Chicago, IL – Colin Powell: I Respect McCain, But I Am Endorsing Obama, He Is Better For The Economy


    Chicago, IL – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell crossed party lines this morning to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president, the most prominent GOP defection yet of the 2008 campaign. [VIN news reported this endorsement as speculation in August]

    Obama has courted Republicans all along, but in Powell he gets party crossover plus military credibility. Powell is a retired U.S. Army general and served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the first President Bush.

    As Secretary of State under the current President Bush, Powell helped to build the case for the Iraq war, a role that hurt him with many Democrats and moderates, who had viewed him as somewhat apolitical. Powell made his endorsement today on the NBC program “Meet the Press.”

    Powell said he had watched both Obama and Sen. John McCain in the last “six or seven weeks,” since the national political conventions, and paid special attention to how they reacted to the nation’s worsening economic situation.

    “I must say, he seemed a little unsure about how to approach the problem,” Powell said of McCain.

    “He didn’t have a complete grasp of the economic problems we have.”

    Powell also expressed concerns about McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. “I don’t believe she’s ready to be President of the United States, which is the job of vice president,” Powell said, adding that it raised “some questions in my mind” about McCain’s judgment.

    As for Obama, Powell said, “I think that he has a definitive way of doing business that would serve us

    Powell said he would not campaign for Obama, noting the short amount of time that remains until Election Day. He later said he is “in no way interested in a return to government,” but said he would consider any offers made by the next president.

    He said that if his endorsement of Obama were focused solely on the historic nature of his candidacy, “I could have done this six, ten, eight months ago.”

    Powell appeared uncomfortable throughout the interview and cleared his throat several times while talking to Brokaw. He made a clear effort towards the end of the interview to make it clear his endorsement was “not out of any lack of respect or admiration of John McCain.”

    He said: “I strongly believe that at this point in America’s history, we need a president that will not just continue basically the policies we have been following in recent years. I think we need a transformational figure. I think we need a president who is a generational change.”

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      • Any african-American who doesn’t vote for Obama is out of his/her mind. The [nice] face they put on it is irrelevant. As with Simpson, the jury gave 250 reasons [for acquittal] in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. The only [and true] reason they didn’t spell out, i.e. “Race”! A white person, especially a Police Officer would have been convicted “Hands Down”, in a split-second!!!

      • Your comment smacks of complete idiocy. Do you look at McCains endorsers, most of whom are white, and say “it figures that a white person would endorse a white man.” Its for sure true but you don’t say that because you have an anti-Obama shield in front of your eyes making you believe every fairy tale and scare tactic that comes your way. All of you who believe that Obama is a Muslim and got sworn in on the Koran are paranoid and just plain wrong. At least two press reports reported Obama being sworn in on the Bible. In fact, the first person ever to be sworn in on the Koran was Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota. But Mr. Ellison is not running for President! I know that this is the true time of Moshiach because chutzpah and sheker will become rampant during that time and I’ve never seen such cases of this then now, when Obama, a decent and honest man who has the same experience of Lincoln, is being defamed by angry and ignorant members of our community.

        • You’re right. All of the peripheral stuff is, not paranoia, but pure nonsense! But the fact that (according to the polls) @ least 90% of black people vote for Obama, which is their right! But they’re in denial (or trying to put a nice face on it)! There’s nothing wrong with voting for someone you “Feel” closer to (for whatever reason)!!!

    1. Powell also expressed concerns about McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. “I don’t believe she’s ready to be President of the United States”

      Sure but Hussain has experiance sure being anti american

    2. “””I Respect McCain, But I Am Endorsing Obama, He Is Better For The Economy”””
      Funny. The last I checked Powell’s expertise is foreign affairs. Funny that he, too, now has a say about the economy.
      Did you notice he doesn’t mention that Obama’s lack of experience with ANY affair disqualifies him from becoming president to begin with?
      No. It’s Palin who lacks experience.
      Ok. Got it.

    3. wait till they release the “whitey tape” right before the election that shows obamas wife commenting in front of black people about white people.this hopefully will bring obama to a downfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I wish there was a tape, there would be hope again. I always knew that Powell was a Lib, I was always wondering why Bush took him by his side. Once a Lib, always a lib.

        • Powell is not a “liberal” he is more conservative than mccain and bush combined! He would have made a great president instead of bush thats for sure.
          Bush runied him in poltics. it was powell who bush sent to plead the false wmd case to the un and he had to take the fall. Powell is a brilliant man, a military general, and a super diplomat.
          he is entitled to be upset with the party elders that ruined him

      • It’s not racist to point out that blacks vote for blacks. It’s the truth. From any of the major polls everywhere it’s clear that over 90% of blacks are voting for Obama.

          • it would be if it were true but the blatant fact is that jews do not vote for jews
            in fact most of the time they vote against the jew for various reasons but particularly not to show their jewishness
            but you are too stupid and blinded by this gifted orator schvartze no expirence anti semite

            • Wow, I definatly would award you with the medal for “how many slurs and lies can you fit in one sentence.” Congrats! See you at Obamas inaugration day.

            • You people need to stop listening to limbaugh. 5 minutes of listening to powell and looking at his face and you could forget what color he is. he is a very smart man and thats all he is. it was great top see on the tv news everyones opinions of his endorsement – both those who agreed or disagreed , all talking about him as a PERSON and not as a black man. the only place i have heard of such inane stupidity is on the so called hemishe blogs, and on rush limbaugh.

              a git kvitel and may hashem bless my brethren to see past color and race once and for all the same way we hope people dont judge us by our beards and beenies.

        • In most national elections 90 percent of black voters pull the lever for the Democrat, usually then a white male – this year the Democrat is black (and hopefully more blacks will vote) Did Jews, who vote 75-80 percent Democrat, vote for Gore (and Lieberman) cause Lieberman was a Jew or for the Democrat.

    4. Colin Powell is one of the smartest minds in recent military history, a war hero ,a veteran of a number of wars and served loyally as Secretary of State as well. To state that his endorsement is racially motivated says far more about the bigots here then it does about him.

    5. Endorsing an individual who is in viciious anti Jewish circles should raise our eyebrows. Imagine a white candidate who had friends and mentors in the kkk. All the liberal jews would scream bigot. But if one is pro abortion pro gay marriage in their liberal views; all is kosher, FAKES FRAUDS AND PHONEYS THATS WHAT DEMOCRATS ARE

    6. It is neither racist to point out that one votes for one’s own kind. Nor is it wrong for a black person to support one of their own . Its normal. I object to the person who won’t come out and say “I’m black, and I am voting for him because he is black, instead of some mumbo jumbo its the economy c*ap. Personally, you show me a qualified black guy, such as Alan Keyes, and I’m right there.

    7. I plan on going to Israel on Nov5 a day after the election. If Obama wins I will liquidate my business here and buy a home in Israel. I guess alot of frum yidden will do that and perhaps it will bring more orthodoxy to Israel.

    8. are we all bigots for convinncing all frum jews to vote for felder even when they didnt lvie in his disctirct and coulsdnt vote for him? how disgusting to dismiss an edorsement simply because of skin color?
      charlie rabgel did not endorse obama. jesse jackson did not endorse obama. alan keyes did not endorse obama. why is it suddenly racist for a BRILLAINT mind like colin powell who got his career ruined because he was the salesman of Bsuh’s lies be be simply because of skin color? this shows how shallow so many in our own community are. these blog comments are truly sickening. you should all be ASHAMED. i know I am.

        • boy are you dumb.
          Rangel is head of the new york delegation and was a hillary loyalist along with all the rest until the bitter end.

          Alan Keyes is a republican who ran against obama for senate in chicago and lost. (keyes, like powell is also a black republican who has run for president. but of course keyes is quite unqualified for anything compared to powell).
          Jesse Jackson has never like Obama and has resented him from day one for succeeding where he has failed so miserably.

          • Boy, are you dumb!

            The last thing Obama wanted was to be endorsed by every black politician on earth. He wants to be seen as the candidate for all people, not just black people.
            Powell is no longer seen as a black politician.

          • Thanks for getting down to the personal insults. Nothing could have convinced me more that I am correct.

            Obama stood nothing to gain from Rangel’s endorsement. NY, including plenty of ‘unzerer’, would vote for a mummy if it ran on the Democrat ticket. His opinion carries less than no value west of the Hudson and could only help mark Obama as the black candidate, which is the last thing he needs anywhere between NY and Miami, where you have another group of ‘unzerer’ who would elect a peanut butter sandwich so long as it sounded like a Democrat.

            • not to mention some of the smartest and most influential high profile Black people skin were all hillary clinton supporters, and not obama.

              (Maya Angelou, Emanuel Cleaver, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Kendrick Meek, David Paterson, David Dinkins, John Lewis, Doug Palmer, Wellington Webb, Sheila Jackson Lee, Tavis Smiley, David Scott, chrstine samuels, Sophie Masloff, Nancy Larson, David Wilhelm, Jim Clyburn)…

          • Keyes also ran for the US Senate in Maryland and lost — twice. Black Marylanders voted overwhelmingly for Keyes’ white opponents. Keyes has served as an ambassador and as an Assistant Secretary of State.

      • You can sulk in your shame! You can take my portion, and enjoy it, too! We know what the reality is, and it’s fine. The world doesn’t stop because of it. But at least we face it, and have [had] no illusions!!!

    9. Obama on Powell

      At his Fayetteville, N.C. rally today:

      Before we begin, I’d like to acknowledge some news we learned this morning. With so many brave men and women from Fayetteville serving in our military, this is a city and a state that knows something about great soldiers. And this morning, a great soldier, a great statesman, and a great American has endorsed our campaign to change America. I have been honored to have the benefit of his wisdom and counsel from time to time over the last few years, but today, I am beyond honored and deeply humbled to have the support of General Colin Powell.

      General Powell has defended this nation bravely, and he has embodied our highest ideals through his long and distinguished public service. He and his wife Alma have inspired millions of young people to serve their communities and their country through their tireless commitment and trailblazing American story. And he knows, as we do, that this is a moment where we all need to come together as one nation – young and old, rich and poor, black and white, Republican and Democrat.

    10. Powell endorses Obama

      The late, heavyweight endorsement on Meet the Press comes as Obama seeks to bury McCain in the home stretch, and Powell is one of the few figures whose endorsement seems to come with a meaningful stamp of approval, in this case on national security issues.

      Powell called him a “transformational figure.”

      The move by Powell, a longtime McCain friend and admirer, is a real loss for the Republican, even if Powell waited until the trajectory of the race seemed clear.

      “Obama displayed a steadiness. Showed intellectual vigor,” Powell said. “He has a definitive way of doing business that will do us well.”

      He also said he was disappointed by McCain’s campaign, and that Palin isn’t ready to lead.

      By Ben Smith 09:18 AM

    11. “i guess race is more important. a black endorses a black no surprise.”
      No. Being a true American is more important. An intelligent true American endorses another intelligent true American, no surprise.

    12. So let me understand Gen. Powell. Gov. Palin who has been a Mayor and currently is Governor of Alaska does not have the experience to be President of The USA but Obama who has only been a community “organizer” for Acorn (The voting fraud people) and has never sponsored any major piece of legislation during his very short sojourn in the US Senate is qualified to be President of the USA??? This is indeed “transformational”. Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter and we know how that ended. My friends, if Obama is elected, Israel will be under severe USA pressure.

      • she wasnt a mayor like giuliani for petes sake she was mayor like a tiny town council. wasilla has 7,000 people. thats less than some neighborhoods in queens. obama worked for many more people as a orgnizers before state senate in urban city chicago.
        its a dumn comparison.

        Powell is entitled to his opinion. he is entitlesd to his comparisons.

        its the least courtesy you can give him after bush destroyed his poltical career

        • To 39 maybe when she was mayor she represented few. However as governor she enacted a pipeline deal that benefitted the little guy. What did Mr Obama do against subprime mortgages? Zero. His chronies like B Frank and co took money from lobbyists like ameriquest and the like instead.

    13. Race or not.. obama is horrible for the economy.. please explain how “spreading the wealth” will help the economy ? where in judaism is this written even? The rich will have less to spend and invest.. the poor will get fat off welfare..

      Every time I go to walmart I see these fat lady’s with 5 kids acting like they are on crack, her cart is ALL junk in fact, if I ate the HEALTHIEST thing in the cart my mother would give me such petch (and i’m 23)

      And of course she pays for the crap using EBT (food stamps) thats right, your tax dollars go to buy gallons of fruit punch, sugared cereal etc..

      Land of the free ? yeah right… land of the taxing those that work and giving to those that do..

      After taxes are raised, have you any idea how this will hurt tzedaka ?!?!? Frum yidden will be the ones to suffer from Obamessiah!

      • Why do you look in other people’s food carts. (and begrudge or criticize their choices)! Like MY mother used to say (and I’m a little more than double (+1/2) 23! “Look in Your Own Plate”!!!

      • No he did not. that is a lie. it didnt happen. sheker vchazav.

        Many jews use a chumash, true.
        Obama is a christian. he did not swear in on a koran.

        Total lie. (you might have him confused with congressman kieth ellison)

          • To be absolutely correct, it was a copy of a *translation* of the Koran that indeed had once been owned by Thomas Jefferson. And indeed it was Ellison, not Obama, who used it.

            Jefferson and his predecessor John Adams had engaged in negotiations with the Islamic terrorists of their time: The Barbary Pirates.

    14. Obama has new york. I am writing in bloomberg for prez and arnold for vice prez. We need mike to get this country back in fiscal shape and arnold to scare away all the girly men bad guys.I don’t care that he is not american born , or what his dad did. I am so serious.McCain Palin don’t have a chance in ny.

    15. Elchonon:
      The current president is a republican, for one thing, so you can’t possibly be criticising Obama. Secondly, Walmart shoppers are known to be republicans. Maybe you should visit the Department of Social Services and see all the Frum Yidden reapplying for food stamps and welfare.

    16. I never saw so many Jews even though they are not orthodox but big fools. I wonder how many blacks would vote for a white candidate who for 20 years had a white rev. Wright make speeches like a kkk supporter. Than to add insult to injury imagine if this white candidate had ties with neo nazi groups. The blacks are light years smarter than the liberal secular Jews. They know how to vote and will speak up if a candidate has a racist history. It comes to show you only orthodox Jews are smart because they keep the Torah.

      • Hock nisht (kan) a Tchainik! The “Rev.” Wright is a Narcissist (and a racist, plus another few cists/cysts), who loves to hear himself talk and gesticulate, was out to destroy Obama’s political career! Until he had no more choice but to shake him off vigorously!!!

    17. Besides all the controversy surrounding Barrak Hussein Obama regarding HIS racist connections for decades, he has yet to produce a valid birth certificate proving that he was indeed born in the U.S. as he claims and not in Africa where his mother claims she gave birth. Only a U.S. citizen is qualified to be President of the U.S. of A.
      Oy Gevald

    18. Obama has really outlined very little on the economy. Obama did not want to stop campaining to rescue the economy. Obama did nothing to stop predatory lending – opposed to mccain who did. Did he explain why he is better for the economy. To me it does not seem rascial it seems more of a grudge against the GOP.

    19. Obama in office means we may as well all stop working and go on unemployment. The way he is gonna redistribute the wealth, we will make more from the government than we will be allowed to keep from our own paychecks.

      No wonder black supports black. It comes as no surprise. Perhaps Oprah, Collin and Obama should start an office for “black people who made it in America yet hate America”

    20. Guys, dont worry! The second people get into the voting booths, THEY JUST WONT BE ABLE TO DO IT!!! America is not ready for a’Barak Obama’ as President…..

    21. It now turns out that Colin Powell contibuted money to McCain’s campaign early on, but did not contribute any money to Obama’s. So it isn’t as if he was planning to back Obama from the very beginning.


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