Brooklyn, NY – Hikind: Obama Is Frightening, Vote McCain


    Brooklyn, NY – For 20 years, Barack Obama Did Not Right the Wrongs of the Reverend Wright’s Racist and anti-Israel Rants. If Obama couldn’t stand up for what’s right, how is he going to be the president of the United States?

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) today endorsed Senator John McCain for President of the United States, saying, “It’s about character, and Barack Obama can not look the American people in the eye and say that he did not know that his Reverend was an unrepentant racist – the man who consecrated his marriage, who baptized his children, who was his spiritual advisor and confidante. It’s not plausible, it’s disingenuous, and it disqualifies him from ably serving as the president of the United States.

    “The Reverend Jeremiah Wright repeatedly lauded Louis Farrakhan, conferring upon him honorific titles, often sounding like a devoted disciple of Farrakhan’s. Farrakhan called Judaism the ‘synagogue of Satan.’ And Rev. Wright echoed the anti-Semitism, blaming Israel for 9/11. Wright said, ‘You don’t see the connection between 9-11-01 and the Israeli Palestinian?…..something wrong?….You wanna buy my glasses?’

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    Obama did nothing. He said nothing. Not for one year. Not for five years…not even after 10 years. For 20 years, Obama did not protest his pastor’s racist tantrums. That is a catastrophic error in
    judgement and brings into question whether he has the integrity, the strength of character and the discerning judgment to lead our great country.

    Obama issued a disclaimer on Reverend Wright, contending he had not heard the virulent anti-America and anti-Israel sermons. How can he disclaim two decades of Wright’s disgraceful diatribes when he not only said nothing but in fact supported Reverend Wright’s church in word and deed? For this alone, Obama disqualified himself for the presidency.

    Obama was wrong on Wright and he is wrong for President.

    Obama’s view on world politics is frightening. “I cannot support Obama’s willingness to sit down personally with Ahmadinejad, or other leaders who call for the destruction of Israel, without reconditions.

    Our country needs a President with a backbone and the strength to face our enemies. If Barack Obama didn’t have the courage and wisdom to denounce his racist reverend in Chicago, how on earth will he deal with America’s enemies who want to destroy everything America stands for?”

    “As a proud American and a proud Jew, I will cast my ballot for President for John McCain. Barack Obama has not done anything to deserve my vote.”

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