Brooklyn, NY – Meals on Wheels Worker Fatally Shot


    Emanuel Aminov [Photo Credit: Family]Brooklyn, NY – Police from the 73rd Pct responded for a Meals on Wheels worker who was fatally shot while making a delivery in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.

    Police say the 55-year-old worker was shot in the lobby 341 Dumont Avenue. He apparently rang the bell to Apt. 1D moments before he was shot.

    The man was shot in the chest, according to sources. He was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

    The gunman, described as a black male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, fled the scene. No arrests were immediately made.

    According to the NY Times Blog, the victim was a deliveryman for the Jewish Association for Services for the Aged, which delivers food to Brownsville and East New York through the Citymeals-on-Wheels program, said Aileen Gitelson, Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Association.

    He was a floater, filling in for another worker, Ms. Gitelson said.

    The victim was identified by his employer as Imonil Aminov, and on the request of the family, Chesed Shel Emes is responding to the job.Chesed Shel Emes called to the secene by teh family

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    1. What did that guy want, meshige, a free meal? Frightening that even good work cannot be done with a measure of safety and security. Hope they get that murderer.

    2. all those ppl asking if he was a yid……………….. which part of the article did you not understand or miss?????????? WHY THE HELL WAS CHESED SHEL EMES THERE IF HE WASNT A YID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wonder soemtimes what these people are reading or thinking when they comment such stupidity or ignorance

    3. 15 well said ! and to those that say it was a chasuv family etc……. does it make a difference he was a jew thats the bottom line because if he wasnt a chashuv jew it would still be a major loss

    4. How many messages will Hashem have to send us IN ONE DAY to realize that we have to do Teshuva, this is getting out of hand , look what happened in Lakewood, now this sad story. HASHEM PLEASE H E L P

    5. I can’t belive this…..

      A Yid gets shot…… Uch n Vey. This is a hate crime. He was doing Hesed. Where will the Levaya be Brooklyn or Queens? and to which shule or ruv did he go to? is he from brooklyn or queens

    6. this should be a hate crime.were is al sharpton? were is jesse jackson? were is jeramiah wright? were is barack hussein obama?
      is jewish blood this cheap. I urge all to call city hall and ask them!!!

    7. Where are Fat Al Sharpon, Charles Barron etc… on this terrible killing…he was there delivering to one of their own. There is NO and I repeat NO hope for that low level of person that can do such a thing to another. If found the killer should be turned over to the Russian community for a little talking too…they will know what to do and say.

    8. Yo this is my uncle right there ….i cant believe they still didnt find the filthy guy who did this if i had a chance i would choke him with my bare hands.. my mom .. his sister is still after a year crying always thinking bout him.. iTs so hard to see her like this. if this killer is reading this now.. i hope u get punished so badly ..actually im sure god punished u ..he wouldent keep a person like u alive ..R.i.p uncle ed..ily


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