Israel – Thousands of Ecstasy Pills Seized in Synagogues


    Israel – Some 6,000 Ecstasy pills were seized Friday during a police raid on two synagogues in Rishon Lezion’s Shikun Hamizrach neighborhood.

    Local police, who were tipped off about the drugs a few days ago, found 3,000 Ecstasy pills and a pistol concealed in the ceiling of a synagogue on Shivtei Yisrael Street.

    An additional 3,000 pills were found in the bathroom of another synagogue located nearby.

    Investigators said the drug dealers, who are still at large, apparently planned to sell the pills at a party that was scheduled to be held in the coming days.

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        • tell us what the difference of f it is or isnt charedi .

          If its a charedi shul then…..
          if its a chassidh that davens askenaz then …
          if its a non charedi but they have a rav then …
          please fill us in

        • rishon letzion is not a yishuv…it is a city, known for a big population of yemanites…it is mixed religiously, and definately not charedi, but there are lot of yeshivas and really great religious communties…for a while it had been going downhill in terms of crime, etc…but recently it seems to have been improving (until now)

    1. I believe the person who planted it their was not a member of that shul. Most shuls are open all day. Anybody could come and go as they please. It is a good hideout. But of course the frum community is blamed. How sad. I really hope no Jews where involved.

      • Apparently u seem to know more then the article states. No where in the article does it mention anything about frum yidden or non frum yidden being blamed . All it says is that they were found in the roof of a shul. Perhaps u should read again

    2. Those bums and chiloni youths happen to frequent the open shuls during the day when the place is usually emptym and same at the late hours of the night. what a shame and real low to use a holy place to hide out drugs! we have to start planting security cameras in all shuls.

      • who are you to blame the ones you are blaming you do know if it comes out that it was a frum yid you will have to ask mechila from all the “bums” or just burn in you prob will

        • 1) it was probably indeed one of the bums that planted it there.
          2) according to chofetz chaim, there’s no issur of loshon hora on (real) bums.
          3) no name was mentioned, so there’s no mechila involved.

          the sad part of your comment, apparently you’re a bum yourself that you try to defend the street bums, I recommend you do teshuve before moshiach comes, hopefully very soon.

    3. Tragic, that so many Israeli young people are really into X. They are just escaping into fantasy land because of the pain and stress of being constantly under fire and surrounded by enemies who want to kill them. HaShem should have mercy!

      • And with that statement you just told all of us you use. So what’s the vice of your choice? weed? coke? ex?

        You would have to be on drugs to actually make a comment like that. If you have ever lived with or watched someone you love get hooked on drugs and destroy everything around them because of it, you would know, A LITTLE DRUGS ALWAYS HURTS

    4. is rishon letzion a hareidy yishuv?
      Rishon is the 4th largest city in Israel, so I expect you will get a mix of all kinds of
      Jews there. I assume it is a kosher (Orthodox) shul as the number of non orthodox shuls in israel is very small (maybe 10 in the whole country)

    5. BS”D

      If anyone knows about the late singer Zohar Argov, this is his old neighborhood. The synagogues there belong to the local religious council and are used for just about everything including dirty business deals and few people in that area are really frum except the old generation from Teiman. Also, in some areas like this, gangsters who pretend to do tshuva open up shuls as fronts; every one of the big crime families in EY nebach has an (erev) rav allied with it. In any case, this is not a normal shul.

    6. I feel just terrible for these dealers! I mean i know we are in tough economic times, but they just lost lots of inventory, and on the flip side, so many israeli kids will now have nothing to do on thursday nights!

    7. there was a frum young guy that was arrested by the FBI one night in monsey for importing and dealing ecstasy pills. it does not matter how frum the person was, or even if he/they were jewish. nevertheless, don’t delude yourselves into thinking that a frum person can’t be a drug dealer


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