with out invasive autposy

    Volunteers from Hatzolah of North Jersey were on standby with an ambulance and provided medical assistance to the mourners standing in the hot sun. One woman collapsed and needed to be transported by Hatzolah to Hackensack Hospital.

    Authorities said the girl was sitting in the back of her mother’s Honda Accord on Thursday night, on her way to a festive Sukkot party, when they were struck by the speeding Mercedes.

    The ferocious collision sliced the car in half and sent the back half of the Honda hurtling 20 feet to the curb.

    Family friend Eric Brauner, 14, who was sitting next to Miriam, was in critical condition with internal injuries at Hackensack University Medical Center.

    Helene Avraham, who was driving, and Shachar were also injured, though not seriously.
    Paramedics attend to victims of the horrific car crash in New Bridge, NJ.
    Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli said the driver of the stolen vehicle, Harold Saenz, 22, of Bergenfield, N.J., was injured and held under police guard at the Hackensack hospital.

    Saenz was later ordered held on $1 million bail and charged with felony murder, aggravated manslaughter, aggravated assault, burglary and car theft. He’ll have a hearing Monday.

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    1. Tragic. How sad. Nothing will comfort the family on their terrible loss.
      May the Almighty comfort them among the mourners of Tzion.
      The injured boy’s name was posted on an earlier post Aviezer ben…
      I don’t recall his mothers name correctly. Anybody remember?

    2. Dear Helene Avraham,

      Tears continue to flow for Miriam, your family and friends. I, too, am a mother whose innocent daughter was killed as a result of a police chase six years ago. Today, I am the director of a national organization, Voices Insisting on PursuitSAFETY. I just want you to know members of our organization are keeping your family in our prayers.


    3. With this tragedy comes the reminder of many law enforcement authorities: never leave your car with the keys in the ignition, even for a moment. In the past I have done that in front of my house, and been fortunate that no one took advantage of my carelessness.

    4. #11…..you must be new around Tneck……There is no need for Hatzolah…The local ambulance corps is very capable and includes volunteers from ALL walks of life including our current and several past mayors. Jewish and Gentile, Orthodox and Non Orthodox. The general feeling here is that we try to contribute to the betterment of ALL our neighbors. Gutten Kvittel to all.

    5. I wonder if the Police were engaged in a high speed chase. I’m against whenever the police engage in a high speed chases as it only makes the thief do crazy things to get away. If the thief wants to get away, let him go without a chase. Report the car to the police central database, let some other police department get his. Sooner or later the thief will get caught. A lot of accidents could be avoided if the police were told not to engage in high speed chases. It seems to me that it is an ego thing on the part of the cops, they can’t stand to let someone get away from them. But think about the costs involved. A car is replacable, a life is not. Contact you police department and ask them what their policy is on giving chase. Let them know or contact your town council and try to influence the police to not engage in high speed chases as it is not worth the risk to life and property. The thief will get caught sooner or later.

      • I agree with you the police should have backed off. I remember them stating on the news we where not persuing and it was not a high speed chase it was just drivng at regular speed. Sure a car gets cut in half at regular speed. I know two people that work in Franklin Lakes up there and they mentioned it is against police policy to do a high speed chase in Franklin Lakes as per the chief of police. Why don’t all towns/cities nationwide make this standard police policy? I guess too busy worried about making money by getting suspect. Fines, bail etc.

    6. Nebech, nebech! Hashem yirachaim!
      May the family be consoled by the Ribono Shel Olam Himself!
      By the way, the law is that if a person is hurt or killed as the result of a crime, the one who committed the crime is responsible, NOT the police.
      Therefore, the stealer of the car is the murderer of the child.

    7. I was at the levaya and saw a woman faint. 5 seconds later three guys in Hatzolah jackets appeared out of nowhere. They calmed everyone around who’s nerves were already frazzled by the levaya, while taking care of the woman.

      Then one guy appeared with a stretcher, and they took the woman who fainted.

      Thank you to Hatzolah of North Jersey for a mitzvah well done.

    8. I dont know what to say upon this tragic loss. This story has been spreading across Jewish communities around the world. Aviezer Baruch Ben Minda Zahava, will be kept in our prayers. I wish your whole family, a refuah shlema, physically, mentally and emotionally. And May Hashem be with your family, and may you all have long, happy, healthy lives.


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