Kosovo – Israeli Arrested In Illegal Organ Trade For Charedi Man


    Kosovo – An Israeli national has been arrested in Kosovo on suspicion of negotiating an illegal organ transplant, says the Kosovo Police Service (KPS).

    According to KPS spokesman Veton Elshani, Moshe Harel was arrested in Priština yesterday afternoon on suspicion of organizing the arrival in Kosovo of a Turkish kidney donor, as well as of the intended recipient, another Israeli national.

    This is the fifth arrest so far in the organ transplant case, at the center of which is the Medicus clinic in the Kosovo capital.

    Police believe that Harel has brokered other such operations, which was why he frequently traveled between Turkey, Moldova and Israel. His passport has been confiscated and he is obliged to report to the police in person twice a week.

    One of the main suspects in the case, the man suspected of performing the organ transplant operation, Turkish doctor Jusuf Erchin Sonmez, is still on the run.

    Earlier, the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution said that it would be submitting the complete material in the organ harvesting investigation in Kosovo to the Council of Europe and UN, said a spokesman.

    Israeli lawyer Mordechai Tzivin who just came back from Kosovo told VIN News, that the man involved is being helped by his services and he hopes to settle a solution soon. Mr Tzivin also told us that the man who bought the organ is a chardei man from Israel.

    Rabbi Chaim Yosef Dovid Weiss the dayan of Antwerp is actively involved to help in the situation.

    Mr. Tzvin has represented many people in high profile cases.

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    1. How can we help this Yid to get the organ that he is in dire need of? If any one has his name please post it so we can Pray for him, this is no joke, BTW as of now we dont have his name Daven for him any way because Hashem knows who you are asking for.

      • Why should we pray for him after he did something illegal? Transplant organs are a scarce commadity and assigned by UNOS fairly, based on medical need. Let him wait for his turn like everyone else.

        • AFAIK, assignment of organs is also based on country. The more organs a country contributes the organs it gets (by being higher on the priority list.)

          This might be out-dated information though.

        • This is a Kidney UNOS would have never gotten. This seller would have never donated a kidney through UNOS. He agreed to do it “only” for the money.
          Please just pray to the Almighty that you never are in a desperate moment like this unfortunate one, so that the system doesn’t judge you.
          Have you ever thought of donating a kidney? Did it ever even cross your mind? Did you ever pick up the phone to UNOS?
          If I have to guess….NO

    2. Organs are much sought after and there are people who try to smuggle in organs from other countries. I was almost accused of smuggling a kidney. The airport xray machine showed something looking like a kidney after questioning they BH believed what it was without opening my suitcase (as it was packed with 2 weeks worth of laundry) – a bag of mud from the dead sea – it was situated in such a way that it looked like a kidney.

    3. I know of a few people who were helped by getting transplants illegaly. THe list is way too long to wait for someone to come along to donate it. Nebech on the person who got caught. He helped many stay alive and lead a normal lifestyle.

    4. Can someone explain which part is ilegal about an adult person willingly consenting to give his KIDNEY to a recepient who’s willing to pay? I mean were not talking about a lung or a heart…

    5. The only way this guy was giving a kidney was by being paid for it. There was no other way. In most countries it is illegal, but when you need a kidney to stay alive with a good quality life you will pay for it. So it is understandable that one will take the chance. The line for kidneys is irrelavent at this point because this guy would not be there as a donor till he is dead. for a live kidney donor you have to find one yourself. To wait for a cadaver it can take 7 years by which time many people pass on. So do not judge until you needed a kidney and you said it is illegal to buy one so I am not doing it and I wlll wait till a matching cadaver kidney is found for me.

    6. If everyone here (Masmid, Yehuda, Richter, etc) is so concerned about this individual, you should be aware that both the US and Israel allow altruistic non-related living kidney donation. Although this is a serious procedure, it is quite safe and usually has few or no long-term effects on the donor.

      However, most countries have outlawed the SALE of organs, because they rightfully feel that is unethical to financially pressure people to undergo major surgery. Incidentally, many poskim (including, I believe, Rav Eliashiv) forbid the sale of organs.

    7. To No. 13, I am an altruistic non-related living kidney donor (spouse of one of your referenced commentators). That’s is why,though we are not condoning paying for a kidney, we are able to understand the nisayon of a person in kidney failure willing to pay for a kidney, just to be able to live. IY”H all people will have a refuah shlaima, and not be put in this desperate position.


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