Fallsburg, NY – Employees At Raleigh Hotel Claim They’ve Not Been Paid


    Where are our checks? Employees of the former Raleigh Hotel say their paychecks are long overdue. They are also claiming that their pay has been late several times this year.Fallsburg, NY – Employees at the former Raleigh Hotel say the owners left them in the lurch for weeks, refusing to pay them wages, even while the hotel continued to take guests.

    Some 13 employees gathered by the security gate of the hotel on Thursday evening and planned to stage a sit-in on Friday in the lobby.

    Maids, security guards and three salaried employees hadn’t been paid since Oct. 2.

    Employees also said they consistently were treated poorly and have had their paychecks delayed several times over the past year.

    “Mister, this is the only income I’ve got,” said maid Priscilla Reynolds, who has an 8-month-old and a 4-year-old at home.

    ‘”I do all what they say, and I can’t get any money. Right now, I’m starving. I am running out of food.”

    Other employees said they needed money for rent, and one employee said she had no money for prescription drugs. Most of the employees are owed $800 to $1,000.

    Many of the employees have been with the hotel for two years, but are afraid to leave. “They know they have us by the (expletive) because there is no work out there,” security guard Bill McQueeny said.

    The hotel is now owned by Ralhal LLC of Brooklyn, largely catering to an ultra- Orthodox Jewish clientele. Last week, the hotel hosted 200 guests during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

    The 320-room hotel, which has been open through the fall most weekends, also recently took guests of a punk rock festival, which was held at Kutsher’s.

    General Manager Ari Friedman said the Brooklyn office was closed during the two weeks of the Sukkot and Simchat Torah holidays. A payroll company sent paychecks to that office, but nobody was there to mail them to the employees.

    He said the same thing happened last year, but other than these two times, the workers were paid on time. Employees were to get checks on Friday.

    “My workers are basically happy there,” Friedman said.

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    1. Interesting enough!! You could have thought that the high end workers were delayed pay. I was at the hotel this summer & I recognise every single face in the picture. These a re the cleaning goites who half the time don’t do their jobs. They should be happy that even have a place to work. If I were the manager I would have fired them long ago.

      • He’s 100 pct. Right! I was there this sukkes, with the catering crew etc there must’ve been about 30+ employees for Yomtov they all did an OUTSTANDING job, those on the photo were the only 1ns out of sight minus sitting on the staircases with their laptops taking advantage of the managments preocupation with the Yomtov but when their paycheck is late with a few days its the end of the world, let’s not forget the old owner just walked away without paying them period!!! The current owner was nice enough & to keep them, well looks like it was a mistake time to get them packing, with this economy they will have no problem getting 5 star workers for 4 star prices & let these workers go push carreiges at wall-mart…

    2. Looking at the picture of the disgrunteled employees is very scary.

      These employees look like they have been standing for 6 hours in 20 degree weather just so the photographer can get the right picture for this article.

      The picture also reminds me of the mad cow disease.

    3. My employer also didnt pay over Yom Tov but at least we got warned about it in advance. Of course the mortgage co, the credit card cos, the electric co, etc didnt want to hear that excuse. If they werent paid over Yom Tov for they reason they gave, its a bad reason. Someone should go to the offce to see if the checks are there and get them to the workers. Zult mich moychil zayn but it really sucks!

    4. ask any counselor/rebbe that worked in yeshivah learning camps over the summer and you’ll see that they didn’t either get paid.
      this really has nothing to do with the raleigh but i figured ill just throw it out

    5. “General Manager Ari Friedman said the Brooklyn office was closed during the two weeks of the Sukkot and Simchat Torah holidays. A payroll company sent paychecks to that office, but nobody was there to mail them to the employees.”


      There are many, many honest frum businessman, including myself, who have non-Jewish employees and somehow “get it done”.

      There is no excuse whatsoever for this tremendous Chillul Hashem! Shame!!

      P.S. Besides the Chillul Hashem, it’s not good for business either, genius.

      • Well put. Just what we needed, another story about religious Jews not paying non-Jews for work. If these people were so bad, as someone else suggested, then fire them. Don’t keep someone on if you won’t play them.

        Many people in our community would scream bloody murder if someone cut-off Section 8 and whatever else the frum community steals from the taxpayers. Obviously I’m not alking about those with legitimate, R”L, issues of health or finances. You all know who I am referring – like not getting married in the “goyish world” so you can qualify for programs. Meanwhile, your husband makes a decent living. Or, working off the books. No wonder why so many people here support B. Hussein Obama. You’ll get more money for not working.

    6. its no shock to me cause this happns in many heimishe co.

      I will say that ari friedman is not at fault he works hundreds of hours and really deals with day to day operations!

      the checks should of been there no doubt but I would blame mr. lazer the owner

    7. anti semitism at its very best, a typical Record story, I have a news tip for the Record, there are thousands of employees who didn’t get paid over yom tov, maybe the Record can print an edition with thousands pages to cover all non paid employees over yom tov

      • Yes it is all just anti-semitism. Every thing is anti-semitism. Really these worker were paid but this nazi paper had them make up this story because the just hate jews.
        Do u really think that every time you do something wrong you can blame it on anti semitism. When you get a parking ticket doe you scream “Nazi’s ! “

        • were does it say in commennt #11 that they actually paid the workers in the middle of yom tov? he just said a very true point, that, there are thousands of businesses that pay after holiday, and for the p Record to make a news of it is ridiculous and anti-semitism

      • I wanna add to your comment, the Records article says, quote, ”Employees At Raleigh Hotel Claim They’ve Not Been Paid” which is false and missleading it should say that the employees were paid late again its the Herald Record with there Record of anti semitism

    8. What a chilul hashem!! Perhaps Mr. Friedman was not either paid by the owner who B”H has where to pay from. In middle of the Yomim Noraim there are people who forgot that what comes can go!!!

    9. They worked there last year Sukkos and all knew they would not get paid until after Yom Tov These Guys are right about the fact that they can not go anywhere else because they would not last one day any other place

    10. Maybe if paying an employee at the end of the work week was not D’oraisa but just a Tosefos maybe it would be better heeded.. Especially if that employee lives hand to mouth. With that in mind paying the workers during Chol Moed is not only permissable but an obligation.

    11. what a major story wow it should be on every major newspapers front page. and to all the self hating jews all the negative comments that you post dont bring any kiddush hashem.

    12. Self Hating people. How low could you sink by jumping to conclusions and these negative comments. After all, Mr freidmans explanation is very well taken. It could happen with anybody.
      My guess these negative comments stem from some sect who wanted to buy this hotel but could not afford it…..
      Jealousy – was the cause of the first sin in the torah, parshas eitz hadaas. I guess these commentators believe in the Nachash – Yetzer Horah ways.

    13. Excuse me for pointing this out- but are these “employees” in the picture actually genuine. They look like they came out of central casting for a remake of “The Night of the Living Dead”—-I don’t know anything about the story/circumstances, or have an opinion on who is right. They look scarry- I wouldn’t let small children look at the picture, would you?

    14. My Torah has what to say about paying employees promptly for their labor. It seems to me that many of you are Torah Yidden in name only, as you want a Torah that caters to your own disgraceful prejudice – your are embarrassments to Yidishkeit.

    15. They haven’t been paid since October 2 this is less then one month! Of course it’s not right But you don’t go complaining to the newspapers for this. There are many dedicated people (hamavin yavin) in our community who are waiting over 3 months for checks.

      • the sect that you are referring, was mentioned in a comment above– as the source of all negative comments posted above– due to JEALOUSY. for they are struggling to pay huge interest only mortgages for prime brooklyn real estate and therefore cannot afford to pay their employees. while their rivals altough not as sucessful with putting their leaders picture in newspaper every week…… they are growing nicely and spend money wisely……..

      • Shirley, unfortunately, your husband has to stand in line with the thousands of Melamdim, Morahs, & Teachers in our schools who sometimes wait up to 6 months without a pay check. Of course, the Administration gets paid on time, though. That includes the Exec Directors, secretaries, & other paper pushers. But the educators? Nobody gives a hoot about them!

        I once went 5 1/2 months without a pay check. When I complained I was told “You work in the high school, you don’t need the money.”

        I am an award-winning educator. I am now in business. I too have bills to pay.

        • Well said… I never understood how Yeshiva administrators get paid more than publich school administrators, despite having a fraction of the responsibility, much smaller student body, a capitive audience, no problems taking off for the Chaggim, etc.

          I know a retired teacher who spent almost her whole career as a teacher in the day school world. She had her pay withheld because the principal saw her drive a new car. But she worked hard for everything she owned. She said my husband bought it for my anniversary. He worked hard with his hands his whole life. I know her husband well. Trust me when I say that most of you reading this should be zocheh to work 25% of how hard this guy worked for his family. Rumor has it he’s also a big ba’al Tzedekkah too. Anyway, she went on to say that she worked hard for the students. She wound up quitting. It wasn’t about the money; it’s about the obligation to be paid for your service.

          My wife found a great quote from Yirmeyahu. Since I don’t have Hebrew characters enabled, I’ll post the location: Perek 22: Pasuk 13.

    16. Well i dont know about the raleigh hotel, but mit a bisel seichel, if he didnt have the money yet or whatever reason, he should have told the workers look its money is tight now give a week or two we will straighten everyting out – and everything would be ok.

      If you cant pay dont hire – if you can pay hire and pay on time – if you cant pay on time TELL THEM NICELY the situation – most workers will understand but it still a Chulul Hashem.

      Now lets hear the publics opinion whats with those heimeshe – I stress HEIMESHE CHASSIDISHE – because we are SUPPOSED I say SUPPOSED to expect from them more…. after all they wear large tzitiz and huge kapelech -I would like to know what you do to those guys that buy goods from you and DONT PAY their bills.

      Look we understand most of them dont know what it means PAYNG A BILL – they most probably hardly pay any bills – food they get free, housing free, doctors free, if you live in the projects electric is free, if he has vouchers again its free, oh they wouldnt let him have a PESACH KITCHEN…. so when they sometimes DO HAVE TO PAY FOR GOODS they cannot figure out WHY THEY HAVE TO PAY – everything is free in this world.

      I have a chassidisher guy – that dosent like when people talk by davening who once bought from me merchandise and never paid me, its already a few years he owes me the money, – in between those years I know he once traveled with his wife to Israel for pesach to visit his REBBE in Israel and for vocation, – what do you do with such a fellow? he found money to go on vocation, (or used my money which he owes me to go to Israel – does anybody know if the airlines give free tickets? or maybe there is a hidden goverment program that pays for vocation with free tickets to Israel that I am not aware off) – What should I do with such a OISVORF – I know he has a store I once thought of standing in front of his store with a huge sign telling people coming in the store what a thief he is, but I cant see myself doing it, anybody has a solution for that GANEV?

      • The answer is to stop supporting this nonsense. Tzedakkah is for the truly needy, not for the lazy. Just like social services are for the truly needy, not the cheaters. If you cut this off, people will change their ways when the gravy train ends.

        Let me give you an example. We are all concerned about glatt kosher lettuce and strawberries, how about a glatt kosher seal of approval on charities and businesses? Once upon a time I was a yeshiva student, and I remember a rebbe saying he would laugh at seing Shomer Shabbat signs on various businesses in Brooklyn. He told my class, “I don’t care if you are Shomer Shabbat in your home. Are you Shomer Shabbat in your dealings in business and with your fellow man, Jew or non-Jew?”

        My wife and I are very careful where we send our Tzeddakah. We don’t take a dime, don’t cheat on our taxes, and pay for everything ourselves. Maybe that’s why we don’t have fancy things. But at they end of the day, we know we do the right thing.

        Challenge the rabbeim. Ask them to explain in a Kol Koreh, why they believe their followers are entitled to rip off the hard working people because it’s their reward for being loyal to the the R’SO and their teaching.

        I apologize if this offends you after the Yamim NoRa’im and Hoshana Rabba. But we have to do the right thing no matter if it’s close to Yom HaDin or not.

        So if you own a store or business, do not extend credit to people who live in lavish homes and dress nicely, but pay with the “card.” Do not support businesses that look the other way. What the heck do they care, they get paid from the government.

        Expose these people who create a Chillul HaShem when they return a bicycle or air conditioner to Wal-Mart at the end of the bungalow season because they don’t want to drag it back to Brooklyn.

      • i spoke to the management and was told that they told the workers in advance that they are going to be paid late and most normal workers undestood except for the lousy one who are unhappy to begin with (as you see their are only a handfull of protesters from over 50 on the payroll) are the ones complaining if you where there though out the summer you probably reconize them

        • I am one of the many people on payroll, and I have only nice things to say about ari friedman. once someone was bringing up the payroll for the weekend, but he ended up in monsey, mr friedman laid out the cash till the checks arrived, and I’m not sure that he was paid back as of yet. he really treated these workers a lot better than they deserved. I know of 2 cases where they should have been fired, but he had pity and just warned them instead. this is the thanks he got.

    17. I feel very bad for the workers. When they say that they can’t find other work, believe them—-there are places, including the Catskills, where most of the people either work in hotels or in prisons. You drive around upstate NY, you’ll see many areas that are incredibly poor. Some of these areas are classified by New York State and by the federal government as economically the same as the worst neighborhoods in NYC.

    18. I don’t see what is so hard about paying your workers on time. If you can’t afford to pay them lay them off so they will at least know that a paycheck is not on the way and can try to find a new job. If people expect to be paid on a given day then as an employer you damn well make sure that they are. If that day is Yom Tov then pay them the day before or get a goy to pass out the checks.

      It may shock you but people who work do so for the money so that they can pay their bills and live. If a paycheck is a week late it can mean that someone can’t put food on the table or the like.

      This ain’t rocket science folks, its just basic human behavior. Oh and its also required by state law and Torah.

    19. Well, I am a teacher that worked for a school, still open, that has been waiting for 2 YEARS to get paid up for the school year 2006! They keep promising and I even went to the’ Rabbi’ of the ‘owner’, who has done nothing to help..the technique they use is to say I should call on a certain day, and theyll have it for me, and then disconnect their celll/home phones..pretty ‘erlich’, huh? So I am not surprised by this at all…I am still unpaid, and now teach elsewhere….and its thousands of dollars, not hundreds, that I am owed…


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